Like a Ratchet adding to the Tension with every Click, the Relationship between Moscow & Washington would appear to be moving in only 1 Direction….which is to say, to “WWIII”

     American that I am, I cannot deny that my Government is doing Everything it can to provoke a Russian aerial Response on Targets in Western Europe… while Moscow is doing Everything it can think of to keep from taking the Bait….EVERYTHING except, that is, from giving Washington a “Look” that will stop it in its neo-bolshevik  Adversary’s Tracks….which is to say, the “18th Century Glamour”  a Thing, that produced the only 2, bona fide “Greats” since Roman Times…namely,  “Peter I”, for the Creation of “St. Petersburg”, & “Catherine II”, for the Creation of “Novorossiya”.

     Fair enough…in the Personages of “VI Putin” & “Sergey Lavrov” we have seen the “Grand Masters of playing Black”…with the Thinking that this “Fabian Strategy” will simply outlast the Ability of the Biden Administration to continue its baiting of the Russian Bear.

     If this is a Strategy that will, in Fact, pay off, the Duo will be known to History as the “Greatest Military Geniuses of all Time”.

     Alas…I don’t think that, by Itself, this is going to work.  

       As every Gal will know…”With Glamour comes Mileage”…& today’s “Russian Federation”, clean Streets notwithstanding, is still too-much invested in the militant Atheism of the USSR to have Much of That

      Let’s say that Russia, a Nation going back to the Year “860”, chooses to dump its “1917 to 1991 March through Hell”, not only for itself, but for the Nations of Central Europe…& would…   

 1.  Add the “Double Eagle” to the Russian Tricolor

2. Create 2 National Holidays…”St. Petersburg Day” on June 9, the Birthday of Peter I…& “Novorossiya Day” on May 2, the Birthday of Catherine II

3.  Replace the current National Anthem “Stalin Forever” with the Music of “Bozhe Tsarya Khrani” even if, in the Beginning, as a “purely instrumental Piece”

4 . Relocate “Lenin’s Tomb” to “Yakutsk Siberia” where it would become a most-welcome “Ulyanov’s Pizzeria”

5.  Relocate the Headquarters of the “Russian Communist Party” also to Yakutsk, which, appropriately, lies on the River “Lena” (the Namesake of “V.I. Ulyanov”)

5.   Change the following Place Names…

a.   “Kaliningrad” to “Koenigsberg”…thus improving Relations with All Germans as well as all Polacks as “Kaliningrad” appears to celebrate the Massacre of Polish Officers in Katyn Forest in 1940…being very-much the Work of the wretched “Kalinin”.

b.  “Leningrad Oblast” to “St. Petersburg Oblast”…”Neo Bolshevism” not “Neo Nazism” represents the greatest Threat to Russia today.    

      While it is true that the “Azovs” of Ukraine are unreconstructed “Neo Nazis” , the Money behind them is entirely “Neo Bolshevik”.  

      And what makes the Azovs “Neo Nazis”?  

     Because Moscow remains the “City of Lenin’s Tomb”… the City behind the “Holodomor” & “Chernobyl” & not Lest of All the City that back in 1955 sent Millions of ethnic Russians into eastern & southern Ukraine for no other Reason than to prevent Ukraine from becoming a “non-bolshevik Nation State”.

      Now Russia, for the most-part, no longer Bolshevik, wants its Russians back…& the Azovs have no Problem with that at All…except they have come to see the Land these Russians came with as their “Dowry”.

     All an Anti-Bolshevist-Moscow would have to do to deal with That is honor Catherine II on May 2, “Novorossiya Day” & make it clear, to 1 & All, that the Bolshevist, “Khrushchev” had no Business giving away to Ukraine a Landscape earned by 300 Years of Warfare against the Crimean Khanate….Something during which Time, Ukrainians were “Hors de Combat”

     In all Russian Textbooks then, “Novorossiya” should be portrayed on Maps exactly where it was in 1783.

     Not doing this, it makes Moscow look a Bit “Slow on the Uptake”

c.   Volgograd to “Tsaritsyn”  
      “Tsaritsyn” unlike “Volgograd” is an historic City, having played a Key Role in the 300 year Battle against the Crimean Khanate.
       While naming “Tsaritsyn” “Volgograd” is not the “End of the World” naming it “Stalingrad” was simply a Red Flag to Hitler…with taking it as a Way to end the War
       As for renaming St. Petersburg “Leningrad”  Moscow was simply on its Knees begging “Wehrmacht Fritz” to do what he did….& most-likely, had the Holy See in Rome behind him…which must ask the Question…”What, in the Year 2024, is there about V.I. Ulyanov that makes Lenin even “interesting” to today’s Russians?”
       If it’s the Case that the Russian Nation began in the Year “862”… making Russia, today, all of “1162 Years old”, can any Russian name the 74 Years of the USSR when the Plight of Russians, thanks largely to V.I. Ulyanov, himself, has been worse?…(topped off by the Years of Soviet Nations of Central Europe, between 1945 & 1991…leaving Bad Blood against Russia to this Day)…& with all That taken into Consideration, this “Non Russian”, “Non Slav” “militant Atheist”, totally without the key Element of “Glamour”…still, today, outranks “Peter I” & “Catherine II”. being the only 2 bona fide “Greats” to have been produced by a single Nation  in a single Century, since Roman Times.
D.   Sochi to “Alexandriya”..
      Russia has had 2 notable Tsars named  “Alexander”…which is the “most-popular Boy’s Name in the Country”… & not least of All, that of “St. Alexander of Jerusalem”  yet no City in Russia is named “Alexandriya”…which seems like an Oversight
     If Moscow wished to give the City a “Japanese Name” why not go “All Out” & call it “Tokyo”? 
6.   Sponsor the Creation of the German State of “The Prussian Republic of Brandenburg-Potsdam” on the Territory of the former DDR…the Companion Piece to a recreated “Federal Republic of Germany-Bonn” (minus West Berlin)…both Candidates for the Articles of the “Austrian State Treaty if 1955.”
     If Germany-Berlin is uproarious today, only wait until the Republic of USA-Washington DC cancels the Presidential Election on November 5…for it soon will become clear…a “Germany-Berlin” since its Inception in 1871, without being in a “State of War”,  its natural Eastern Border located exactly where it was placed by the “Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact” of 1939, has never been governable…& never will be.
7.   Establishing, at the Winter Palace in St Petersburg, every Year during the Time of the Nobel Prizes in Stockholm, December 13, a “Nikolay Pirogov Field-Surgeons Ball” honoring those those Medics who, until now having received Zero public Recognition have accomplished Feats during Wartime & Natural Disasters that have verged on the Superhuman.
     As far as I know, there are only 2 Cities in the World capable of putting on a world-class “Winter Ball”…”Vienna” which to this Day retains an annual “Winter Ball Schedule”…& “St.Petersburg”, which once did have 1, but found to be “too Glamorous” for the USSR
8.  It has occurred to me of Late, that while I had heard of a female professional  Basketball Player named “Brittany Griner” I was not aware that here, in the USA, the National Basketball Association had a female Counterpart in the “WNBA”.
   That all changed with the Appearance on the Scene of 1 “Caitlin Clark”. when the average Attendance of the WNBA jumped from a money-losing 7,500 average Attendance, to sold out Arenas with the Teams now all Flying to Games by Chartered Airlines…which brings me to the Case of Russia’s own “Caitlin Clark” in the Form of Daughter of the late, estimable, Russian Ambassador to the United Nations, Vitali Churikin…

namely, “Anastasia Churkina”…

1-time RT Correspondent who is needed in the next Month or 2 is for  to replace, the lumpish, Potted Plant who is currently Russia’s UN Ambassador, who is not known to speak or understand English, whose Role would be “Standing”, not “Sitting”…& “speaking English”, which Everyone at the UN can Understand, to call on all UN Members to relocate the UNHQ from NYC to “Vienna”…for the following Reasons…
1.  Vienna is a Neutral Venue which NYC is not.
2.  NYC has neither a Diplomatic Tradition nor Embassies, which Vienna has had going back to 1756…& the “Renversement des Alliances” of Prince Wenzel Kaunitz… followed by The “Congress of Ambassadors” ( the original UN…”1814-15″)  hosted by Prince Klemens Metternich…& not Least of All, the Scene of the” Austrian State Treaty”negotiated & largely written by late, dear Friend Dr. Bruno Kreisky, who back at an extended Kaffeeklatsch at the Swedish Foreign Ministry in 1985, which had been hosting an OSCE Convention with Kreisky as the Keynote Speaker..both in private Conversation & before the assembled Press & Corps Diplomatique, named yours Truly, an American, “his Successor on Matters of Austrian Foreign Policy”, which since 1756 has not changed that Much…namely that Germany East-of-the Elbe & Germany West-of-the Elbe, united under Belin, can only ever be a European Nightmare”…That, plus the Articles of the “1955 Staatsvertrag” are the Key for the stabilization of all Central Europe..( & this was in 1985 before either the “Russian Federation” or the “Republic of Slovakia”
3. Transportation between UNO City in Vienna, & “Vienna International Airport” is by Rail & Door to Door…which is hardly the Case in New York with JFK or Newark…( & don’t doze off in either Place)
4.  The Corruption at the UNHQ, extending into All of its Agencies…PeaceKeepers, Chemical Weapons Convention , Criminal Court, WHO,  IAEA & UNDP are all off the Charts.
      My Guess is that if  “Ambassador  Churkina” simply declared that Russia, from then on, would be following Security Council Meetings by Telecom from UNO City in Vienna, she might have a good 40, & perhaps 80 get up & leave with her. ( representing more than Half the world’s Population)
       Just  as Russia, not that long ago, had UN Ambassador “Vitaly Churkin” who would never have had this Problem, neither would his Daughter, channeling her Father, have this Problem…but  this is only where its Starts…for what Ambassador Churkina could do, in Russian, Plus English, on her Feet, that could not be expected of Mr. Nebenzia, is to address “Members of the Ukrainian Verkhovna Rada”…”Ukrainian Troops in the Field”…&  read Letters  from Ukrainian Children in ARTEK Camps in Crimea..doing for the UN what “Pony-Tail Pete”  (“Maravich”) Caitlin Clark, has been doing for the WNBA.
If asked why she was leaving for Vienna, I can hear Ambassador Churkina say that “If the USA persists on shelling Russia from Ukrainian Territory, the last Place I want to be is in New York City”
David Yuhas  
Copper-State Democratic Party USA  
Boulder Colorado