With 2,1 Million American Farmers & Ranchers, today, being all of $535 Billion in Debt ( being around $250,000 per Farmer & Rancher), America, today, is flirting with a Calamity that the Russian Tsar, Alexander II…
was faced back in 1861…namely, “How to end Serfdom”
     Taking a Page from the “Good Tsar” we begin with every town & country Municipality in the 12 States offering a nearby Farmer-Rancher full-salaried Employment, including “Medical” if this Agriculturalist would agree to the following Terms…
    Break all Ties with the WDC-based, USDA & its Programs…converting to an all-organic Operation free of GMOs, Glyphosate & Ammonium Fertilizer, & limiting the Sale of all Produce coming “out-of” & “off-of” his Property to an in-state Market…beginning with the Municipality, itself.
    With that being agreed upon, the next Step would be up to the Sheriff would would cancel all of the farmer-rancher’s Bank Debt…& moreover, under “Compulsory Acquisition”, transfer the Titles of all Cropland, Grazing Land & Timber Land in the County that is registered out-of-State to the Municipality, which in turn would offer 20-year Leases on these Acquisitions, not only to current in-State Parties but to distressed Orchardists & Vintners from out-of-State who would like to seek their Fortune in-State.
     Just as Farmers would be obliged to go Organic…Ranchers would also have some Terms to be met…namely all Cattle by contracted Ranchers, both Beef & Dairy, must, after a Year or so, must be at Least 50% “Creole”, e.g. Pineywoods, Corriente or Florida Cracker.
     The Reason for this is that the Slaughter of Cattle would be taking Place at County Fairgrounds converted into food-processing Centers with the hydraulic lifting Equipment unlikely to be as industrial strength at the niche-Abattoirs…& for that Reason, bovine Caracases under 1,000 Pounds would be ideal…That plus the 1,000 pound Creoles are the most-resourceful of  Cattle, quite capable of browsing a Woodland…being the “Goats of the Bovines”
     Ideally, the Community Colleges of the State would own & operate these Fairgrounds as their Campuses, whose Staff would be Students doing their Apprenticeships for Credit.
     “Rule One” in surviving the coming Coast-to-Coast Famine….Reducing the current 1,500 Mile Field-to Fork Distances to “In-state Distances”…with perhaps the 6 comparatively-small New England States considered as “One”…( though “2nd to None in Resourcefulness” are the Citizens of tiny Rhode Island, who have no Problem dining on their very “State Bird”)
Here is a List of the “Real Nations of the World”…where Anyone caught attempting to sell Farmland to a Foreigner is likely to be removed from the Equation…
According to the legislation of Belarus, a foreign citizen cannot own land.
Foreigners are prohibited to own or possess land in Cambodia.
Foreign investors are not allowed to buy or own land in China.
Since 2017, a ban on foreigners owning farmland was introduced in Georgia’s new constitution. 
Foreigners are not allowed to own freehold land in Indonesia.[
Foreigners in Kuwait except GCC nationals are prohibited from land ownership.
Foreigners are prohibited from permanent ownership of land. 
Only Mongolian citizens can own the land within the territory of Mongolia. 
Foreign citizens and companies are prohibited from fully owning land in the Philippines under the 1987 Constitution.
 (Notice that, curiously, there is no Mention of “Farmland” in this List, nor need there be as Russia, unlike the USA is a “Real Nation”)
In 2014, the Russian Duma passed a law reducing the foreign ownership ceiling for print publications and radio and television outlets from 50% to 20%; it was passed with a vote of 430-2. 
The legislation, which came into force in 2016, forbids foreign governments, organisations, companies, and individuals from founding or holding more than a 20% stake in Russian media businesses.
According to Vadim Dengin, one of the bill’s authors, “the tighter limit on foreign ownership would help protect Russia from western influence.”
      However, publishers and editors of independent media companies in Russia argued that the new law would further reduce diversity of opinion.
Sri Lanka
In 2014, the Sri Lankan parliament passed a law banning land purchases by foreigners. 
In Thailand, foreigners are prohibited to own or possess land.
Foreigners cannot buy and own land, like in many other Southeast Asian countries. 
     Under a “Copper-State Democratic Party Administration” determined to see the American Republic join the “Real Nations of the World”,  the Death Penalty for Anyone caught participating in the Sale of American Land to a foreign Entity shall be the widely-admired “Kentucky, 3-phase Execution Protocol”…”Jim Beam”…”Louisville Slugger”…& “Long Rifle”.
David Yuhas
Copper-State Democratic Party USA
Boulder, Colorado