"The Panem-Minor Confederation"

    “With This Page we propose the Establishment of a 12-State Alliance of Organic Agriculturalists combined with a 12-State Association of semi-pro Women’s Basketball whose Field Houses would be located next Door to the Emporiums of the State Organic Producers & Wineries”
“The Panem-Minor Confederation” Concept is that of a “12-State Confederation”…consisting of Colorado, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, Oklahoma, Texas & Wisconsin…having a total Population of ca. 81 Million, living in 1187 Counties, that would automatically kick-in, in the Event that the Democratic Convention scheduled for Chicago, August 19-22 is cancelled.
     Given the Fact that the Democratic Convention, unlike the Republican Convention, represents the “Government of the United States”, what would be represented here is the “Bankruptcy of the Federal Government” calling a”6-month Receivership” from the “Constitutional Wing of the Democratic Par
ready to take the Helm on August 21.

     In either Case, the Constitutional Republic…”The United States of America”, albeit temporarily, would be put on Ice….but not in the “Panem-Minor Confederation” where it would remain alive & intact…being a “Sanctuary for “The US Constitution”…National Defense”…”Organic Agriculture” & the “Human Immune System”

   Key, would be the Role played by the 1187, duly-elected Sheriffs of these 12 States…who would be expected to transfer the Titles of all Cropland, Grazing Land & Timberland registered out-of-State to the nearest Municipalities in the County…while all Family Farmers & Ranchers in the 12 States would be called on to become full-salaried Employees of their nearest Municipality whose “new Market” would be this Municipality, its County & its State.

    Let me call on noted North Dakota, organic  Farmer Rancher Gabe Brown…

to be the 12 State “Commissioner of Agriculture” during this Time of Realignment.   

      Acres designated for Crops would be designated for 2, geothermal Greenhouses…1 for Plant Propagation & the Other as a Wintergarden for Citrus & tropical Crops…with each Greenhouse featuring a standard, “Pine-Ridge Basement”…80′ east & west…16′ north & south…& 8′ deep….


    Let me call on Caterpillar Inc. of Peoria & John Deere Inc of Moline…both of which make notable Backhoes, to make sure the Operators of their Machines know how to dig a clean Basement, along with the requisite Berm to shield the northern, windward Wall.

      Garden Vegetables would be assigned to the municipality’s big Crew of “Citizen Planters” who would be Sharecroppers.

      Every Grade School…1 thru 8, would be assigned to have all of the Residences in their School District sign up participating Windowsill Planters…whereby a sunny Windowsill would be assigned to hold 4, Red, plastic Coffee Canisters, such as the Folgers Coffee Canister discontinued in 2022…being 7″ tall with the Aroma Seal Lid, doubling as the canister’s water-tight Coaster occasionally needed to protect the Sill.

     Several Million such Canisters will be needed for the 12 States.

     Plants to be started from these Canisters besides Tomatoes, would be Fruit & Nut Trees, Hedgerow Plants, Grape Vines, Raspberry & Blackberry Canes, Bamboo, & Milkweed for growing Butterflies.

     Grade Schoolers would make the Rounds every couple Weeks to check on the Progress of the Plants.

      The 4 red Canisters are chosen to ward off the “‘ 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse”…”Conquest”…”Famine”…Civil War” & the”WHO “. 

     What Farmland is left over after the Expropriation of Out-of-Staters would be leased to Independent Operators whose entire Market would be the Municipality.

     All Farming on Municipal Land would be Organic…with GMOs, Glyphosate & Ammonium Fertilizers banned.

     Also banned would be such factory Phenotypes of Livestock as polled & piebald Cattle…specifically Angus & Holstein, considered “Magnets for Abuse”

      By Contrast, Marquee Breeds of Livestock such as “Creole Cattle”…notably “Corriente” & “Pineywoods”…being the resourceful “Goats of the Bovines” shall have special Status along with barefoot Mustangs & traditional Shetland Ponies.

      County Fairgrounds, would be converted into Food-Processing Centers…with the “4 Staubfaengers”…”Merry-go-Round”, “Bumper Cars”…Tilt-a-Whirl” & “Roller Coaster” replaced by a “Niche Abattoir”,  “Smoke House” Mason-jar Cannery”, “Geothermal Greenhouses” “Equipment Barn”, “Commercial Dumpster” for cooking BioChar…& an “Emporium” for Retail Sales…(like “The Hob” in “The Hunger Games”)

     All Boys, 15 & over shall be expected to join the Sheriff’s Posse…becoming proficient in all Firearms that shoot .22LR rim-fire Cartridges, which would also serve as “Currency” in the “Panem-Minor Confederation.

     “Night-Owls” amongst the youthful Posse Members who are also good with Dogs would be much in Demand as “Plantation Night-Watch”.

     With Municipal Plantations & Ranches coming under the same “Park-Martial Law” as in Kruger Park, South Africa, ( which I would know about), the Responsibility that goes with the Night Watch & accompanying K9s would be considerable.

     “Organic Certification” would be the Purview of the Organic Growers of Each of the 12 States…& would be “State Specific”

      All 12 States, moreover, shall be expected to become entirely self-sufficient in Table-Wine, bottled in reusable 4-liter Jugs

      The Days of a State, like my native Illinois, importing Thousands of Tons of wine-bottle Glass from from the far-side of the Continental Divide, every Year, for no other Reason than to have Something to go with Dinner, when as far as I know, Each of the 12 States is capable of Making Its Own, makes no Sense as the Midwest, potentially, is also “Wine Country”

     Back during Prohibition…both of my immigrant Granddads…”Michael Juhasz” from today’s Slovakia & “Joseph Galbate” from Sicily bottled their Own.   

     Grandad Joe was so impressed with the Product of Dzedo Mike…that after a Couple of Weeks a Flatbed Truck accompanied by a Retinue of armed, Chicago Cops came down to Streator,& took 2 Barrels off Dzedo’s Hands, for which he was handsomely rewarded.

     The following “Cultural Dimension” of a productive Summer in the Field, would identify the “Capitals” of the 12 States, being University Towns that would be Home to the State’s semi-pro “Hunger Games Women’s Basketball Association”.

    It would be at these Towns, ideally near the Fieldhouse, that the “State Organic Producers” including “Vintners”, would have their own Emporium that would cater to the game’s Attendees.

     The Cities given “1st Refusal” with their Teams, would be…

     1. “Team Colorado”, Ft. Collins 

     2. “Team Illinois”, Edwardsville, 

     3. “Team Iowa”, Ames, 

     4. “Team Kansas”, Manhattan

     5. “Team  Minnesota”, Mankato,

     6. “Team Missouri”, Springfield,

     7. “Team Nebraska”, Lincoln,

     8. “Team North Dakota”, Fargo,

     9.  “Team Oklahoma”, Tulsa, 

    10. “Team South Dakota”, Brookings,

    11.  “Team Texas”, Denton.

    12.  “Team Wisconsin”, La Crosse, 

     These 12 Teams would play 24 Games between the 1st of June until the End of August with 3 or 4 Games played for the Championship in early September.

     Teams would consist of 10 Gals (all born female), 18 & over, both current Collegians & former All-Americans…with  All  being Residents of their respective States.

     The Gyms, Lockers, home-team Uniforms & Nicknames would all be provided by the Host University.

      I would call on the potential Sponsors of this League as the Following…

“State Farm Insurance”, Bloomington Illinois

 “Berkshire Hathaway Inc.” of Omaha, Nebraska  

“The Holiday Inn” ( for providing a reserved Floor for the Teams in all 12 Cities during the 12 Summer Weeks)

WGN TV..Chicago…(for providing an hour-long Podcast every Evening as an “HGWBA  Highlights / Reality Show” during the 12 Weeks.”

    ‘Wilson Sportings Goods”  & “Nike, Footwear & Apparel”

     Brent & Anne Clark as respectively “General Manager” & “Commissioner” of the League.

          The Coach of Each of the 12 Teams, typically, would come from the coaching Staff of the Host University…& the Nickname of the Team, typically, would be the Nickname of the women’s collegiate Team.

     The typical Salary for all 1,200 Players & their Coach would be $20,000 for 24 Games played during the 12 Summer Weeks.

     The Reason for the initial Choice of the 12 Teams is the unavoidable Fact that the Teams would be travelling to Away Games” by Bus…so that the Saving every 100 Miles on such a Journey, in Summer, would be a Blessing.

     While some of the 12 designated Cities & Universities are likely to turn down the Invitation, I can only thank them for informing them early, so that I might find Replacements.

     The Reason “The Hunger Games Women’s Basketball Association” in the Course of 2025, can be expected to financially outperform the WNBA, even in its 1st Year, is that while Most of the Footage shown would have to do with Game Highlights, Much would also feature off-court Interest…think “A League of Their Own”…”Hoosiers”…”Bull Durham”…& not Least of All, “Field of Dreams”


     “Why then” 1 may ask, “call the Series “The Hunger Games”‘?

      Two Reasons…

       The 1st, is that in my Opinion, “The Hunger Games” by Suzanne Collins, is the “Great American Novel”…”contemporary Sci-Fi”, verging on the Superhuman.

      The 2nd, is that, come 2025, American Agriculture will be seen to have “no built-in Famine Resistance”, not unlike Irish Agriculture between 1852 to 1857 during which Time 1 Million Irish starved to Death…another Million were forced to emigrate to avoid that Fate, in Spite of the Fact that the Island during that Time was a major Exporter of Meat & Grain.

     Before that Time, going back to the Days of “Joseph in Egypt” the whole Purpose of Agriculture was to keep that from happening.

     The best-kept Secret in money-spinning Basketball in the USA today, is “women’s, semi-pro, minor-league Basketball” in the 12 aforementioned States, playing in air-conditioned Arenas, in the Evening…State against State…an Hour every Evening given to the Game, online, by WGN…with all 120 Players, in the 12 States, coming to be known by Name & Background as if they were Members of the Family….a Kind of “Kansas writ Large”

     Unlike the WNBA…which besides being a “Public Charity”, has no Signature pre-game warm-up Theme ( but quite like the legendary “Harlem Globetrotters” which did have 1), let me highly recommend the Earth Wind & Fire Classic, “Fantasy” as performed by “Leonid & Friends”…


      As “President of the HGWBA” let me give “1st Refusal” to award-winning veteran Achor at WGN, “Jackie Bange”…

(with No Jokes about “Effie Trinket”)

David Yuhas
Copper-State Democratic Party USA
Boulder, Colorado