The Gravitational Re-centering of the Republic

     With the expected Collapse of “USA-WDC” by its Failure to meet its “Margin Call” on November 5, Americans will have a Choice of finding Themselves under 1 of 2 Receiverships…a “UNHQ-NYC Receivership”, whose Currency, the “Central-Bank Digital Dollar” would reduce Americans to disarmed “Inmates of an open Federal Prison” administered by foreign “Blue Helmets”…or a revived “Republic of the Founders”, being a “non-aligned, Confederation with a centrally-located Capital”…in this Case a “Wabash-Tower-Chicago”…


Wabash Tower

whose “West Wing” of the White House shall be relocated to Floors 16 to 36, of “Wabash Tower… 401 North Wabash Avenue, “Chicago DC” (Wards 2,32,42,43,44.
     (“Wabash”, in the Illinois Language, means “Shining White”).
     The Building shall be acquired by Way of an Exchange with President Donald J. Trump for the federal Building on “1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Georgetown,  Maryland.
     The “22nd Amendment” prohibits President Trump from running for yet a “3rd Term”…Something he should know.
“James-Madison Hall-St. Louis”…

Holmes Lounge & Cafe

located, currently at Wustl Park, St. Louis …a former “Library Reading Room” currently known as “Holmes Lounge”…to become Home of the the “US Senate”… which would consist  of “50 Lieutenant Governors” & “50 Presidents of the National Sheriffs Associations”

Houmas-House, Burnside, Louisiana”…

its Parish, “Ascension”, becoming the “Organic Agriculture Experiment Station”…replacing its toxic Predecessor in St. George’s County, Maryland.

A New “Old Glory”, ” The Andreana”…

(St. Andrew, being the Brother of St. Peter & 1st Disciple of Lord Jesus)…whose Cross tends to be associated with “Victory”…
rather than “unprovoked, undeclared, unwinnable Wars that have Nothing to do with the Defense of the United States”.
     As the Flag honored in our “National Anthem”, being “Red, White & Blue”, & featuring “broad Stripes & 13 bright Stars”, “our Flag is still there”
    “Yes”, a Critic might say, “but that is a “Confederate Flag”.
      It is indeed…& the “Copper-State Democratic Party” of which Yours truly is the “Impresario”, is the “Party of 50-State Secession from Washington DC” a Party whose American Economy would be 1 based on “Municipal, Organic, Grocery- Plantations” 

    The Presidential Residence would be “Roslyn House”…

Roslyn House

547 Roslyn Drive, Kenilworth…

the Vice-Presidential Residence being “Burnham House”…also in Kenilworth…326 Essex Road.

Burnham House

the new “Embassy Row” being the “Wilmette-Glencoe Corridor”…

midwestern “Orion’s-Belt Receivership”, which, by Dint of its central Location might operate with a mere 2% of its current Staff…Most of whom  remaining Employees of the US Postal Service, relocated to Jefferson City, Missouri.
    The “Optimim Team” of the “Copper-State Democratic Party USA”…(being the “Famine-Resistant Wing of the Party”), for the “Interim Presidential Administration” designed to take Office from from Wednesday, November 6, 2024, until Wednesday, November 3, 2026, in the Wake of the expected Cancellation of the November 5, 2024 Presidential Election (having been on the Books since 1825), shall be the Following…
Colonel Douglas Macgregor…”President”,,
Dr. Jill Stein…”Vice President” ( in Charge of Executive Branch Relocation to Chicago),,
Michael.Yon…” Secretary of Defense”,,
Tucker Carlson… “Secretary of State”,,
Judge Andrew Napolitano… “Attorney General”,
Robert Kiyosaki…Treasury Secretary,
Dr. Carrie Madej…”Surgeon General”,
Candace Owens…”Secretary of Education”,
David Yuhas…Secretary of Agriculture,
plus a distinguished Staff, in Charge of providing the interim “Legislative Branch of Government” consisting of 50 duly-elected “Lieutenant Governors” & 50 duly-elected Presidents of their States’, “Sheriffs Associations” to be domiciled at “James Madison Hall” currently known as the “Holmes Lounge” at Washington University in St. Louis…
Governor Spencer Cox…National Governors Association,,
Sheriff Greg Champagne…National Sheriffs Association,
George Farmer…Media Logistics,
Mike Adams…Media Logistics,,
Owen Shroyer…St. Louis Logistics,,
Holly Jones…St. Louis Logistics,,
Emerald Robinson…Press Secretary,
 By January 1, 2025, the following Laws can be expected to be enacted by the Receivership…
1.   The original Concept the the American Republic…that of a “non-aligned, Confederation with a centrally-located Capital”, shall be reinstated.
2.   The $35 Trillion “National Debt”, designed to bury all future American Generations shall be cancelled….the future Value of the Dollar, itself, being doubtful.
3.   “Washington DC”, once again, shall be known as “Georgetown, Maryland”
4.    The “Island Nation of Puerto Rico” shall be granted its Independence.
5.    With a Cancellation, by the so-called “Biden Administration” of the Presidential Election on November 5, what Vestige of the Authority that Washington DC had been given in 1790, by Dint of its Location as the “Demographic Center of the Nation”, would likewise be cancelled.
     As a Contingency Plan for our Republic, even in my own Lifetime, “The Envy of the World”, suddenly becoming little More than a “Geographical Expression”, let me call on the aforementioned 108 Eligible Americans (myself making it “109”), to gather at the prospective “Receivership Senate” Building”, in St. Louis, Missouri, at Noon, on July 4, 2024, to take our Oaths of Office, administered by Judge Andrew Napolitano…& from that Date, until November 5, of 2025, take Pains to prepare Ourselves for the expected Responsibilities of Office….that of a 12 month-long Receivership….as a Receivership of some Description is inevitable…& if it is not this “American Receivership” it will be 1 based at the UNHQ in New York City, whose “Peacekeepers” as featured in “The Hunger Games” are guaranteed to be Foreigners.
    Count on the entire US Senate & House to vote in Favor of this “UN Receivership”… for the simple Reason that if they, along with the other 135,000 Federal Employees in the District, do not have their Salaries paid in “Central Bank Digital Currencies” issued by the NY Fed…there is no other Way they could be paid.
7. The Supreme Court, “on the “Take” & no longer needed since its Decision of 2010 ,”Citizens Disenfranchised”, shall be replaced by the 50 “State” Supreme Courts
8.   The  3,143 duly-elected Sheriffs shall transfer the Titles of all Cropland, Grazing Land, & Timberland, in their County, currently owned by out-of State Entities, to the nearest Municipalities considerable enough to have at least 1 Highschool of their Own…with these Municipalities assigned to do their Part to make their State “80% self-sufficient in Groceries”.   
9. All county Fairgrounds, in the Interest of shortening the current, suicidal, American Field-to-Fork Distance from 1,500 Miles to “in-State Distances”, shall be converted into “Food-processing Centers”.
10. GMOs, Glyphosate 2,4-D shall all be banned nationwide…as “big Crew, no-till Agriculture” will have made these toxic Innovations obsolete.
11..The UN Headquarters in New York City shall be relocated to UNO City in Vienna Austria
12.   The US Population shall be kept abreast of Progress of this Receivership, until November 3, 2026, by the aforementioned  Receivership Administration” on a nightly Basis, by Way of the live-stream, interactive  Podcasts, “Organic Plantation 101″ by the USDA, whose current 106,000 Staff would be reduced to 200…& “National Common Core”… the Podcast of the “Department of Education”, whose Staff would be reduced from the current 4,400 to 50.
     A weekly Broadcast also from Houmas Plantation  House would be, “A Table for 10″… 
    Invited to be “Regulars” on these Podcasts, designed to navigate US Citizens through the impending world-wide Famine…that would not be sparing the USA shall be…
Josh Allen, NFL
Roman Balmakov, “Epoch Times” Editor & Podcaster 
Gabe Brown, Dakota, Organic Farmer & Rancher
Greg Champagne, President, National Sheriffs Association
Caitlin Clark, WNBA
Suzanne Collins, Author, “The Hunger Games”
Kirk Cousins, NFL
Stella Emmanuel MD
Brett Favre, NFL
Riley Gaines, U. Kentucky Swimmer & Influencer
Mel Gibson
Corey Gillam. Environmentalist
Simone Gold MD
Danny Haiphong, Podcaster
Jackson Hinkle, Podcaster
Holly Holm, UFC
Karen Kingston, Podcaster
Pierre Kory MD
Joseph Ladopo MD
Carrie Madej MD
Paul Marik MD
David Martin MD
Peter McCullough MD
Richard Medhurst, Podcaster
James Meehan MD
Judy Mikovits MD
Jeff Moyer, Rodale Institute
Jordy Nelson, Kansas Rancher
Ben Norton, Podcaster
Gov. Sarah Palin
Stew Peters, Podcaster
James Prigioni,  New Jersey,” Food Forest” Podcaster
Chief Henry & Son, John Red Cloud, Geothermal Greenhouse Designers
Keanu Reeves
Kyle Rittenhouse, 2nd Amendment Advocate
Aaron Rodgers, NFL
Joel Salatin, Virginia, Organic Farmer & Rancher
Stephanie Seneff MD
Sherri Tenpenny MD
Jeff Tkach, Rodale Institute
Ann Vandersteel, Podcaster
Whitney Webb, Author & Podcaster
    Ideally, with the Entree always being “barbecued Beef, Pork or Lamb”…so compelling will be this hour-long Podcast, during a Time of Coast-to-Coast Food-Shortages (if not “outright Famine”), that it may recall the Days back in the Ice Age, when our remote Ancestors, dining by Firelight, were able to turn Wolves into Dogs.   
   As “Commander-in-Chief-of the Armed Forces”, “Receivership-President of the United States, Douglas Macgregor”, shall be given the daunting Task of bringing this obsolete Institution into the 21st Century…”1 dedicated to defending the United States”, which, after All, is its “Job Description”
     There is a Russian Saying that runs, “If you aspire to a higher Position in Life, always act as if you have attained that Position already.”
     Even as early as 1841, it was in the American Mind that “SOMEBODY, at any given Time, had to be “President of the United States”.
      John Tyler,  in 1841, upon the unexpected Death of President William Henry Harrison, assuming that if he simply took the Oath of Office, only if Someone w\ere able to take it away from him, the Office was “his”..which turned out to be the Case. 
     “Organic Plantation 101” being an hourly Show covering the Progress of every municipal High-School having its own 4-acre, Grocery Plantation…half dedicated to Crops, both Annuals & Perennials with most propagated on Site at the Municipal geothermal Greenhouses.
       The other Half devoted to Pasture, featuring a Modular timber Barn  & a Biochar Kiln.
      The “standard, geothermal Greenhouse Design” which, recently, has caught my Attention is the 1 being promoted on the “Pine Ridge”, Sioux-Indian Reservation in South South Dakota…

  In the Event of the Collapse of the US Dollar… rather than having it be replaced by a “Central Bank Digital Currency”,  the Replacement shall be the “Argent, Silver Certificate”…whose value would always equal “One Gram of Silver”,  given the Spot Price of the Metal on the Day.
The Symbol for the “Argent”,  in Roman Script, would be the chemical “Ag”….the Design on the Banknote, the “Phoenician Alpha” is the original “Letter A”,  being a 3-stroke Depiction of the Head of a horned Bovine…being, as well, the Symbol of the “Copper-State Democratic Party USA”.
The Designation “O&P Planters”, or “Organic & Pureblood Planters”, refers to a School of Agriculture in which the Sheriff’s’ Departments of Each of the nation’s 3,143 Counties would transfer the Titles of all out-of-state owned Cropland, Grazing-Land & Timber-Land to the most-likely Municipalities in the County.
     The 1 million square Miles of Land in the Western States, currently owned by Washington DC, would be included in the Definition of “Out-of-State Ownership”.

Cropland, for its Part, would be divided into “Milled Acres” (as in “Milled 2 x4s”), being regular Acres minus an 8′ wide Border that would be used to create 16′-wide Roadways separating all “Milled Acres”.
     While many, if not most, Townships, today, have “Community Gardens” , say, 15′ x 30′  Plots, that are leased to Citizen Gardners, the Difference here would be that these larger Plots of Cropland would be leased to Everyone from Individuals to Families, to Church Parishes, High Schools, professional & fraternal Organizations…from a single Acre to Several…All with the Goal of making their State at least “80% self-sufficient in Groceries”.
     Unlike the Typical postage-stamp sized “Community Garden Plot” the “Municipal Milled-Acre” would have Access to a Tractor, Pick-up Truck, Water-Tank-Truck…& not least of All, a Rodale-designed combination “Roller-Crimper, Seed Drill” for “No-Till”, Cultivation.
    “Municipal Grocery Plantations” would also  include armed “Night Watch”…with each Plantation coming under the same “Park Martial Law” that exists in the “Kruger Wildlife Park” in SouthAfrica”.   (of which I am familiar…having been a Ranger & an Officer in the Zambezi Valley, where a similar Protocol, at that Time, did also exist.)
     Rounding off the new, “post-Washington DC School of American Agriculture”, it would also be the Responsibility of every Sheriff to convert his County Fairgrounds into “Food Processing Centers…beginning with the Elimination of any of the Fairground’s “4 Staubfaengers”…being “Merry-go-Rounds”, “Bumper-Cars”, “Tilt-a-Whirls” & “Roller-Coasters”…(being incompatible with a Nation caught in the Grip of “Coast-to-Coast Famine”)…& having them replaced with a “niche Abattoir”,…”Smokehouse”… “Mason-jar Cannery”,…”Greenhouse”… “Winery /Cidery”…”Equipment Barn/ Machine Shop”… “Commercial Dumpster for cooking BioChar”   & “Emporium” for Retail.
   The Role played  by my native Illinois…& Missouri, especially the Illinois Counties south of “Vandalia”…& the Missouri Counties south of “Rolla”,  with the Cooperation of like-minded Sheriffs, shall be as a Refuge for those spike-protein-free Proponents of Organic Agriculture (typically, “Consumers”), living  in Metropolitan Counties having little or no Farmland….being, since Covid, already “2nd Class Citizens” who have lost their Jobs rather than take an Experimental Vaccine, which as it has turned out, has been Nothing short of deadly.
     The Advantage, for those living East of the Mississippi to relocate to southern Illinois…& those living West of the Mississippi to southern Missouri…besides becoming “self-sufficient in Groceries”…as Part of an “O&P Community”, not unlike the Amish, would enable these “Immigrants” to sell their Blood, for what, today, would be “$8,000 a Pint” to  be sold Retail for “$12,000 a Pint”….a “10 Pint, Oil-Change”, on the open Market, selling for “$200,000″…with no Competition from the American Red.
       Given the Fact that Most of these Transplants from Cities & Suburbs will be “new to Agriculture”, this should ease the Transition during the Year or 2 that it will take to become seasoned Planters & Ranch Hands.
     The Transition from the “Dollar” ( “The Hunter Biden of Currencies”), to the ” Argent”   (with their ‘Gents & Cents), would take Place during the Transition to replace the Dollar with the “CBDC” or “Central Bank Digital Currency”, effectively transitioning American Citizens into unfortunate  “Palestinian Residents of Gaza”.
   As a “high-school Grad” with not the slightest Background , Aptitude (or “particular Interest”), in the “World of Finance”, but as a veteran Student of  ancient History, I am well-aware the Dynastic Egypt went 3,000 Years…& ancient Rome, nearly Half as Long, without  any need for a “Federal Reserve Bank”…let along 1 that has put the American Republic “$33 Trillion in Debt”.
     Say what you will about the silver-based, debt-free “Argents”, being described here… the proposed Currency would have not the slightest Need for a “Federal Reserve Bank”…with each Note having the intrinsic Value of the “Spot Price for Silver that Day”…to be redeemed, that Day, at your local Coin Dealership at Face Value.

“Cents” would remain “Cents”…(rhyming with “‘Gents”…which would come in 4 Coinages…a Bronze Revival of the “Buffalo Nickel”…a “Roosevelt Dime” containing 1 Gram of Silver…a “Washington Quarter” containing 2.5 Grams of Silver…& a “Kennedy Half” containing 5 Grams of Silver.
     These Coins would be minted at the US Mint in Denver
  Let’s say I am an “Astronomer” who has calculated that a great Place to view a “Total Eclipse of the Sun” would be at a certain Place in the Brazilian Rainforest…so I turn up the Day before equipped with Telescope, Movie Camera,..a Collection of proper Eyewear in the Event some local People would like to join in the Viewing…which, as Luck would have it, happens to be the Case.
      Through an Interpreter I would tell the Locals who hunt with Bows, Arrows & Blow-Darts, that at this Time tomorrow, for a good 2 Minutes, the Rainforest will go “pitch Dark”…but not to worry…because, very soon, Everything will be “back to Normal”
      I mention this because when the Dollar, & with it, the America of the “New York-Washington DC Axis” breaks up into 3 Pieces…1 Piece Each landing in “Chicago, Illinois”, “St. Louis Missouri” & (of all Places), “Burnside, Louisiana”, that I have had Nothing to do  with it…except telling Everyone to be wearing the “proper Eyewear” at the Time.