The “Dream Team of the “Copper-State Democratic Party USA”…(being the “Famine-Resistant Wing of the Party”), for the “Interim Presidential Administration” designed to take Office from from Wednesday, November 6, 2024, until Wednesday, November 5, 2025, in the Wake of the expected Cancellation of the November 5, 2024 Presidential Election (having been on the Books since 1825), shall be the Following…

Colonel Douglas Macgregor…”President”,,
Michael.Yon…” Secretary of Defense” & “Vice President”,
Tucker Carlson… “Secretary of State”,,
Judge Andrew Napolitano… “Attorney General”,
Robert Kiyosaki…Treasury Secretary,
Dr. Carrie Madej…”Surgeon General”,
Candace Owens…”Secretary of Education”,
David Yuhas…Secretary of Agriculture,
plus a distinguished Staff, in Charge of providing the interim “Legislative Branch of Government” consisting of 50 duly-elected “Lieutenant Governors” & 50 duly-elected Presidents of their States’, “Sheriffs Associations” to be domiciled at “James Madison Hall” currently known as the “Holmes Lounge” at Washington University in St. Louis.
Governor Spencer Cox…National Governors Association,,
Sheriff Greg Champagne…National Sheriffs Association,
George Farmer…Media Logistics,
Mike Adams…Media Logistics,,
Owen Shroyer…St. Louis Logistics,,
Holly Jones…St. Louis Logistics,,
Emerald Robinson…Press Secretary,
    By January 1, 2025, the following Laws can be expected to be enacted by the Receivership…
1.   The original Concept the the American Republic…that of a “non-aligned, Confederation with a centrally-located Capital”, shall be reinstated.
2.   The $34 Trillion “National Debt” shall be cancelled.
3.   “Washington DC”, once again, shall be known as “Georgetown, Maryland”
4.    The “Island Nation of Puerto Rico” shall be granted its Independence.
5.   The Legislative Branch of Government…shall consist  of “50 Lieutenant Governors” & “50 Presidents of the National Sheriffs Associations”  located at “Washington Park” St. Louis, DC, Missouri, during this Year of Reconstruction, on the leased Campus of “Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri” in a Room, serving, today, as the “Holmes Lounge” to become known as “James Madison Hall”
Holmes Lounge & Cafe
    With a Cancellation, by the so-called “Biden Administration” of the Presidential Election on November 5, what Authority that Washington DC had  been given, in 1790, as the “Demographic Center of the Nation”, would likewise be cancelled.
     As a Contingency Plan for our Republic, even in my own Lifetime, “The Envy of the World”, suddenly becoming little More than a “Geographical Expression”, let me call on the aforementioned 108 Eligible Americans (myself making it “109”), to gather at the prospective “Receivership Senate” Building”, in St. Louis, Missouri, at Noon, on July 4, 2024, to take our Oaths of Office, administered by Judge Andrew Napolitano…& from that Date, until November 5, take Pains to prepare Ourselves for the expected Responsibilities of Office.
 6.  The “West Wing” of the White House shall be relocated to Floors 16 to 36, of “Wabash Tower…
Wabash Tower
 401 North Wabash Avenue, “Chicago DC” (Wards 2,32,42,43,44)…(“Wabash”, in the Illinois Language, meaning “Shining White”).
     The Building shall be acquired by Way of an Exchange with President Donald J. Trump for the federal Building on “1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Georgetown,  Maryland”…where the President would be invited to complete his “2nd Term” ( this Time, hopefully, without a single Idiot in his Cabinet).
     The “22nd Amendment” prohibits President Trump from running for yet a “3rd Term”…Something he should know.
7. The Supreme Court, “on the “Take” & no longer needed since its Decision of 2010 ,”Citizens Disenfranchised”, shall be replaced by the 50 “State” Supreme Courts…( Some being “Pro Roe v. Wade”, Some being “Against”)…thus sparing the Republic from a Civil War over “Roe v. Wade”
8.   The  3,143 duly-elected Sheriffs shall transfer the Titles of all Cropland, Grazing Land, & Timberland, in their County, currently owned by out-of State Entities, to the nearest Municipalities considerable enough to have at least 1 Highschool of their Own…with these Municipalities assigned to do their Part to make their State “80% self-sufficient in Groceries”.   
9. All county Fairgrounds, in the Interest of shortening the current, suicidal, American Field-to-Fork Distance from 1,500 Miles to “in-State Distances”, shall be converted into “Food-processing Centers”.
10. GMOs, Glyphosate 2,4-D shall all be banned nationwide…as “big Crew, no-till Agriculture” will have made these toxic Innovations obsolete.
11..The UN Headquarters in New York City shall be relocated to UNO City in Vienna Austria…with All UN  Ambassadors whose Nations have Claims on Works-of-Art in New York’s Metropolitan Museum, have these Artifacts, for 1 Year, transferred to a Gallery in Vienna, & thereafter, sent Home.
12.   The US Population shall be kept abreast of Progress of this Receivership, until November 5, by the aforementioned  Receivership Administration” on a weekly Basis, by Way of the Podcast, “A Table for 10″… Podcast from the Houmas Plantation House in Ascension Parish Louisiana…
the Parish becoming the “Organic Agriculture Experiment Station”…replacing its toxic Predecessor in St. George’s County, Maryland.
   As “Commander-in-Chief-of the Armed Forces”, “Receivership-President of the United States, Douglas Macgregor”, shall be given the daunting Task of bringing this obsolete Institution into the 21st Century…”1 dedicated to defending the United States”, which, after All, is its “Job Description”
     The “High Card” of the Copper-State Democratic Party, for which the Contending WDC Dems & GOP will have no Answer, is the Protocol for the Podcast “A Table for 10″…
    Ideally, with the Entree always being “barbecued Beef, Pork or Lamb”…so compelling will be this hour-long Podcast, during a Time of Coast-to-Coast Food-Shortages (if not “outright Famine”), that it may recall the Days back in the Ice Age, when our remote Ancestors, dining by Firelight, were able to turn Wolves into Dogs. 
     There is a Russian Saying that runs, “If you aspire to a higher Position in Life, always act as if you have attained that Position already.”
     For Col. Ret. Douglas Macgregor, between July 4  & November 5, 2024, at the Head of the Table, at “A Table for 10″… say a” Dozen Times”, acting & speaking in no Way differently than he does Anyway, logging, maybe, 4 Hours a Week, being interviewed Online, most-notably by Judge Napolitano but Others as well…doing the Work of an already-elected President, come September & October there will be no Way he will able to go Outdoors without a Security Detail, as he will simply be regarded as the “POTUS”.
     Even as early as 1841, it was in the American Mind that “SOMEBODY, at all Times, had to be “President of the United States”.
      Should the Election scheduled for November 5, on the Books since 1825, be cancelled, as it is likely to be, that same American Mindset will still insist on a “Winner”.
      John Tyler, upon the unexpected Death of President William Henry Harrison, assuming he was the most-likely Character to fill the Void, simply took the Oath of Office…& That was That.
David Yuhas
Copper-State Democratic Party USA 
The “Andreana”…The Flag of the “Copper-State Democratic Party USA”…

    Preparation for the Cancellation of the November 5 Election shall take Place on the “1st Wednesday following the 1st Monday of the Month” at “Holmes Lounge” ( to be renamed “James Madison Hall”), from Noon until 1 PM, on the Campus of “Washington University in St. Louis” on the following Dates…March 6…April 3…May 8…June 5…July 3…August 7…September 4…October 9…&.if the Vote on November 5 has been  cancelled…November 6…when the interim Administration is sworn in.

     During these 5 Dates, also beginning at Noon, on the WUSTL Campus, just outside of  “James Madison Hall”, in the Spirit of the Constitutional Congress held in Philadelphia in 1787, especially for the Sheriffs & Bikers of Illinois & Missouri, but with no Patriots being turned away, I would add a wood-fired “Chili & Rib Fest”…there being 1 or 2 Restaurants in St. Louis that would know how to put this Thing on.
     While it is clear to 1 & All, that “King St. Louis IX of France” is the Patron Saint of the City bearing his Name…less-known, perhaps, is that he is also the Patron Saint of the “barbecued pork Spare-Ribs”, also bearing his Name.
     Let me call on Holly Jones of the “Missouri House of Representatives” to see to it that all Arrangements are in Order…along with Podcaster & St. Louis Native, Owen Shroyer to make sure that these historic, scheduled Events are not lacking Coverage.
     Not unlike big-wave Surfers, with their Ability to read a Wave appearing on the Horizon, Yours truly can do the Same with “Gravitational Waves”….
     For Example, the 5 Years of “Beatlemania” set off by the Collapse of the British Conservative Government, & with it British Imperial Society …set off a “Terrestrial Pulsar” called the “Mersey Beat” at the Core of the 4 Nations of the British Isles…coming to an abrupt Halt in 1970, once the Imperial Accent of London was replaced by a regional “Estuary English”…bringing down both the Beatles along with their own Prime Minister, Harold Wilson, who also spoke with a regional “Northern” Accent.
    Ten Years later, in 1975, another 5-year “Gravitational Wave” was set off by the Fall of Saigon…to be known as “Discomania”…again brought to an abrupt Halt, by “Disco Demolition Night” at Comiskey Park in Chicago & its bi-coastal Companion Piece the “AIDS Epidemic”.
     A “Tsunami” I expect to see appearing on the Horizon in the Event of a Cancellation of the November 5 Election, is 1 that will stretch from New York City to Washington DC…breaking along a Line formed by an “Orion’s Belt’ of 3 Stars… “Wabash Tower Chicago”, 401 N. Wabash Avenue, the “Campus of Washington University in St. Louis” ( the”Buckle of the Belt”), & “Houmas House” in Ascension Parish, Louisiana.


     Unlike the 5 Years of “Beatlemania” & “Discomania” the Collapse of the “New York City-Washington DC Imperial Axis” is likely to be much-less celebratory, as the “Global Food-Chain”, on which Billions depend for their Daily Bread, will be its 1st Victim. 
     My “Fearless Forecast” 
     The Official Guest List to these monthly Events shall be as Follows…
Josh Allen
Roman Balmakov
Cole Beasley
Del Bigtree
Suzanne Collins
Kirk Cousins
Stella Emmanuel MD
Riley Gaines
Mel Gibson
Corey Gillam
Simone Gold MD
Holly Holm
Karen Kingston
Pierre Kory MD
Joseph Ladopo MD
Paul Marik MD
David Martin MD
Peter McCullough MD
James Meehan MD
Joseph Mercola MD
Judy Mikovits MD
Christiane Northrup MD
Gov. Sarah Palin
Ken Paxton
Stew Peters
Keanu Reeves
Kyle Rittenhouse
Aaron Rodgers, (“honorary MD”)
Jane Ruby MD
Stephanie Seneff MD
Sherri Tenpenny MD
Ann Vandersteel
Whitney Webb
Naomi Wolf