With “world-wide Famine” looming on the Horizon…with the “Casino Ag” of the American Republic, ( no Friend of the American Family Farmer), leaving the average American 1,500 Miles from his nearest Meal, the pressing need to reduce Field-to-Farm Distances to “In-State Distances” is what may well be needed, so that come Christmas of 2026, famine-related Deaths in the Country might still be limited to a manageable Number.
    As the aspiring “Secretary of Agriculture”  in a “Copper-State Democratic Party” Administration”, whose current USDA with 106,000 Staff & $386 Billion Budget (thanks to the Dollar having become worthless), is not likely to be around after 2025…the Plan of my successor Department, with perhaps 400 Staff. based at “Houmas House”, in Ascension Parish, Louisiana…
, shall be to bring about the famine-ending Reduction in “Field-to-Fork Distances”.  
     Key to this Undertaking shall be that the 3,140 duly-elected County Sheriffs, assisted by their able County Clerks, who shall identify & expropriate, all Cropland, Grazing Land & Timberland owned by Entities based outside their State, & assign the Titles to the nearest Municipalities located in the County,  with the Assignment to make these gifted Properties as “Grocery Self-sufficient in their State” as possible.
     While our 3,000-plus Sheriffs, working in Concert, should be entirely capable of suppressing “coast-to-coast Civil War”, this can only be done if Each & Every County is largely self-sufficient in Comestibles.
      Besides their aforementioned Role in expanding their Counties’ Cropland, Grazing Land & Timberland…with all 1 Million square Miles of Federal Land…overwhelmingly, in the Western States  turned over to the States Themselves, the Hope is  that the Residents of these newly-endowed States, having to live amidst the Results of their Policies, will chose to become Stewards of these Lands, by electing Sheriffs who think along the same Lines.
   The principal Role of the nearly 3,000 County Fairgrounds during the Receivership, shall be as the “Niche Abattoir” & “Food Processor” of all Comestibles raised in the County.
    An added Role for the local Sheriff’s Office, then, shall be to offer recommended, undocumented Meat Processors “residence & work Permits”,   enabling these otherwise “Illegals” to do the same Work, at the County Fairgrounds, that they have been doing on the corporate Assembly Lines. 
     Highly-recommended, during these Times of coast-to-coast Famine, shall be the Removal from the County Fairgrounds of the “4 Fairground-Staubfaengers”…”Merry-go-Rounds”, “Bumper Cars”, “Tilt-a-Whirls” & “Roller Coasters”
       In the Interest of making every State self-sufficient in Groceries, every rural High School in the Country shall be expected to establish 4-acre Organic Grocery Plantation featuring the latest in geothermal, greenhouse Technology complemented by a “Food Forest” propagated in the Greenhouse such as has been demonstrated by “Food Forester”, James Prigioni on his popular Podcast.   
     Let me call on “The Rodale Institute” of Kutztown PA, the authoritative Voice on “Famine Resistant Agriculture”, which now has Branches in 4 & 5 Regions across the Country, to avail themselves of these Branches by putting together an hour-long, evening Podcast directed primarily to the High-Schoolers across the Country, to be called “Organic Plantation 101”.
    The Show should be interactive with a Syllabus that would lead to “Advanced Placement” at participating Community Colleges
     With the high-school Years being the Years when “Reputations are made”, & with Rodale, on a daily Basis, covering the Progress of these survival-oriented Plantations around the Country, it is only a Matter of Time, before some of these innovative & entrepreneurial Teens become “Household Names”
    As this Project is ultimately the Product of the “Copper-State Democratic Party USA”…in the Interest of Full Disclosure, it should be known that the Party has its own “Chic”…characterizing relevant Things as (“Marquee” or “Signature”)…(“Out”, or “Bad News”)…& (“In”, Everything that is neither “Marquee” nor “Out”) 
” Copper-State MARQUEE”
“Municipality-based, Organic, Grocery-Plantations” 
“Geothermal Greenhouses”…
“Modular, cross-laminated-timber Barns & other Outbuildings”…
“The Andreana” or “New Old Glory”, the “Party Flag”…the Flag of the “post-Washington DC Receivership” ( a Flag that does not recognize the $35 trillion ” US National Debt”, a Concept which I, in any Case, have not been given to understand)…
“Creole Cattle” (the “Goats of the Bovines”) such as “Pineywoods”, “Florida Cracker” & “Corriente”… (always horned)….
“Spanish-Barb Mustangs”
“Blackbelly Sheep”
“German Shepherd K9s”
“The Planter’s Jacket”…a plain, grey, wool  “Varsity Jacket” with yellow Trim ( Something Thomas Jefferson might have worn to the Paris Opera)
“The Bolo Tie”…
“The Breton Smock”…
Tan for the Guys, Sky Blue for the Gals
“The Heritage Barkeep” or “Taurus 942”,.22 LR snub-nose Revolver…
always worn concealed, at the Hip…(under a Breton Smock, for Example)
     ( “Citizen Planters” as the “Paramilitary Amish”, shall be expected to maintain their Plantations from Dusk until Dawn, under the same “Park-Martial Law” as in such southern African wildlife Parks as “Kruger”…(which I would know about having been a Ranger & an Officer in those Parts back in the Day)…K9s for Encounters at Distance…Revolvers at 10’…(always aiming “where it’s the Biggest”)
“The Rodale-inspired “Roller Crimper-Tractor-Attachment”, an historic Breakthrough in no-till Agriculture…
“BioChar” incomparable Soil Amendment…
“Wood-fired Cuisine”  “Common Core” for all graduating HS, Senior Gals & Guys aspiring to become Chefs
“The Hunger Games” by Suzanne Collins…both the Book & Cinematic Adaptation..”Common Core” for all graduating HS  Seniors
( Modesty aside, I see myself as “quite a good Writer”.. but, alas, not like “That” ).
“Ammonium Fertilizers”
“The Blue-corduroy Jacket of the totally-Monsanto-co-opted FFA”
 Polled & Piebald Cattle”…specifically “Angus” (Eyesores) & “Holsteins” …Magnets for ‘Mad Cow”, “Rotten Hooves”& “Inflamed Utters”…the “Factory-Phenotypes de Rigueur” for distressed Ranchers & Dairymen.
“Silk Neckties”…the “Jeffrey-Epstein Look”
“Anything based in Washington DC”
     While there is, in my Opinion, no Alternative to an “America in Receivership” in the Wake of a cancelled Election on November 5, yet to be decided is whether this Receivership will be based along the “3 Stars of Orion’s Belt”…aligned with the Mississippi River…
or based at “America’s Satanic Majesty”, the “UNHQ”, in New York City…featuring its own foreign “Peacekeepers” & “Central Bank Digital Currency”