“A Table for 10” is designed to be a weekly Podcast emanating from the Studios of Brighteon TV in Central Texas


     The venerable Tradition of this Concept begins with the Symposiums of Plato…continuing on with the Banquets of the Romans…which, according to Varro  “The Number of Guests at Dinner should not be less than the Number of the Graces nor exceed that of the Muses…i.e. it should begin with 3..& stop at 9.”… & continued on American Shores with the candle-lit, buffet, Soirees of Thomas Jefferson at Monticello.


     The broadcast Event would be edited down to 2, distinct, 26-minute Halves…beginning with the “Left-Brain Half…

 The Setting…a 3′ x 10′ plank Table, with a Hemp, olive-green Tablecloth…

the Illumination provided by a Bowl of 13 Floating Candles…

honoring the 13 Colonies
     The Standard Entree (always cooked off-Grid)…shall be, either, barbecued, pork Spareribs…

Beef Brisket…

or Arni Souvlaki…

with Curried Rice…

a Salad…

& 2, 1.5 Liter, Carafes of Texas Red…

     The 2nd Half…the “Right-brain Half”,  would feature Coffee & Peanut Brittle…

& whatever Subjects come to Mind.
Decorum for “A Table for 10” shall be…
No Loud Talking…Fast Talking…Talking over 1 Another…F-Bombs…Elbows-on-the Table…or Sentences beginning with “Look”
Dress Code for Gents…open Collar or Bolo Tie…No Cravats!…for Ladies…No Bare Shoulders or Pearls
No Electric Lighting or Wine Glasses with Stems.  
     The Following are Quotes relevant to “A Table for 10”

Leonardo da Vinci…
     “When you are in the Company of another Person, you are Half Yourself, & Half that other Person”
Friedrich Nietzsche…
   “Narrow is the Room of Consciousness”
Carl Friedrich Gauss…
     “I have had my Results for a long Time…but do not yet know how to arrive at them.”
Lao Tzu…
     “When I let go of who I am, I become what I might be
Speaking on Behalf of the “Left Brain”, Norman Mailer, a confirmed Smoker of Pot…when asked by his teenage Son if he should take up the Practice himself, answered…
      “What you get from smoking Pot are original & unexpected Ways of connecting the Dots…What you don’t get from smoking Pot, are any Dots to connect.”
Abd’el Hakim Awyan…
     “Modern Humanity is right-brain atrophied.”
     In Short, “A Table for 10” is designed to be the “polar Opposite” of every political Roundtable you are going to see on TV…not exactly a “Seance”…but, ideally, “Something like 1”
Invited “A List Regulars” would include… 
Mike Adams,
Josh Allen
Tim Ballard
Roman Balmakov
Cole Beasley
Del Bigtree
Tucker Carlson
Suzanne Collins
Kirk Cousins
Stella Emmanuel MD
George Farmer
Riley Gaines
Mel Gibson
Corey Gillam
Simone Gold MD
Holly Holm
Holly Jones
Karen Kingston
Pierre Kory MD
Joseph Ladopo MD
Col. Douglas Macgregor
Carrie Madej MD
Paul Marik MD
David Martin MD
Peter McCullough MD
James Meehan MD
Joseph Mercola MD
Ana Mihalcea MD
Judy Mikovits MD
Andrew Napolitano
Christiane Northrup MD
Candace Owens
Gov. Sarah Palin
Ken Paxton
Stew Peters
Keanu Reeves
Kyle Rittenhouse
Emerald Robinson
Aaron Rodgers,
Jane Ruby MD
Rob Schneider
Stephanie Seneff MD
Owen Shroyer
Sherri Tenpenny MD
James Tour
Ann Vandersteel
Whitney Webb
Naomi Wolf
Michael Yon

David Yuhas ( Last but not Least)…Regards