In the Manner of an American “Rasmussen Opinion Poll” conducted for no better Reason than for any American to see how his fellow Citizens are thinking, this proposed Poll, to see how Russian University Students compare the Icons of the current Russian Federation with those of Soviet & pre-Soviet Times, is Something the Russian Equivalent of “Rasmussen”, perhaps “Izvestia” might has done…but as I am unaware of it, the  following, 18, “Yes” or “No” Questions, represents, simply, Myself, giving it a Shot.

The Rules for this Poll to be “Official” is for at least 100 Collegians, either at the School Cafeteria or off Campus, would be given a single Page of 18  Questions, to be answered privately, dropped into a “Ballot Box”…& then counted in full View of the “Voters”
Upon arriving at the “Count”, kindly email the Results to my Address…<wabashtowerchicago@gmail.com> where these Results will  be published on my   Website “<wabashtowerchicago.com>   
Any Background on your “Samizdat Event” will be much appreciated
Thanking you for any Consideration, I remain, with best Regards
David Yuhas  
Copper-State Democratic Party USA  
Boulder Colorado
1.   Should the Territory of “Novorossiya” be returned to Russia along with its Name?
Register your Opinion on the Desirability of the current 7 Russian Place Names returned to their former Names…
2.   Kaliningrad to “Koenigsberg”?
3.   Leningrad Oblast to “St. Petersburg Oblast”?
4. Sovetsk to “Tilsit”?
5. Volgograd to “Tsaritsyn”
6. Krasnodar to “Ekaterinodar”
7. Sochi to “Aleksandriya”?
8.  Should the “Double Eagle” be added to the current Russian Tricolor?
9.  Should “Bozhe Tsarye Khrani” replace the current Russian National Anthem?
10. Should June 9, the Birthday of Peter I, be declared a  “National Holiday”
11.  Should May 2, the Birthday of Catherine II be declared a “National Holiday?
12.   Should the Body of “V.I.Ulyanov-Lenin” be either buried or cremated?
13.  Should Lenin’s Tomb, without the Occupant, be relocated  to “Yakutsk, Siberia” (said to be the “Coldest City in the World”), where it might be repurposed as a “Bakery”? 
14. Should the Russian Communist Party be either “banned” or have its Headquarters “relocated to Yakutsk”?
15. Should the recent Wedding between Grand Duke George Mikhailovich of Russia & Rebecca Bettarini, in St. Isaac’s Cathedral, St. Petersburg, be taken seriously?
16. Should “Edinat Rossiya”, in the Interest of “PR”, be prepared to admit the Grand Duke’s Following as a “monarchist Wing” of the Party?
17.  Should the Russian Federation sponsor the Creation of a “Republic of Brandenburg-Potsdam”, on the Territory of the former “German Democratic Republic…this Time including West Berlin…a State existing under the Articles of Neutrality of the “Austrian State Treaty” of 1955?  
18. Should this non-aligned State come into Existence, should the Russian Federation be prepared to resume delivering piped Natural Gas to this Republic?   
     On those Evenings in December when the Nobel Prizes for Economics are being awarded in Stockholm, should a competitive Award Ceremony be held at the Winter Palace in St. Petersburg…being the “Nikolay Pirogov Field-Surgeons Ball”…honoring with a Medal & Cash Prize, those battlefield & post-earthquake Medics whose Exploits, while verging on the superhuman, are rarely given due Recognition if even Remuneration?
    Covering the Dance Floor on this Occasion would be both young Dancers recruited from the Artek Camps in Crimea, along with local Surgeons, Anesthetists & Surgical Nurses who simply fancy dressing up & going for a Dance at the Winter Palace.
    The Event would be a Mariinsky Production.
Regards, DY