the pureblood gathering

    For  more than a Year, as veteran Followers of my Newsletter can attest, my Plan to introduce much-needed “Famine Resistance” into American Agriculture was to call for Each of the 50 States to plan to become “80% self-sufficient in Groceries” & to do this by expecting every Municipality populous enough to have a High School of its own, to field a Crew of at least 200 “Citizen Planters” to work the neighboring Farmland & Ranchland of “Municipal Grangers” who would be family Farmers & Ranchers who had become full-salaried municipal Employees.
    For populous metropolitan Counties having little or no surrounding Farmland or Ranchland, such as Chicago’s Cook Country in my native State of Illinois, I proposed the following Arrangement… 

    New Motto for Chicago…”Urbs Hortusque” / ” A City “with” a Garden” a Reference to 20 square Miles of Cook County Farmland & Ranchland established in the 16 southernmost Counties in the State…

Northfield…Carmi, White CountyGlencoe…Shawneetown, Gallatin CountyKenilworth…Mound City, Pulaski CountyWinnetka…Golconda, Pope CountyWilmette…Metropolis, Massac CountyEvanston…Marion, Williamson CountyBarrington…McLeansboro, Hamilton CountyArlington Heights…Tamms-Cairo, Alexander CountyOak-Park, River-Forest…Anna-Jonesboro, Union CountyPalatine…Vienna, Johnson CountyLa Grange…Murphysboro, Jackson CountyDeerfield…Chester, Randolph CountySchaumburg…Pinckneyville, Perry CountyNorthbrook…Benton, Franklin CountyHinsdale…Harrisburg, Saline CountyRiverside-Brookfield…Elizabethtown, Hardin County.

    A new Approach I am taking will be to replace the 16 well-to do Suburbs of Cook County with the legitimate Blood Donors of these Suburbs…that is “No HIV”, “No Hep C”, “No Spike Proteins from Covid Jabs”, to form, within their Communities a “Pureblood Gathering” that would take the Place of their Municipal Governments, to accomplish the same Thing in making Chicagoland survive the coming “coast-to-coast Famine”.

   Rather than have Each of the 50 States becoming “80% self-sufficient in Groceries”, the new Plan will be to make each of the Counties of the 50 States that have duly-elected, Sheriffs (there being 46 such States), to become “50% self-sufficient in Groceries”.

     There is a Reason why Each of the Sheriffs in the 46 States themselves, must be “legitimate Blood Donors” which will be explained presently…

     Of the 340 Million Inhabitants of the USA, 250 Million are said to have received at least One Covid Jab, which scientifically, should prohibit them from donating Blood, as it is the Equivalent of a Jab itself, that comes with 1,200 Adverse Effects, according to a 12 Page List of these Afflictions, listed by Pfizer, that were released only by a Court Order.

     This List, in my Opinion, represents an “existential Threat” to the Insurance Industry, whose only Defense is that the Covid Jabs have never been anything More than “Experimental”…& this, in a court Case in France, has been held up.

     With this being the Case in the United States, the Business in “non-spike protein Blood” sponsored by the Insurance Industry should be extraordinary.

     Things that any Insurance Company can do on its own, would be to field a Fleet of mobile blood-donation Vehicles that would act as Banks, that any pureblood Donor, might set up an Account, where Blood might be sold for as Little as $100 a Pint, in which the Donor would receive $50 & the Company $50…or as Much as $10,000 a Pint, once again with the Donor & Insurance Company each receiving Half.

     The Source of the Donors, in this Case would come from the “Citizen Planters” of the Copper-State Democratic Party USA” of which I am the “Impresario”.

     To become either a “Citizen Planter” at a county “Grocery Plantation” or an elected Official as a Member of the “Copper-State Dems” ( subtitled the “Pureblood Gathering”), 1 would have to sign an Affidavit, pass a Blood Test & an Ultrasound, before setting up an Account.

     In other Words, a “Pint of Blood”, like a “Gram of Silver”, the post Petrodollar Era, will be considered “Hard Currency”…a Situation, once again, that would enable the Insurance Industry to “run the Table”

    Let’s say that “ALIC” the “Association of Life Insurance Counsel”, a venerable Outfit founded in 1913, decides to print its own Silver Certificates as an Alternative to the expected Push for “Central Bank Digital Currency” which effectively would mark the End of the American Republic. 

     Stakeholders in this Currency would be All of the Life & Health Insurance Companies in the Country.

     Silver Certificates Issued by ALIC, each Dollar representing “1 Gram of Silver” designed by the Copper-State Democratic Party, USA” & printed either in Switzerland or Russia would be…

1 Dollar…George Washingtom

5 Dollars…Thomas Jefferson

10 Dollars…Andrew Jackson

20 Dollars…Franklin Roosevelt

50 Dollars…Dwight Eisenhower

100 Dollars, John F. Kennedy

2-Dollar Bills Commemorative & Circulatory

T.J. “Stonewall” Jackson, Territorial Defense

Sitting Bull, Territorial Defense

Daniel Burnham, “Plan for Chicago 1909”

G.W. Carver, Horticulture

Jesse Owens, Athletics

Harold “Red” Grange, Football

G.H. “Babe” Ruth, Baseball

Charles Lindbergh, Flight

Henry Ford, Entrepreneurship

Muhammed Ali, Boxing

“Pistol” Pete Maravich, Basketball

Bobby Fischer, Chess

     The Basic Silver Coin of the Realm in the “Post-Petrodollar Era” would be a newly-minted “Peace Dollar”….


 containing 20 Grams of Silver.