In the Event of a Presidential-Election “No-Show”, on November 5 of 2024, it shall be the Position of the “Copper-State Democratic Party USA” of which Yours truly is the Impresario, to have produced, waiting in the Wings, a duly-elected, turn-key, Presidential Administration consisting either of a “Kennedy-DeSantis” Ticket…or a “DeSantis- Kennedy” Ticket…being the Result of a gold-standard (if “boutique”) Presidential Election to be held throughout Illinois & Missouri on November 7 of this Year of 2023.

The Cabinet, already in Place would include…

Secretary of State, Tucker Carlson

Secretary of Defense, Col. Douglas Macgregor

Attorney General, Thomas Renz

Secretary of Health & Human Services, Dr. Christiane Northrup

Surgeon General Dr. Peter McCullough

Secretary of Education, Candance Owens

Secretary of Agriculture, David Yuhas

& Others

     Following the Precedent of the Jefferson-Burr Election of 1800, the Winner would become “President” & the Loser, “Vice President”.

    An abbreviated, 3-week-long Campaign would consist of 3 Debates, broadcast world-wide on Brighteon TV…

on October 14, at the University of Central Missouri in Warrensburg MO…

Host /Moderator… 

Holly Jones, Missouri House of Representatives (1st Refusal)

Owen Shroyer, “Info Wars” (2nd Refusal)

with questions being posed to the candidates by…

Governor Mike Parson

Senator Eric Schmitt

Senator Josh Hawley

On October 28, at Southeastern Illinois College, in Harrisburg IL 

Host /Moderator 

Roman Balmakov, “Epoch Times” (“1st Refusal”)

Dan Hynes, former Deputy, Illinois Governor (“2nd Refusal”) 

Questions posed by…Thomas RenzCandace OwensDavid Yuhas

On November 4, at Chicago University in Chicago IL 

Host / Moderator 

Tucker Carlson, Twitter (“1st Refusal”)

Chicago Alderman, Brian Hopkins (“2nd Refusal”)

Questions posed by…Dr. John Mearsheimer

Col. Douglas Macgregor

Lt. Col. Tulsi Gabbard

    The reenacted election would be held on November 7 at the Cafeterias of all participating High Schools & Colleges in the 2 states…with paper Ballots dropped into Uline, cardboard Ballot Boxes.

    Anyone showing a valid Driver’s License would be eligible & encouraged to vote.

    Between 7 & 9 pm when the votes were being counted, Pizzas would be allowed to be brought in for a Party.

    With all Ballots counted by 9 pm, the results would be sent to “Rasmussen Reports”.

    As with the election of 1800, the winner would become “President” & the loser “Vice President”.

    A “Cabinet” agreed upon by both candidates, already, would have been announced by the 1st of October.

    The Federal Executive to come out of this Election would not be based in the most-anti American political Capital in the World, “Babylonian Basket Case”, Washington DC but divided between “Chicago Illinois”…Home of the “World’s most-beautiful Skyline”…

Chicago Skyline

& “Washington Park” St. Louis, Missouri…

Holmes Lounge & Cafe

Home of “Washington University at St. Louis”   where 3 or 4 of the Campus Building would be converted into Executive Headquarters…with the Illinois River..

Illinois River Valley

 connecting the 2, Executive Cities

The Executive Offices in Chicago would be located in “Wabash Tower”, 401 North Wabash Avenue…

Wabash Tower

, Floors 16 to 36…with the President & Vice President having adjoining Offices of Floor 18.

    The Presidential Residence would be “Roslyn House”…

Roslyn House

547 Roslyn Drive, Kenilworth…

the Vice-Presidential Residence being “Burnham House”…also in Kenilworth…326 Essex Road.

Burnham House

the new “Embassy Row” being the “Wilmette-Glencoe Corridor”…

The Advantage of a Chicago-St. Louis Axis replacing a New York- Washington DC Axis is that the Executive Branch of the Government need only be a 10th of the Size of its current Self…allowing for the original Concept of the Founders for the USA as a “non-aligned, Confederation with a centrally-located Capital” 

David Yuhas


Democratic Party USA…”Organic & Pureblood Wing”

Organic Plantation

Boulder, Colorado