the "jefferson vs burr reenactment of 1800"

     By way of preempting an expected all-out Civil War to break-out in the wake of the 2024 presidential election (even if it’s not rigged to high heaven, which is hard to imagine)… it is the plan of the “Copper-State Democratic Party USA” (of which I am the “Impresario”), to hold a 2-State (Illinois & Missouri), “Reenactment of the 1800 Campaign & Election, between the democrat, Thomas Jefferson & Republican, Aaron Burr”…with Robert F. Kennedy Jr. playing the role of the former & governor Ron DeSantis, the latter.

     In October & early November, the candidates would engage in 3 debates…on October 14, at the University of Central Missouri in Warrensburg MO. 

Host /Moderator… 

Holly Jones, Missouri House of Representatives (1st Refusal)

Owen Shroyer, “Info Wars” (2nd Refusal)

with questions being posed to the candidates by…

Governor Mike Parson

Senator Eric Schmitt

Senator Josh Hawley

On October 28, at Southeastern Illinois College, in Harrisburg IL 

Host /Moderator 

Roman Balmakov, “Epoch Times” (“1st Refusal”)

Dan Hynes, former Deputy, Illinois Governor (“2nd Refusal”) 

Questions posed by…

Thomas Renz
Candace Owens
David Yuhas

On November 4, at Chicago University in Chicago IL 

Host / Moderator 

Tucker Carlson, Twitter (“1st Refusal”)

Chicago Alderman, Brian Hopkins (“2nd Refusal”)

Questions posed by…

Dr. John Mearsheimer

Col. Douglas Macgregor

Lt. Col. Tulsi Gabbard

    The reenacted election would be held on November 7 at the cafeterias of all participating high schools & colleges in the 2 states…with paper ballots dropped into Uline, cardboard ballot boxes.

    Anyone showing a valid driver’s license would be eligible & encouraged to vote.

    Between 7 & 9pm when the votes were being counted, pizzas would be allowed to be brought in for a party.

    With all ballots counted by 9pm, the results would be sent to “Rasmussen Reports”.

    As with the election of 1800, the winner would become “President” & the loser “Vice President”.

    A “Cabinet” agreed upon by both candidates, already, would have been announced by the 1st of October.

    Highly recommended by the Copper-State Dems would be…

Secretary of State, Dr. John Mearsheimer

Secretary of Defense, Col. Douglas Macgregor

Attorney General, Thomas Renz

Secretary of Education, Candace Owens

Secretary of Agriculture, David Yuhas

     Given the prospect of a “Civil War” coming out of the 2024 elections, let’s take a deep dive into the events that led to the war that came out of the election of 1860…1 in which 630,000 Americans came to an untimely end.

    To begin with, in 1860 the population of the USA was around only “32 million”…a “tenth” of what it is today.

    The average county at the time would have been nearly 100% self-sufficient in groceries…with the average “Lady-of-the-House” knowing well enough how to “whack, pluck, gut & roast a backyard chicken in a wood-fired oven.

   Neither motorized vehicles, let alone aircraft, or even electric lighting, telephones or automatic weapons had yet to make their appearance on the scene.

   When president Lincoln observed, “A house divided against itself cannot stand”…besides stating the obvious, what he appeared to be calling for was an “amicable divorce”…certainly not the “Incapacitation of 1’s Spouse”.

    If the principal Issue had been “Slavery”… (it must be added here that Lincoln was no “Social Justice Warrior” ala “John Brown”) …his 1st choice to lead the armies of the North into the South would not have been “Robert E. Lee”.

     Read Jefferson & Lincoln about the “Future of Slavery in America” & they are pretty-much on the same page…seeing it as coming to an end on its own.

     What sent the armies of the North into the South, if truth be told, was just the way a southerner spoke…not only saying “Ah” for “I’…”Chayuh” for “Chair” & Spihrtn’ Image” for the proper Spittin’…but the Big One…”ahr” instead of “is”…as in “The United States ahr”.

     When the 11 southern states left the union, they did not leave either their American nationality or even the US constitution…all the did leave was “Washington DC”.

     This, in turn, effectively “Orphaned” WDC…which not only was no longer able to rule over the states it had just lost…but even the states it still had…for WDC & its parent, “Maryland” were both slave-holding entities…& the only thing that kept themselves from seceding, was the presence of union troops.

    For a totally-abolitionist union to have survived the departure of the “States of Washington, Jefferson, Madison, Monroe & Andrew Jackson”, Lincoln could not have remained in slave-holding WDC.

    He had to relocate the capital…either to a suburb of Philadelphia, or, more likely, a borough of New York City…& reconstitute the USA as a “newly founded Nation from scratch”.

    And it would not have ended even there.

    As soon as Maryland, & with it WDC, joined the CSA, nothing would have stopped the CSA from relocating its capital back to WDC & renaming itself the “United States of America.”

     Imagine Lincoln, from his new capital in “Brooklyn DC” exclaiming…”Hey, that’s our name!”

     One more thing to add…as “bloody” as the “1st Civil War” was…troops of the North & South, in this war, did not “hate” each other, & despite horrific conditions in POW camps, did not torture each other’s POWs…if Anything, were given to feel sorry for them.

     I mention this last bit, because should a “2nd Civil War” break out in the wake of the 2024 Elections…with the “active left” & “active Right” almost not able to bear the sight of 1 another…all bets are off.

     It is for this reason, that a duly elected Shadow Government, even 1 coming out of a “boutique election” be ready to take the poff the boil….in the words of “Bobby the Son” “to heal the divide”

     The Formula for any “Jus Soli” / “Designer State” will be the same…just as the American Founders laid it out…”a Non-aligned Confederation with a centrally located capital”.

     Switzerland, which has every right to be the “poorest country Europe”, is 1 in which the average citizen has around $50,000 in the Bank…while the USA, whose natural wealth dwarfs Anything can be imagined for a Switzerland, is headed for Desolation.

     While the USA has its “Big 3 Founders”…”Washington, Jefferson & Madison”…Switzerland has 3 of its Own…”William Tell, Jefferson & Madison”…but while we have turned our back on ours…they have stuck with Theirs.   

    “Reconstituting the Republic from Scratch”…according to the design of the American founders…should be the task of the “Kennedy-DeSantis /DeSantis-Kennedy Shadow Government”…&, like the seriously underrated, President John Tyler…

President John Tyler

 simply declare itself the “duly elected federal executive” representing the “Midwestern Branch of the American Uniparty”…a Foil for the “WDC-based uniparty” to be known as the “Purple Haze”. 


David Yuhas


Democratic Party USA, “Organic & Pureblood Wing”

Boulder, Colorado 

“Streator Bulldog”

Organic Plantation