The "Hunger Games Women's Basketball Association"

     “With Glamour comes Mileage” as the saying goes…so, given the Competition, it should not have come as a great Surprise, that “Taylor Swift” was selected by “Time” Magazine as its 2023, “Person of the Year”

  “2024” promises to be somewhat more competitive…but…if it’s not “Tucker Carlson” it, almost certainly is going to be “Caitlin Clark”.

   Integrating this Kind or Glamour into a 12-State Project that is designed to reduce the current 1,500-mile Distance between an American’s Field & Fork to “In-State” & even “In County” Distances…a Project the must include Everyone down to Age 6 during some small Thing…a Concept inspired by the 3-part Novel & 4-part cinematic Treatment “The Hunger Games”…is what this would look like.

     As Part of a nightly online Agricultural Report…an hour-long nightly online Podcast during 12 Weeks of the Summer would be a Reality Show called called “The Hunger Games Women’s Basketball Association” whose Teams, at 1st Glance would consist of the following Teams…

1. “Colorado’, Ft.Collins, “Rams”

2. ‘Illinois”, Edwardsville, “Cougars”

3. “Iowa”, Ames, “Cyclones”

4. “Kansas”, Manhattan, “Wildcats”

5. “Minnesota”, Mankato, “Mavericks”

6. “Missouri”, Springfield,”Lady Bears”

7. “Nebraska”, Lincoln, “Cornhuskers”

8. “North Dakota”, Fargo, “Bison”

9.  “Oklahoma”, Tulsa, “Golden Hurricane”

10. “South Dakota”, Brookings, “Jackrabbits”

11.  “Texas”, Denton.”Mean Green”

12  “Wisconsin”, La Crosse, “Eagles”

     These 12 Teams would play 24 Games between the 1st of June until the End of August with 3 or 4 Games played for the Championship in early September.

     Teams would consist of 10 Gals (all born female), 18 & over, & all  being Residents of their respective States.

     The Gyms, Lockers, home-team Uniforms & Nicknames would all be provided by the Host University.

      I would limit the potential Sponsors to 5…

State Farm Insurance, Bloomington Illinois

Caterpillar Inc. Peoria, Illinois

John Deere Inc. Moline Illinois

WGN TV..Chicago

& Berkshire Hathaway Inc of Omaha, Nebraska

which would be in Charge of the 12 Buses & a Contract with “Holiday Inn” to keep open Rooms for the 11-strong Teams for the 3 Months.

        The Coach of Each of the 12 Teams, typically, would come from the coaching Staff of the Host University…& the Nickname of the Team, typically, would be the Nickname of the women’s collegiate Team.

     The typical Salary for all 1,200 Players & their Coach would be $20,000 for 24 Games played during the 12 Summer Weeks.

     The Reason for the initial Choice of the 12 Teams is the unavoidable Fact that the Teams would be travelling to Away Games” by Bus…so that the Saving every 100 Miles on such a Journey, in Summer, would be a Blessing.

     While some of the 12 designated Cities & Universities are likely to turn down the Invitation, I can only thank them for informing them early, so that I might find Replacements.

     The Reason “The Hunger Games Women’s Basketball Association” in the Course of 2025, can be expected to financially outperform the WNBA, even in its 1st Year, is that while Most of the Footage shown would have to do with Game Highlights, Much would also feature off-court Interest…think “A League of Their Own”…”Hoosiers”…”Bull Durham”…& not Least of All, “Field of Dreams”

     “Why then” 1 may ask, “call the Series “The Hunger Games”‘?

      Two Reasons…

       The 1st, is that in my Opinion, “The Hunger Games” by Suzanne Collins, is the “Great American Novel”…”contemporary Sci-Fi”, verging on the Superhuman.

      The 2nd, is that, come 2025, American Agriculture will be seen to have “no built-in Famine Resistance”, not unlike Irish Agriculture between 1852 to 1857 during which Time 1 Million Irish starved to Death…another Million were forced to emigrate to avoid that Fate, in Spite of the Fact that the Island during that Time was a major Exporter of Meat & Grain.

     Before that Time, going back to the Days of “Joseph in Egypt” the whole Purpose of Agriculture was to keep that from happening.

     The best-kept Secret in money-spinning Basketball in the USA today, is “women’s, semi-pro, minor-league Basketball” in the 12 aforementioned States, playing in air-conditioned Arenas, in the Evening…State against State…an Hour every Evening given to the Game, online, by WGN…with all 120 Players, in the 12 States, coming to be known by Name & Background as if they were Members of the Family….a Kind of “Kansas writ Large”

      It is hard to imagine the WNBA surviving as Anything but a “Tax Write-off” for the NBA…the “Hunger-Games Women’s Basketball Association” by Contrast, is what Movies are made of.

          As “President of the HGWBA” let me give “1st Refusal” to award-winning veteran Achor at WGN, “Jackie Bange”… 

(with No Jokes about “Effie Trinket”)

David Yuhas
Copper-State Democratic Party USA
Boulder, Colorado