The “Illinois Missouri Compact” designed to be the Wheelhouse of the “Copper-State” Democratic Party USA (the “Organic & Pureblood Wing), Itself, is designed to be the Center of a reconstituted Republic of the Founders…namely a “Non-aligned, Confederation with a Centrally-Located Capital”…the new Capital replacing the current “New York-Washington DC Axis:, becoming, in the Wake of a “Coast-to-Coast Famine” that would collapse this Axis…a “Chicago-St. Louis Axis”.
     The Role of the “Illinois-Missouri Compact” to be played in the Advent of this Collapse would be to lay the Groundwork for an entirely Confederate Agriculture…1 in which each of the 50 States is at least 80% self-sufficient in Groceries…which all Cattle are horned & slaughtered, along with all other Livestock raised for Slaughter, in the State in which they are raised…typically in County Food Processing Centers that once were County Fairgrounds that offered “Rides”…known to the Party as “Staubfaengers”.
     The new agricultural Landscape of the Compact is envisaged to be the Creation of the 216 County Sheriffs of the 2 States…accomplishing this in 2 Ways.
     The “1st”…given the Background of today’s “Farm Debt” being “$426 Billion”…divided by 2 Million, being “$213,000 per Farm / Ranch”…which given the Age of the average Farmer / Rancher being “60”, is clearly unpayable, the Role of the “Agricultural Deputy of the Sheriff shall be to offer the distressed Farmer / Rancher a “Merger of Equals” in which All but 1 Acre of the Farmer’s Property would accrue to the Sheriff’s Office while the Farmer would become the salaried “Property Manager” of the Remainder of what had been his Farm or Ranch.
     The “2nd” Means of acquiring Ag Land would be for the County Clerk to identify all Land in the County that is not owned by an “In-State Entity”…declare this Entity owned by a “Foreign Government”, & not recognizing the “Concept”, simply take Possession of it.
     While this Expropriation without Compensation is likely to end up in Court, the Plaintiff would have to prove that it is Not simply a “Front”…or ever would be a “Front” for a “Foreign Government”…which is not that easy to do as Americans, today, unlike Foreign Governments, simply do not have the Money to buy Ag Land….or would even know what to do with it if they did buy it.
     What, then, are the Sheriffs’ Offices of Illinois & Missouri going to do with All of this rural Land?
     The Answer is that a St. Louis-based Consortium of Fitness Clubs across the Country to be called “O&P Planters LLC” (“Organic & Pureblood”), would take over these rural Properties on a 10-year Lease at a yearly Rate of $100 an Acre.
      Clubs east of the Mississippi River would lease in Illinois those to the West, in Missouri.
       The Agriculture of the 2 Compact States would produce its own “Certified Organic Produce” to be sold under a Banner of the Compact Flag known as the “Andreana”…being the most-stylish of American Flags, resurrected, improbably, from a Dumpster in Tupelo, Mississippi…
“Andreana” derives its Name from the Namesake of “Old Hickory” Andrew Jackson…being the “Cross of St. Andrew”, in the Canton of the Flag,  Patron Saint of both Scotland & Russia. 
     Produce from the Organic Plantations of Illinois & Missouri would not be sold in Supermarkets outside the Compact…only at those Stores owned by “O&P” located at the County Fairgrounds, which is where the Food would have been processed…with No One going inside who has not passed a spike-protein-free Blood Test.
    There would be 2 Reasons for This…
     The “1st” is that in the outer 48 States, where Cannibalism could be expected to be rife, it would not be long before the Word got out that the Illinois-Missouri Compact was a veritable “Horn of Plenty”…which means that every “O&P Retailer” would have to be ready for Assaults by armed Syndicates.
     The “2nd Reason” is that many of the Fairgrounds would have a visiting Bloodmobile, where Members could donate their spike-protein-free Blood that would sell on the open Market for $12,000 a Pint…the Vendor receiving $8,000 a Go.
     Needless to say, the USDA with its “Certified Organic Lab-Grown Meat”…the American Red Cross with its “mRNA Blood” paid for with a Cassette of Apple Juice & a Chocolate-Chip Cookie is not going to be happy about Anything associated with the “O&P Planters” of Illinois & Missouri…which brings me to the Subject of “Park-Martial Law”
     Two weeks ago, if I had proposed what Steps must be taken to decree “Park Martial Law” from Dusk to Dawn at All the “O&P Plantations in Illinois & Missouri…the Same as the Decree in the Wildlife Parks in South Africa, where Ivory & Rhino Horn are worth serious Money…especially with Regard to unauthorized but also unarmed Interlopers into the Parks during this Time…I don’t think my Proposal would have been particularly well-received…as the Thinking would have been…”What the Hell…it’s just some unarmed Kid”.
     Those reading this Posting, who have seen the Film “the Sound of Freedom”, however, will know that normal, well-meaning Citizens, who cannot imagine Anyone doing Anything they would not do Themselves, are simply committing Suicide.
     The Reason for inviting America’s “Fitness Clubs” to establish satellite “Organic Grocery Plantations” in the Grocery Deserts of Illinois & Missouri…for no Less a Reason than to reconstitute the Republic of the Founders, from Scratch out of the Collapse of “USA-Washington DC” is to know that the Muggle-Establishment, is going to be or your Case 24/7…& that if your Pureblood Entourage, includes High-Schoolers…especially Girls…that Nobody goes out in Public without carrying  concealed .22 caliber compact Revolver…in Summer, under a Breton Smock…in Winter ( if you are relocating for the entire Year)…under a zippered Hoodie.
    For all High-Schoolers, let me recommend the Charter Arms, 11-ounce, aluminum, double-action, compact .22…& don’t worry about the .22LR not having the “Stopping Power” of this or that “Magnum” or whatever…for 1 well-aimed Shot will stop any Aggressor cold.
“Marquee Status” .being “Prestige Brand” for the “O&P Planters LLC”   of Illinois & Missouri….would feature a Combination of State Symbols of the 2 States…that would enable 1 “O&P” to recognize Another
“O&P Trees
“Quercus Alba”… the White Oak…
Juglans Nigra…the Black Walnut
Cornus Florida…Flowering Dogwood
 Northern Cardinal
Eastern Bluebird
Monarch Butterfly
Honey Bee
 White Clover  
 Bolo Tie-Clasp Gemstones…
Big Bluestem
 Wine Grapes
Missouri Fox Trotter
Spanish Barb Mustang
for Forestry
Shetland Pony
always-horned Bovines…
Black Belly
St. Croix
 The “Silver Argent”
 Firearm for “O&P High Schoolers
11-ounce, .22, double-action, Charter Arms, Pathfinder Revolver…always worn, in Summer, under a light-blue or tan, half-zippered Breton Smock…& in Winter, under a zippered Hoodie
Neckwear for Formal Occasions…
The “Bolo”…Collar Button, always undone
“The Hunger Games” by Suzanne Collins
The Lost Ways” written & compiled by Claude Davis…a Guide to surviving & thriving during the coming Coast-to-Coast Famine…wood-fired Recipes for All “O&P Women & Girls riding Things out in the “Illinois-Missouri Compact’
Chicago Barehand Softball” ( especially for the State, “Frontline, Prison System”)
Sing-along Video
John Hartford’s  ”Long Hot Summer Day” by the Turnpike Troubadours
St. Louis Style, barbecued Pork-Spareribs
20 Movies for all graduating Ilinois & Missouri High Schoolers to be seen together in the HS Auditorium
“Gone with the Wind” 
“African Queen” 
“Elvira Madigan” 
“The Emerald Forest” 
“Twelfth Night” (Trevor Nunn) 
“Josey Wales” 
“Romeo & Juliet” (Baz Luhrmann) 
“Out of Africa” 
“Streets of Fire” 
“The Godfather” 
“Goblet of Fire” 
“Pretty in Pink” 

“The Hunger Games” (4-part Series) 

( Ideally, this Course, for high-school Seniors, would be graded at Southeastern Illinois College, in Harrisburg, Illinois. for “Advanced Placement” in the “School of Movie Production”)     


David Yuhas
Democratic Party USA (organic & Pureblood Wing”
Boulder, Colorado