The Gravitational Re-centering of the Republic

    Since the Days of John Quincy Adams in 1825, a Presidential Election has been scheduled on “November 5, 2024”.
     While no Nation is without its Faults, the Idea that any State in the World that is still in Existence, still having a “Democratic Presidential Election on the Books 199-Years later”, has to be More than making it “the Envy of all Nations”…it has to be Something of a “Wonder of the World”.
     In Preparation for this World Record coming to an abrupt End in a few month’s Time…here is a Coast-to-Coast Protocol designed to kick-in on Wednesday, November 6 of this Year.
     On the Campus of Washington University in St. Louis, (to be renamed “Washington Park”)…at Noon…a “Presidential Administration-in-Waiting” led by Colonel Douglas MacGregor & his Running-Mate, online Influencer, Mike Adams…would be sworn into Office, by Judge Andrew Napolitano on the Steps of the “Senate Building”, (formerly, the Reading Room Annex of the Ridgely Library.)..
Holmes Lounge & Cafe
     This would be followed  by the Swearing-In of the National “Legislative Branch” consisting of a  100-Member “Senate”, this Time without a “House of Representatives”, which will no Longer be needed, & costing the federal Taxpayer Nothing, as it would be populated by 50 State, Lieutenant Governors & 50 Presidents of their States Sheriffs’ Associations. 
   Also, sworn in, besides The President & Vice President, would be Cabinet Members…
Judge, Andrew Napolitano as “Attorney General”
Tucker Carlson as “Secretary of State”
Dr. Ana Maria Mihalcea as, “Surgeon General”…
& Candace Owens” as “Secretary of Education” ( the “2” being extraordinarily-impressive & patriotic Gals who are not to be wasted.)
&, as Secretary of Agriculture, Yours truly, David Yuhas…,whose 106,000 USDA Employees, based in WDC, & the Agricultural Experimentation in St. George’s County, Maryland…whose current “Experimentation” consists of “how to replace Meat, Dairy & Eggs derived from Livestock, with “lab-generated, Pink Slime”…but, if that is not enough, is costing the Taxpayer $209 Billion a Year…would be replaced by its “Organic Equivalent”…an American Agriculture designed to reduce the average “Field to Fork Distances from the current 1,500 Miles to “In-State Distances”…with all States becoming “80% self-sufficient in Groceries”
     As every State already has its own “Department of Agriculture” as well as that many “County Fairgrounds as it has Counties”, converting these county Amusement Parks into “Food-Processing Centers”…with the new “USDA Media Center” located at Houmas House in Ascension Parish, Louisiana…
broadcasting weekly Reports, especially pitched to the entirely-neglected “Younger Generation”, a few-hundred Staff might surpass the Work currently  being done by a quarter-million Federal Employees, at 1% of the Cost.
    The “Department of Education under Secretary Owens”, & the “Department of Public Health” under Surgeon-General Mihalcea, should also have at least 1 Show per Week…the Subject always being “Common Core” / “E Pluribus Unum”  its much-needed Return to the Concept, since the Assasination, in 1963, of JFK…having replaced “E Pluribus Unum” with its suicidal, scorbutic, Polar Opposite, “Diversity, Equity & Inclusion”
    We’re having “None of That!”
    Completing the “Orion’s Belt”…onto which the ungodly, Washington DC is expected to collapse on November 5, would be a recentered  “West Wing of the White House” Floors 16 to 36 in the Building to be known as “Wabash-Tower Chicago”…( “Wabash” in the Illinois Language, meaning  “Shining White”)…
Wabash Tower
    The Building would be acquired by Way of an Exchange with the current Owner “President of the United States, Donald J. Trump” for the Building he has long- coveted on 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Georgetown, Maryland, (to be known as “The House of the Rising Sun”)…with the handsome, 20′ tall “TRUMP” Logo, currently adorning the Wabash-Avenue Facade, included in the Bargain.
     While President Trump certainly should be allowed to run for a “3rd Term”, he has to know that the “22nd Amendment” does not allow him to take Office…a “Moot Point” in the Event of the Cancellation of the Vote.
     The simple Protocol for all US Citizens in Preparation for the November 5 Cancellation shall be as Follows…
     1…The Citizens, Sheriffs & County Clerks of Each of the States’ 3,143 Counties shall get together & prepare for the Titles of all Cropland, Grazing-Land & Timberland in the County that are owned by out-of-State Entities to be transferred to the nearest Municipalities considerable enough to have at least 1 High School of their own….with the Cropland being divided into “Milled-Acre Squares”…190′ on a Side surrounded on all 4 Sides by 20′-wide vehicle Paths.
       These “Milled Acres” would be leased to local Individual, Family, Fraternal or Church Groups for the Purpose of making their Community & State at least “80% self-sufficient in Groceries”
       All County Fairgrounds shall be converted into food processing Centers.
   As for the $34 Trillion, which, according to the “Official Mythology”, Americans are expected to reimburse Washington DC for the Privilege of having their Family Members sent off to die in Wars, that are “neither provoked, nor declared…that are unwinnable, & have Nothing remotely to do with the Defense of the United States”, shall be cancelled.   
     Every State shall print its own silver-backed Paper Currency…with all Coin Dealerships that are Members of the “American Numismatic Society” dividing their Dealerships into 2 Parts…their current Dealerships specializing in “Collectibles”.. & Another that would move into the Premises of a failed Bank, which would deal, strictly, with the State Currency & melt-value, Silver & Gold, Rounds, Bars & Jewelry.
    Pennies shall be discontinued, with the Copper repurposed into the Casings for .22 LR Shells for snub-nosed Revolvers…as advancing from  high-school Sophomore to Junior, will mean being certified at hitting a paper Pie-Plate at 10′ with 2 Shots in 5 Seconds, that, of Course, plus passing all the Rules of gun Maintenance & Safety.  ( One “Alec Baldwin” in the Country being enough).
    The Need for this in-house “Home Guard” will be as a Result of as many as 5 Million, “Mayorkas Mamluki” who have been spirited into our Dear Land for the Purpose of replacing the Citizen Population with totally-dependant “Foreign Labor-Force”.
     All military-age male Perpetrators who have entered the USA during the Biden Administration  would have until “January 1, 2025” to leave the Country on their own Account.
    Unlike Automobiles that Teenagers who pass a Driver’s Test, are legally free to buy on their own…the Revolvers used to pass the “HS Firearms Test”  would remain the Property of a Parent until Age 21…as the Exam is strictly for “in-house Usage”…
Heritige Barkeep
( 1st Shot for “where it’s the Biggest”… the “2nd” for “the astonished Visage”)
   Graduates with the .22 Revolvers will be awarded  the prestigious “Breton Smock”…
“Tan” for Boys & “Sky-Blue” for the Girls
David Yuhas
Copper-State Democratic Party USA
Boulder, Colorado