the "duquoin emporium

     The proposed “DuQuoin Emporium” subtitled “Outfitters for 216, O&P, Illinois & Missouri Counties”  

      The Site of the Emporium would be at the vacated “DuQuoin, Illinois State Fairgrounds in Perry County…

Illinois State Fairgrounds

& would be a 1-stop Market for the following Commodities… 

       Criollo Cattle…Pineywoods, Florida Cracker, & Corriente…along with Ayrshire, Highland, & Devon Heifers…all known to be resourceful, low maintenance…always horned.    

        Tamworth & Berkshire Swine 

         Black-Belly & St. Croix Sheep 

         Any Chickens except factory-white Leghorns 

         Yearling, Spanish-Barb Mustangs & Classic, Shetland Ponies 

        Modular Structures designed for 160-acre “Organic, Grocery-Plantations” designed to be operated by visiting summer “O& P” Crews of 200 Citizen Planters…those from States west of the Mississippi to Missouri…those from States east of the Mississippi, to Illinois. 

     The Rodale-designed “No-Till, Roller-Crimper, Seed-Drill” Implement for Tractors. 

     The full Range of Heirloom Seeds & Seedlings & grape-vine Cuttings. 

      All Illinois & Missouri Counties that do not currently have a Wine Estate shall be expected to have its participating Sheriff appoint an “agricultural” O & P “O&P” Deputy” to have 4 Acres of repossessed out-of-state-owned Farmland converted into a Vineyard. 

      If no local Vintners are available, know that there will be no Shortage of distressed O&P Talent on the West Coast that would like nothing More than to become the salaried “Agricultural Deputy” of a Midwestern Sheriff whose Specialty is “Viticulture”.  

     In this Event, should the “Lord Jesus”, appear on the Doorstep of a participating Sheriff, & be offered a Glass of “homemade Wine”…what could be a better Sign that the Sheriff has been “doing his Best”. 

    The “Marquee Firearm” of the Citizen Planter shall be the “CR-15″…an “under 16-ounce, .22 caliber, compact Revolver”…always worn, in Summer, under an olive-green, half-zippered “Breton Smock”…& in Winter, under an olive-green zippered Hoodie. 

     The Blue Jacket of the thoroughly discredited, GMO, mRNA, polled-cattle-loving FFA, shall be considered “non-grata” in “O&P Company.”

     These Instruments of Self-Defense, in Times of “Coast-to-Cost Famine”, may well become essential. 

      S&W, Ruger, Charter Arms, Colt? Heritage, NAA, & Brazilian Taurus, as far as I know, all make these life-saving weapons. 

     In the Words of “Pericles of Athens”…”Our Love of beautiful Things does not make us soft.” 

     And finally, here…while only a “Detail”…”Bolo Ties”…an “O&P”, righteous Replacement for the “Silk Cravat”, which, to my Mind, makes 1 look like a “Member of Congress”. 

     Exponents of Organic Agriculture….especially, in this Case, dedicated Consumers of “Organic Groceries” who currently find themselves living in Communities where Supermarkets, Drugstores & Restaurants have been closing…& where the Homeless have been turning up in the Streets, should know that these Communities, which only a few Years ago may have been “quite nice”, are now “Beyond the Point of “No Return”. 

     This Side of an Implosion that swallows its Population (including your good Self), Nothing is going to improve. 

     For America’s 50 million-strong, spike-protein-free, organic-grocery-minded Purebloods, your natural Refuge may well be 1 of the 200 rural Counties of the “Illinois-Missouri Compact”…”Old School” & “Hard Core”…with all Women & Girls knowing how to cook, bake & can, off Grid, with wood-fired Heat. 


David Yuhas 


Democratic Party USA (Organic & Pureblood Wing) 

Boulder, Colorado