The Copper-State Boy Scouts & Girl Scouts of America

     Just as the ‘Copper-State Democratic Party”, of which Yours truly is the “Impresario”, is designed as the Restoration of the traditionalist Democratic Party that came to an abrupt End in November of 1963… the Same holds true for the proposed “Copper-State Boy Scouts & Girl Scouts of America”, whose LGBTQ Degeneration has made the Original unrecognzable.
   Just as America’s 370,000 Amish appear not to have suffered any Side Effects from Covid in Spite of not being jabbed…with the Bonus that their transfused Blood, on the World Market, is now potentially worth “$12,000 a Pint”… “O&P Non-Amish”, as well, living in Communities today, could find themselves, Each, collecting the Equivalent of $8,000, a Couple of Times a Year…with no Competition from the American Red Cross, except, operating, as it might, on the “Down Low” in WDC.
   This, however, is just for Starters…
   The Key Role to be played by the Copper-State Scouts shall be 11 to 18 year-old, Middle & High Schoolers doing their Part,to see to it that the American Republic, for 2 Centuries the “Envy of the World” makes it through the coming “2nd Civil War”, in 1 Piece, rather than as 5 & 6 Colonies of historic blood-line (“Jus Sanguinis”) States, which currently covet America’s Cropland, grazing Land & Timberland…have the Money to pay for it, & currently, are faced only with a mercantile, Washington DC Elite for whom Nothing is not for Sale if the “Price is right”
    This would include 1 Million square Miles of Land in the Western States owned by “Washington DC”… for all practical Purposes, a “foreign Entity”.
     “Mitigating” & then “smothering” a “2nd Civil War” in the USA, would be a “2-phase Operation” the 1st Phase given to the 3,143 duly-elected County Sherifffs.
     Their Role shall be to do their Part to make Each of their States 80% self-sufficient in Groceries…& this shall be done by transferring the Titles of all Cropland, Grazing Land & Timberland in their Counties, from out-of-State Entities, to the nearest Municipalities considerable enough to have at least 1 High School of their Own.
     In-State “Family Farms” that are more than $1 Million in Debt…or whose Head of Household has Fentanyl in his Blood, shall also become Property of the nearest Municipality.
     ( China, in the 19th Century, had its “Century of Humiliation” & there is no Need for the American Republic to repeat the Performance)
   Each Municipality, then, would be assigned to do what it can with this acquired Real Estate to reduce the average “Field to Fork” Distances from the current 1,500 Miles to “In-State Distances”
    There is a Formula for doing this to be found in the following Page of my Website…  
      This takes Care of “Phase 1”  the “Mitigation”…for there is no small Difference in being locked in a crashed Car…& being locked in a crashed Car with a “ruptured Gas Tank”…the Difference  in a Civil War in which each of the 50 States is largely “self-sufficient in Groceries”, & 1 in which the entire Population finds itself in a “coast-to-coast Famine” cannot be overestimated.
     This, then, brings us to the Role of the “Copper-State Boy Scouts & Girl Scouts” whose operational Base shall be in 72 Counties in southernmost Illinois & Missouri…for Scouts & their “O&P Families” living East of the Mississippi, shall be the 33 southernmost Counties of Illinois, & for those living west of the Mississippi, the 39 southernmost Counties of Missouri.
    Every “O&P Family” shall be encouraged to Purchase or Lease a Dwelling in 1 of these 72 Counties
     “Copper-State Girl Scouts” shall be assigned to the following Endeavors…
1.  Learning to Cook & Bake off-Grid, & Can with Mason Jars in Water Baths
2. Raising Horses, Ponies, Chickens, 
3. Plant Propagation in passive-solar Greenhouses
   “Copper-State Boy Scouts” shall be assigned to the following Endeavors…
1.   Raising Cattle ( always horned) Swine & Sheep on Pasture
2.  Serving as Apprentices in county Abattoirs, Smoke Houses & Butcher Shops
3.   Forest -Thinning with Hand Tools & Equines
4.   Cooking BioChar
5.   Night Watch with Rifles & K9s
Handicapped Girl Scouts…
 1.   Making Breton Smocks…Tan for Boys light-Blue for Girls
Handicapped Boy Scouts…
1  Making Bolo Ties
Boy & Girl Scouts together…
1.  Trail-Riding, Camping, Canoeing & Swimming
2. Qualifying with a snub-nose .22 LR Revolver at a Target 10′ away…( the Revolver always to be worn at the Hip under a Breton Smock)
3. Commiting the Multiplication Tables to “12” by Heart.
4. Reading “The Hunger Games”
5. Doing 1’s Best with “The National 8th Grade Challenge”   
6. Watching, together, the Films that will be shown every Year at the Summer Festival in Harrisburg Illinois…June through August.. ( Once again…this is how we do “Common Core”)
As “Presidents” of the newly-organized “Copper-State Boy Scouts & Girl Scouts”…my top Choices…
For the Boys…”Cole Beasley” or “Aaron Rodgers” or, ideally, Both
For the Girls…either Riley Gaines or Holly Holm, or, ideally, Both.

David Yuhas


Copper-State Democratic Party USA

Boulder, Colorado