The Constantia-in-Hardin-County-Illinois Project

      “The Constantia-in-Hardin-County-Illinois Project” proposed by the “Copper-State Democratic Party USA”, is designed to enable Native Speakers of the Afrikaans Language of South Africa, whose Lives may be shown to be in Danger for no other Reason than their Ethnicity…to be given “Refugee Status” in Hardin County, in southeasternmost Illinois…
with the Understanding that these Refugees, not only will not become a “Burden to the Taxpayers of Illinois” but will become, as they have been in South Africa in the past 400 Years, the “Backbone of the local Economy”.
     The peculiar Situation with South Africans whose native Tongue is Afrikaans, is that since the 17th Century, Afrikaans, in South Africa, has had the Same Status as has English in the United States….which is to say, the “Dominant Language”…& in this Case, the “Language of Apartheid”, which was, but no longer is, “the Language of Farmland Ownership”
     Even though the Zulu, Xhosa & Sotho, have been in Africa longer than the Afrikaners, the Contribution of the Afrikaners to South Africa can hardly be called “secondary”…
     Maintaining the 2.5 mile-deep Gold Mines on the Outskirts of Johannesburg…administering the world’s greatest Wildlife Park, “Kruger”, the Size of Massachusetts & Home to 8,000 Elephants, has also meant maintaining the South Africa-Mozambique Border… establishing the world-class Wine-Estates of Cape Province….not least of All, keeping the Population of Johannesburg fed & illuminated.
     This has not kept a substantial Majority of the tribal African Population from the Conviction that “South Africa would be a better Place without  the Shadow of “van der Merwe”.
     Creating Hardin County as a Camping Ground for dispossessed & endangered  Afrikaners would have Nothing of the “Give us your tired & your Poor” about it…more like “Give us your entrepreneurial Elite & crew-pushing, prison-inmate Foremen”
     What might be expected of the Arrival of Afrikaans-speaking South Africans into Hardin County, Illinois are the following Projects…
     1. The Construction of a Replica of “Groot Constantia”…
to serve as the “City Hall of Constantia Township” …perhaps the Work of the London-based architectural Firm of Coetzee Steyn…
    2. The Conversion of all 33, County Fairgrounds from Amusement Parks to Food-Processing Centers…
     3 The Construction of a Wildlife Park, also in Hardin County, called “Constantia Park”, surrounding a Feature known as “Hick’s Dome” that bears a passing Resemblance to a geological Formation originally found in Kimberley, South Africa…
a Task that would call for a certain Amount of Mining Engineering, as it would begin with the Dredging a “Peoria-Cat Canal”, a Kilometer Long, 50-meter-wide & 3 meter-deep between the Dome & the nearby Ohio River… both as a Hang-out for the resident Wildlife, & also Access to the Dome, itself, whose Contents, even if not, like “Kimberley”, (being loaded with Diamonds), remains a Mystery.
    A Feature in the surrounding Park, with, in this Case, a “West African Theme”,  would be the “Forest Elephant.”..
believed to have accompanied Hannibal on his Crossing of the Alps…but otherwise, unlike the much-larger Savanna Elephant of South Africa, not given to go on “long-term Expeditions”.
    4. An acre-sized niche” Wine-Estate”, for Each of the 33 County Seats…the Result of the Huguenot Contribution to Afrikandom…”Le Mystere Francais”…
 thus saving Chicagoland, alone, from the Importation, every Year, of  Thousands of Tons of Wine-bottle Glass… trucked across the Continental Divide, 1,800 Miles away…when the same Wine might come from southern Illinois, 300 Miles away, in reusable Jugs.
     No…Illinois does not have California’s Army of  “Bracero” Labor…but southern Illinois has Something even better…the most-promising 20%   
of the State’s 4 Prisons… broken down into specialized, 20-strong Crews of already paid-for, “Frontline Labor”.
    Pinckneyville…Livestock  & Meat Processing
    Shawnee…Landscaping & Forestry in Shawnee Forest
     Vienna…Plant Propagation
     These most-promising “Frontline” Inmates in the Illinois System would work Outdoors, without Shackles, 40 Hours a Week, doing their own Cooking & Laundry, without having to deal with Sex Offenders or Sociopaths.
     Crew-pushing Foremen for these “Frontline, Inmate-Crews” would be Hardin-County-Afrikaners…being the traditional Style of South African Agriculture
     5.   Converting the overgrown, Rat’s Nest, Fire-Trap, “Shawnee National Forest”…
to an invaluable, crown-fire resistant, “Firewood Plantation”…with woody Stems limited to 50 per Acre ( “50”. being the Number of Inches of Precipitation in southern Illinois)

David Yuhas


Copper-State Democratic Party USA

Boulder, Colorado

Mangosuthu Buthelezi letter