The coming Role for for all 3,143, duly-elected US Sheriffs, for the Purpose of keeping the Collapse of the Federal Reserve Bank, which like the “New York Times”, is a private, NYC-based, publishing House that produces Sheets of Paper with Writing on it, from taking down the American Republic with it, these simple Steps shall be in Order…
   1.   All Cropland, Grazing-Land & Timberland in every County than is owned by Out-of-State Entities, shall be Repossessed by that County, with all repossessed Cropland divided into “MIlled Acres” (“190′ on a Side” bounded on all Sides by “20′-wide Vehicle Pathways”), & leased to local Entities for the Purpose of making Each of the 50 States, as much as possible, 80% Self-sufficient in Groceries.
     This Cropland, Grazing-Land & Timberland shall include all, 1-million Square Miles of Land, mostly in the Western States, currently owned by a wholly-owned Subsidiary of the NY Fed known as “Washington DC”.
  2.  The Rule for “Organic & Pureblood” Citizens of Counties having little or no Cropland, Grazing-Land or Timberland of their Own…which is to say, “covid-unjected, spike protein-free Proponents of Organic Agriculture”, whose Health-Insurance Premiums, potentially, should be less than Half of the Premiums in any other Group Plan…& whose transfused Blood, in today’s Money, potentially, will fetch $12,000 a Pint (with the Vendor, twice a Year, collecting $8,000 of That), would have for Them a “Sanctuary” set up for the in the 72 Counties of southernmost Illinois & Missouri to be known as the “Archdiocese of the 2 Sicilies”… whose Sheriffs, Themselves must be “O&P “…namely…”Sicily-East, Illinois”…for those “O&Ps” living East of the Mississippi…
& “Sicily-West, Missouri” for those “O&Ps” living West of the Mississippi…
    The Reason these 2 Enclaves might generate an irresistible Attraction for many Thousands of Americans, covid-ununjected, spike protein-free Americans who are proponents of Organic Agriculture, especially those who reside in Metropolitan Counties with little or no Farmland of their Own, who would be to be able ride out the coming “Coast-to-Coast Famine” by shortening their 1,500 mile “Field to Fork Distances” to a tiny Fraction of those Distances”…for as soon as the Doors of the metropolitan Supermarkets shutter, the overwhelming Number of Americans, who have no other Access to Food except by Way of “Supermarket Shopping” are going to find Themselves on the Path to “Death by Starvation”.
     (As an astute Observer of the Scene recently commented Online…”The rising Prices of Food will soon be forgotten when there is no more Food to buy.”)
How many of the 72 Counties listed will become “Sanctuary Counties” for arriving “O&Ps” will depend, to a considerable Extent, on 2 Things about the local, duly-elected Sheriffs of these Counties.
    The “1st”, is that only those Sheriffs  that are, Themselves, “O&P” can be trusted to participate in the Resettlement of Thousands of our nation’s “Low-Maintenance Elite”…  Professionals, Entrepreneurs..with as many as 8,000 Members of the US Armed Forces ( with their Families), who lost their Jobs for refusing to take the deleterious Jab.
    While all Americans will be faced with the same Coast-to-Coast Calamity…in small-town America…where Everyone knows Everyone, the Need to relocate will be much Less, as it would not be Long before much the same Thing I am proposing for the “2 Sicilies”, namely, the “Paramilitary, Grocery & Culinary Fortress” will be happening, automatically, & “in Place”.  
    It will be a different Story altogether with apartment-dwelling “Purebloods” in say, Brooklyn or Chicago, who, for all of their notable Attributes, may not have ever have  learned the Name of their Pureblood Neighbor…or have ever  gardened, hunted, fished…or cooked, baked or canned “off-Grid”
   In the Interest of “E Pluribus Unum” amongst the newly-formed “O&Ps” in the “Archdiocese of the 2 Sicilies” let me introduce the Concept of “Marquee”…not unlike the Amish Concept of “Ordnung”.
     “O&P Marquee” in the “Archdiocese of the 2 Sicilies” would include…
      All County Fairgrounds converted into Food-Procession Centers…with the “4 Staubfaengers”…”Merry-go-Rounds”, “Bumper Cars”.”Tilt-a-Whirls” & “Roller Coasters” replaced by “Niche Abattoirs”, “Smoke Houses “,” Mason-jar Canneries”, “Greenhouses”. “Equipment Barns”,”Commercial Dumpsters” for cooking “BioChar”) & a “Food- Court Emporium”
     “Criollo” Cattle…being “Pineywoods”, “Corriente” & “Florida Cracker”…
also “Ayrshire”, “Devon”, &  “Highland”…All, always horned…& ideally, bred down to under 1,000 Pounds.
       “Tamworth” & “Berkshire” Swine
        “Black Belly” & “St. Croix Sheep”
        “Quarter Horses”, “Spanish-Barb Mustangs” &, for Forestry… classic “Shetland Ponies”
         Red-Wine Grapes…”Norton”, “Cabernet Franc” & “Marquette”
         White-Wine Grape…”Chardonel”
          Summer Wear…”Breton Smock”…
tailored, ideally, by local, “O&P Women & Girls, if they know how)… otherwise by out-of-State, Amish Gals, who as a Rule, will all be “O&Ps”)
          Firearm…”snub-nose, .”22 LR Revolver”…
 always, in Summer, worn under a “Breton Smock” & in Winter, under a zippered “Hoodie”
           The “Bolo Tie”
          Notably “Non-Marquee”…( “Nicht-Geordnet”) “The Silk Necktie”…the “Neckwear de Rigueur” of every low-life Hustler in Washington DC
          “Chicago Bare-hand Softball”…
           The vertical, 5,000 year-old design “Tandoor Oven”…(Cover your Eyes, Dennis Kucinich)
with all Plantation Women & Girls all expected to know how to Cook, Bake & Can, off-grid,  with Wood / Charcoal.
          Novel…”The Hunger Games” by Suzanne Collins
          “The National 8th Grade Challenge”…
          Music Videos… 
         “Long Hot Summer Day”…by John Harford played by “The Turnpike Troubadours”…
          “The Weight”, by The Band”,  feat. The Staples Sisters
           Marquee Offerings at  the Annual “Summer Film Festival”…
“African Queen”
“Barry Lyndon”
“Harry Potter & the Goblet of Fire”
“Much Ado About Nothing” (Kenneth Branagh)
“Out of Africa”
“Romeo & Juliet”  (Baz Luhrmann”
“Rebel Outlaw Josey Wales”
“Streets of Fire”
“Twelfth Night”   (Trevor Nunn)
“Pretty in Pink”
“The Godfather” Part I
“The Hunger Games” Parts 1,2,3 & 4
     If the Concept of “Common Core” recently, & with much Fanfare, launched by our Academic Establishment, failed to get off the Ground, the Fault was not with the Concept itself (which is nothing different than “E Pluribus Unum”), but with the Execution.
   From my Experience as a 1-time Classroom Teacher…”As long as what is being taught is interesting & challenging…No One is going to fall asleep.”
     Let me call on Sarah M. London, CEO of the “Centene Corporation” of St. Louis, to get in Touch with Tech Millionaire, Steve Kirsch, who, under the Radar, on his own Initiative, & with his own Money, has assembled enough Actuarial Data on America’s “Covid Injected” vs. “Covid Unjected” for Centene to be able to offer the “O&P Arrivals” to the “Archdiocese of the 2 Sicilies” a Group Health-Care Plan with Half the Premiums paid by any Farmer & Cattleman in the Country. 
David Yuhas
Copper-State Democratic Party USA
Boulder, Colorado
David Yuhas