The Chicagoland-Alexandriya, Summer Fair

  Upgrading the largely-obsolete Regalia of the “Windy City of Chicago” & the “Prairie-State of Illinois”, the “Copper-State Democratic Party, USA” adds the following “Marquee” Additions where they are needed, leaving several “Solid Choices” where they are……
“Official” (Good to know if you are a Contestant on “Jeopardy)…& “Marquee” (“Prestige Brand” & a “Celebration of Local Pride”)
Nickname of Chicago…
“The Windy City”…”The Windy City”
Motto of Chicago…
“Urbs in Horto”…”Urbs Hortusque”
Q: What is the Difference between being the Mayor of an “Urbs in Horto” & an “Urbs Hortusque”?
A:  The Latter calls for “Downstate AND Agricultural Credentials”
Q:    Should these Credentials not be more in Keeping with a “Governor of Illinois?
A:     Yes…but only if Bib Overalls came in his Size.
  There is a big Difference between Chicago being located “IN” a Garden (which it is not) & having 20 Square Miles of Farmland & Ranchland located in the 16 southernmost Counties of Illinois, to be known as “Alexandriya”,  “Alex” for Short…which means that as “Mayor of Chicago” Dr. Paul Vallas is going to need an agricultural Commission…ideally made up of Jeff Moyer of the Rodale Institute, Joel Salatin of Polyface Farm in Virginia…North Dakota Farmer Rancher, Gabe Brown & “Food Forest Specialist &  YouTube Luminary, James Prigioni of the Garden State of New Jersey.
     With Coast-to-Coast Famine nearly a “Given” in the coming Winter of ’23-’24, as Mayor of Chicago, I would send the aforementioned Quartet down to Alex for the 1st 2 weeks of May to survey  the Farmland & Ranchland of all 16 Counties, together with a Video Crew from Southern Illinois University, in Carbondale.
     The Mayor of Chicago should demand that the 20% most-promising Inmates in the Illinois Prison System be transferred to Menard, Pinckneyville,Shawnee & Vienna Prisons where, as 8,000 “Frontline Inmates”, they would work 40-hour Weeks, without Shackles…doing Work that is already paid for, enabling tuned-in Chicagoans to ride out the coming Famine in a reconstituted “Nile Delta”, the “Alexandriya” of Imperial Rome.
Name of Chicago’s County…
“Cook County”…”Chicagoland County”…”Chicagoland” for Short
Nickname of Illinois
“The Prairie State”…”The Prairie State” (Where replanted “Big Bluestem” shall be given “Pride of Place”
Flag of Illinois…
‘Eleven-colored Flag featuring the State Motto “State Sovereignty, National Union” with “State Sovereignty” deliberately upside Down”…
The “most-beautiful” & “most-American” of State Flags, recently discontinued by the State of Mississippi, to be renamed The “Andreana” after the “Cross of St. Andrew” in the flag’s Canton….
Motto of Illinois…
“State Sovereignty, National Union”…”Chicago to Cairo, Galena to Golconda” ( a verbal Depiction of the “St. Andrew’s Cross’ in the Canton of the “Marquee”, Illinois Flag.
“State License-Plate Tag”…
“Land of Lincoln” ( Symbolizing “Civil War” & the “Decline of the Prairie State of Illinois”)…making the Name “Abraham”, 1 of 3 Names Illinois Parents are loathe to name their Baby Boys ( the other 2, being “Judas” & “Adolf”)…”Inland Empire” (original Nickname of Illinois), meaning the Midwest Equivalent of the “Empire State of New York”.
Illinois State Tree…
“Quercus Alba” the White Oak…”Quercus Alba”, the White Oak 
State Bird…
The “Northern Cardinal’…The” Northern Cardinal”
State Insect…
The “Monarch Butterfly”…the “Monarch Butterfly”
State Flower…
The “Violet”…”Trifolium Repens”, White Clover & “Taraxacum Officinale”, the Dandelion
State Mineral…”Fluorite”…”Agate”
State Grass…”Big Bluestem, Prairie Grass”…”Big Bluestem, Prairie Grass”
State Bovine…
None…”Pineywoods”, “Ayrshire” & “Corriente”… (All, always horned)
State Swine…
None…”Berkshire” & “Tamworth”
State Ovine…
None…the “St. Croix”
State Equine…
None…”Shetland Pony” (for forest-thinning) & “tamed Mustangs”, for Chicagoland  Girls
State Tomato…
None…the “Oxheart”
State Red & White Wine-Grapes
None…”Red”…Norton, Marquette & Cabernet Franc….”White”, Chardonel
State Cider Apple…
None…McIntosh & Winesap
State Firearm…
None…the “.22 Revolver”, always worn, in Summer, under a zippered “Breton Smock”…&, in Winter under a zippered. “Hoodie”.
State Neckwear for Formal Occasions…
The “fabric Necktie”…The “Bolo”
State Sport
None…”Chicago Barehand Softball” ( especially for the State, “Frontline, Prison System”)
Successor to the fast-fading, “New York City-Washington DC Axis”
The “Chicago-St. Louis Axis”
State Song
None…”Long Hot Summer Day” by John Hartford
What “wood-fired, Entree” shall all 12th-grade Girls in the “Illinois-Missouri-Compact”,  be expected to master, in order to graduate from “Grade 12”?…
“St. Louis-style “Barbecued Pork Spareribs”
Alternative to the proposed “Central Bank Digital Currency”, or “CBDC” in the “Post US-Dollar Era”
None…The Illinois-Missouri Compact “Argent” (1 “Argent” equals “1 Gram of Silver”.)
In the “Illinois-Missouri Compact” what Test should the “Mayor of Chicago” insist that all 3rd Graders be expected to pass to advance into 4th Grade?
     Returning to “E Pluribus Unum”, the “Common Core” that put the American Republic on the Map, what Experience for graduating 12th Graders would fill this Bill?
      This  would be the Study of 20 classic Films, seen together in the school’s Auditorium…
“Gone with the Wind” 
“African Queen” 
“Elvira Madigan” 
“The Emerald Forest” 
“Twelfth Night” (Trevor Nunn) 
“Josey Wales” 
“Romeo & Juliet” (Baz Luhrmann) 
“Out of Africa” 
“Streets of Fire” 
“The Godfather” 
“Goblet of Fire” 
“Pretty in Pink” 

“The Hunger Games” (4-part Series) 

( Ideally, this Course, for high-school Seniors, would be graded at Southeast Illinois College, in Harrisburg, Illinois. for “Advanced Placement”)     

     Here is the List of 16, well-to-do, Chicagoland-County suburban Villages…along with their designated Sister Villages in Alexandriya.

Northfield…Carmi, White County…

Glencoe…Shawneetown, Gallatin County…

Kenilworth…Mound City, Pulaski County
Winnetka…Golconda, Pope County
Wilmette…Metropolis, Massac County
Evanston…Marion, Williamson County
Barrington…McLeansboro, Hamilton County
Arlington Heights…Tamms-Cairo, Alexander County
Oak-Park, River-Forest…Anna-Jonesboro, Union County
Palatine…Vienna, Johnson County
La Grange…Murphysboro, Jackson County
Deerfield…Chester, Randolph County
Schaumburg…Pinckneyville, Perry County
Northbrook…Benton, Franklin County
Riverside-Brookfield…Elizabethtown, Hardin County.
Hinsdale…Harrisburg, Saline County ( Prospective HQ of autonomous “Illinois Red Cross” from which “spike-protein-free “Organic Blood” would be sold, world-wide, for $12,000 a Pint)
     Each of the    would be expected to ante up $5 Million….$4 Million for 1 square Mile of Farmland / Ranchland in the County…plus $1 Million for a quarter Share of a Square Mile that would be operated by 1 of the 4 designated “frontline” Prisons.
    As a general Rule, which will have Exceptions, as Farmland in Alex is not laid out as it is farther Upstate, in 640-acre Squares…320 Acres would be designated “Cropland”…160 Acres “Pasture” & 160 Acres a “Village of Modular Homes” that would carry the Name of the sponsoring Chicagoland Village plus “South”…for Example, “Hinsdale South”.
     An Offer is made here to “Magellan Development” of Chicago, to design these 16 Villages of modular Homes…with the Work Force provided by the “Chicago & Cook County Building & Construction Trades Council”…whose Members, overwhelmingly, supported the losing Cause of “Paul Vallas for Mayor”.
    This is worth mentioning as I will offer the estimable & remarkably accomplished Mr. Vallas, the Position of “Superintendent of Works” for this Operation in “Alexandriya”.
    Members of the Chicago City Council who endorsed Mr. Vallas shall not be forgotten, as they should be cordially invited to “Crowd Fund” in their Wards, as there will be Many who will wish to have a “Pied-a-Terre” ( a purchased or leased Modular Home), in Alex, ( which, in Winter, is 15 Degrees warmer than Chicagoland), when Supermarkets shutter in the Winter of 2023-24.