Terrestrial Astrophysics

    When “Imperial Basket-case London” back in 1964, collapsed in a Heap, it set off a 5-year “Terrestrial Pulsar” at the Core of the British Isles called “The Mersey Beat”, which, while the Imperial Accent of London was relegated to Movies & BBC Dramas set in Victorian & Edwardian Times, the City had Time to create what every other City in Great Britain already had, which is a uniform, regional Accent of its own…this 1 called “Estuary”, being a Kind of refined Cockney, spoken to this Day.

     Meanwhile, from 1965 to 1970 the “Mersey Beat” kept afloat the British Economy, & with it, the United Kingdom, itself.

     Such “Political Earthquakes” may be compared to Ones of a “Geological Nature” which down Buildings.

     Just as the Collapse of Imperial London in 1965 gave the World, 5 Years of “Beatlemania”, “Mini Mania” & a Prime Minister who spoke with a Beatles Accent…the Fall of Saigon in April of 1975, gave the World the “Bee Gees”, “ABBA, “Discomania” & the “Administration of Jimmy Carter”, again, ending with the Decade.

    A similar Phenomenon can be expected in 2023, when “Babylonian Basket-case Washington DC”, along with its Petrodollar collapses in a Heap & sets off a similar “Terrestrial Pulsar” in the Illinois River Valley….

Illinois River Valley

     The Difference between “Imperial Basket-case, London” collapsing onto Liverpool & “Babylonian Basket-case WDC” collapsing onto Chicago & St. Louis, is that London has 10 Times the Population of Liverpool, plus a political Tradition going back 1,000 Years, plus an Embassy Scene 2nd to None in the World…while Liverpool, for its Part, having None of these Things, was quite happy in 1970, to cashier both the Beatles & their own personal Government, that of Harold Wilson, in its Return to London.

     Chicago, for its Part, is 4 Times the Size of WDC, in my Book, as seen from Lake Michigan, the “premier Skyline in the World”…Chicago Skyline

    Like Washington DC, planned at the End of the 18th Century, Chicago’s “2nd City”, planned at the Beginning of the 20th Century, was designed to be a “Paris of the Prairie”, whose “Sister Cities” today include Paris, Moscow, Milan, Prague & Warsaw.

     Unlike Chicago’s’ “1st City”, a ramshackle, wooden, “Boomtown”, the “Chicago” of Illinois-Immigrant, Abraham  Lincoln…its “2nd City”, brought out of the Ashes of the “Great Chicago Fire of 1871…the “Paris on the Prairie” designed by Daniel Burnham as the “21st Century Executive Capital of the American Republic”…relocated, by superhuman Effort, largely, by immigrants from Ireland, into the “Mississippi Valley”…joining St. Louis as the Midwestern, “post “Louisiana Purchase Equivalent” of the “New York-Washington DC Axis”…thus giving Illinois its original Nickname “The Inland Empire”, being the Midwestern Equivalent of the “Empire State of New York”, a State, at the Time, believed to “have had it All”.

 The Point to be made here is that should the “NYC-WDC Axis” fall upon “Chicago-St. Louis” next Year, there is little Chance of WDC getting its Capital back.

     Given that the Founders of the Republic designed it to be a “non-aligned Confederation with a centrally-located Capital”, WDC has not fit the Bill as the “natural Capital of the Republic”, since 1860, when President Lincoln beloved “Mass-Murderer of Americans”, became the 19th century Precursor of the equally-beloved “Mass Murderer of Russians”, Josef Stalin.

    Back in 1861 all Lincoln had to do to avoid a Civil War, was to have relocated the Executive Branch to the Federal Government to St. Louis, & let Manifest Destiny & the Industrial Revolution take Care of Slavery…for between 1860 & 1920 the “natural Capital of the USA”, was exactly, St. Louis.

    But as Lincoln would have it, the Government of the USA was to be, for all Time, “of Washington DC”, “by Washington DC” & “for Washington DC”, thus worth the untimely End of 620,000 Americans”…leaving with it, the “DC Swamp” we have today.

     My Thinking here, is that if I had been born in Streator, Illinois in “1810” rather than in “1942”, there would be a lot more Baby Boys in Illinois today, named “David” than “Abraham”.

    “Washington DC” rather than be abolished.. the new Venue of the “Legislative Branch of Federal Government”, shall simply be relocated to what, today, is known as the 169-acre Campus of “Washington University in St. Louis” currently known as its “Danforth Campus” to become known as “Washington Park”…with the WDC on the Potomac, known once again, as “Georgetown, Maryland”, would become known  as “America’s Eastern Capital”, much as “St. Petersburg, Russia”, today, is known, by Russians, as their “Northern Capital”.

       The relocated “Washington DC” shall be the Home of the post Petrodollar, Legislative Branch of the Federal Government in the Form of a “National Assembly”…with both the House of Representatives with its 435 Members & Senate, now down to 50 Members, in permanent “Joint Session” in a Room that formerly was the University’s Reading Room, but today is known as the “Holmes Lounge & Cafe”…

Holmes Lounge & Cafe

retrofitted to become a somewhat narrower, elongated, Replica of the British House of Commons in Westminster Palace, London…with Republicans on 1 Side of an Aisle facing the traditionalist Democrats of Jefferson, Jackson, FDR & JFK, on the Other.      The 50 Members of the Senate, rather than being elected in separate Elections (there is unlikely to be the Money for that Kind of Thing), will simply be occupied by either the Lt. Governors of the States, or, on special Occasions, by the Governors themselves.

     Washington DC in St. Louis shall also become the Home of the Departments of “Justice”, “Defense” (in Charge of the Defense of the “actual United States”…where the Pentagon has been a “No Show” since 1964), & “Education”.

       Thus, the American Republic being Recentered at opposite Ends of the Illinois River would have Liens placed on both “Wabash Tower”, 401 North Wabash Avenue, in Chicago…

Wabash Tower

the Presidential Residence at Roslyn House, 547 Roslyn Drive in suburban Kenilworth…

Roslyn House

& “Embassy Row”, in the Wilmette-Glencoe Corridor.

David Yuhas


“The Copper-State,Democratic Party USA”

The “Democratic Party of Jefferson, Jackson, FDR & JFK”