the 9 party copper-state international

     This Concept got started in 1985, when I was living in Stockholm, & had a brief Correspondence with the former Chancellor of Austria, Dr. Bruno Kreisky to get his Take on it.
     His Response was to tell me that in the next Month he would be the Keynote Speaker at an OSCE Convention at the Swedish Foreign Ministry & we could talk about it.
     So, I turn up, tell Security at the Door that “I’m with Dr. Kreisky”, & go in with no Problem.
     For the next 90 Minutes, at an Alcove, in a Hallway of the Utrikesministerium, the Subject of Discussion for the most Part, was the Application of the Articles of the “Austrian State Treaty of 1955, in which Kreisky had played no small Part, at the Time,  to the “Warsaw Pact Nations of Central Europe”.
     During this Time, as a keen Student of the Austrian School of Diplomacy…”Wenzel Kaunitz” with his “Reversal of Alliances of 1756″…”Klemens Metternich”, with his “Congress of Vienna of 1815-6 & Formulas on the “German & European Equilibria”, & Kreisky’s own Construction of UN City in Vienna, making the Austrian Capital an official UN HQ…with no particular Attention being made to make an “Impression”…I asked him, by the Way, why he had not picked some young Austrian Guy to be his Successor.
     His Response ( & I did not know whether he was being excessively polite, or he was just pulling my Leg) was to say that if he knew of any Austrian as savvy as I was, he would have done so. 
     Before we broke up, he told me that he would be giving a Keynote Speech at the Convention, in a Room, just down the Hall, pointing to a Pair of tall oaken Doors, at 3 that Afternoon, & invited me to drop by.
     I told him I wouldn’t miss it for Anything, but as I was teaching a Class that only ended at “3”, I was going to have to be 10 Minutes late.
     As good as my Word, I turn up at 3:10, go to the Double-Doors, but not wishing to barge in an ongoing Proceeding…put my Ear to the Door…but there was no Sound.
    Something was wrong.
    I went down the hall to the Alcove where we had been sitting…but there was no Mistake…Those were the Double-Doors Kreisky had pointed to.
    I went back to the Doors & listened again…still no Sound
    Cracking open a Door I suddenly found a couple Hundred pairs of Eyes staring my Direction…while at Podium, standing in Silence for I don’t know how long, was Kreisky, who declared “Well, well…Herr Yuhas has arrived, I believe we can start now .”
     Having told Kreisky that he was the “Heir to Kaunitz & Metternich, I consider Myself, Modesty aside, as “Heir to Bruno Kreisky”.
     Unlike the ethnic Czech, “Wenzel Kaunitz” (“Wenzel” is “Vaclav”), the “Rhinelander”, Metternich, & the “ethnic Jew” from neighboring Moravia,  Kreisky, while being an “American” born & raised, would not, in Itself, keep me from following in the grand Tradition of “Kaunitz”, “Metternich” & “Kreisky”, there is no Way I could spend the Rest of my Life as Anything but an “American”.
    Thus, my Plan since that Time, has been to find an Austrian Replacement for Myself, to whom I could be an ‘Advisor’…& until only recently, thought I had found my Candidate in former Austrian Foreign Minister, “Dr. Karin Kneissl”… 
From Wiki…

Kneissl was nominated by FPÖ as a non-party member for the post of Foreign Minister of Austria in the government of Sebastian Kurz. Kneissl is the third woman to hold this function.[9] 

Kneissl was praised by FPÖ leader Heinz-Christian Strache as “a great personality, a female Kreisky perhaps in the future when it comes to mediation, acceptance and advertising for Austria abroad.”[1]

In addition to her native German, Kneissl works in Arabic, English, French, and Spanish. 

Furthermore, she has basic knowledge of HebrewHungarian, and Italian.[10]

In August 2018, she married entrepreneur Wolfgang Meilinger, 54, at a ceremony in the small town of Gamlitz, near the border with Slovenia

During the wedding, she danced with Vladimir Putin, who was in attendance, and subsequently performed a deep curtsy. 

Pictures of her gesture, a European foreign minister bowing in front of Putin, were widely published in Russian and international media, and sparked major outrage and criticism due to her perceived naivety.[11][12]

 In 2019, after a vote of no confidence ended the First Kurz government, she left political office.

In 2020, Kneissl started to contribute opinion articles to RT

She has been labeled as an advocate for the political agenda of the Kremlin.[13] 


“Just when I thought I was out”, observed Michael Corleone, ” they pull me back in.”

     Instead of going to nearby Hungary to be out of Range of “Death Threats”, where she could do Everything she needed to do in Europe, she relocated, instead, to Lebanon, where she may well be safe, but now, “hors de Combat”.

      The Task at Hand is to bring about, in Hungary, Slovakia, France, Italy, Greece,& even Sweden & Ireland, the same Thing I had been proposing backing in 1985…which is for States that had been Part of the Warsaw Pact, to gather at Belvedere Palace in Vienna, &  before Witnesses provided by The United States & Russia, sign the same Articles of Non-alignment, signed by Austria in 1955…”no chemical, biological or nuclear Weapons…no military Alliances & no foreign Troops on the Soil of the Signatory”

     The Difference between the Articles in 2023 & 1955, would be that the Withdrawal would now be from NATO.

      While Sweden & Ireland are not, & have never been Members of NATO, having these Articles spelled out in the Constitution of both  Counties would be 1 less Thing to worry about

      The Parties to be invited to Budapest to discuss this Matter, besides the Host, Hungarian “Fidesz”, would be the American, “Copper-State Democratic Party”, Russian, “Yedinat Rossiya”,  “Alternativ for Sverige”, “Alternative fuer Deutschland” representing the “Republic of Brandenburg”…

     “Rassemblent pour la République”, “Fratelli d’Italia”, “Lisi Eleniki” for Greece’ & “Sinn Fein” for Ireland.

     “Yedinat Rossiya” as a Confidence-building Measure”, would be called upon to make 7, post-soviet Name Changes in the Russian Federation…

Leningrad Oblast to “St. Petersburg Oblast’Kaliningrad to “Koenigsberg”Sovetsk to “Tilsit”Volgograd to “Tsaritsyn”Krasnodar to “Ekaterinodar”Sochi to “Alexandriya”

plus the “Russian Communist Party” to the “Russian Socialist Party”.

     May 2, the Birthdays of “Catherine ll” (Founder of Novorossiya) & June 9, & the Birthday of “Peter I”, (Founder of St. Petersburg), becoming “National Holidays”.

     Finally, the Construction of a Restaurant in Oymyakon, Siberia entitled “Ulyanov’s House of Borscht”…consisting of a relocated “Lenin’s Tomb”…with the Ashes of the Namesake, having Pride of Place on the Mantelpiece of the Fireplace.

     The United States, for its Part, would be called upon to return to the Design of the Founders back in the 1790s, being that of a “Non-aligned, Confederation with a centrally-located Capital”…a Design adopted by Switzerland  which is the Reason the typical Citizen in that Country has around $50,000 in the Bank.

     Nuclear Powers USA, Russia & France would all be expected to reduce their nuclear Stockpiles by Half.

     Best Regards

     David Yuhas

     Boulder, Colorado


     “Copper-State Democratic Party, USA’

     “The Pureblood Gathering”