The 2-tier us, state-prison system

   We begin, with all 50 States adopting a “2-Tier, State-Prison System”…80% “Baseline”, remaining inside the Walls…& a 20% “Frontline”, consisting of the most-promising 20% of the State’s Inmate Population…excluding all Sex-Offenders, Sociopaths, Drug-Addicts, Invalids, Illiterates & Illegals.

    Frontliners, either would occupy a Wing of a “2-Tier State Prison” or would occupy their own, designated “Frontline Prison”.

     While “Baseliners” & “Frontliners” Both, would be Guests of their State “Department of Corrections”…”Frontliners”, an autonomous Department of the State’s County Sheriffs’ Offices, would be available to provide “Companies” of 16 Frontliners to work outdoors, with Hand-Tools, without Shackles, 40 Hours a Week…cooking their own Food, doing their own Laundry…& when in the Field, living in a Compound consisting of 4 Trailers, working on Environmental Projects under the Oversight of 2 sheriff’s Deputies on Horseback….who would be paid by the home County.

    All other Costs of the “Frontline Tier” would be borne by the State’s “Department of Corrections”.

    The 2 States I would have to pioneer this Project, would be Illinois, whose Illinois Sheriffs’ Association, under an “Emergency Use Authorization” would take Possession of the 290,000 acre Shawnee National Forest… & the Missouri Sheriffs’ Association, given the same Authorization over the 1,500,000-acre forested “Mark Twain Archipelago”.

    The Forests in both States are currently in dire Need of Thinning, but with the US Forest Service, a Branch of the USDA, not having the Numbers of hand-tool Operators needed to turn an overgrown arboreal Rat’s Nest & Fire Trap into what is called a “Parkland” or “Tree Savannah”, a landscaped Entity with 40, healthy, woody Stems per Acre, with Everything sickly, spindly, bent-over & dead being taken out & delivered to the sponsoring County, as Firewood & BioChar (“organic nitrogen fertilizer”).

     This, however, is only the “Tip of the Iceberg”.

     The new Role of the Illinois “Shawnee Parkland” & the Missouri, “Mark Twain Parkland Archipelago” would be to serve as “Breeding Stations” & Livestock-Markets for their respective States.

     While to most money-making Breeds of Cattle, Swine & Chickens in the post WWII, 20th Century may well have been Holstein & Angus Cattle, white-coated factory Swine & industrial Leghorn Chickens…the Situation for these Breeds will be just the Opposite…the big Names in Cattle being the 1,000 pound, high-horned Criollos…with their ground-covering Stride, given to eating Anything that’s green…& their next of Kin in this Regard, the Ayrshire, Highland & Milking Devon…”Swine” the “Tamworth” & Chickens…Any but the Industrial Leghorns”

     Livestock bred & raised in Shawnee & Mark Twain Parklands would be sold, exclusively, to Citizens in Illinois & Missouri…all Produce coming out of these 2 Parks being “GMO-Free”, “Glyphosate-Free”, “Ammonium-Free” & “mRNA-Free”

     As Illinois has 4 Prisons that abut Shawnee Forest, namely Menard, Pinckneyville, Shawnee & Vienna, representing 8,000 Inmates which, roughly, is 20% of the State’s inmate Population…designating all 4 as exclusively “Frontline” would free-up a paid-for Workforce in the Shawnee Forest of 8,000…equaling 1 Frontliner for every 36 Acres.

     Thus, a new Meaning for the Term “5th Column” would be a Column of “Frontline-Inmate Forest-Thinners”…with “5th” also referring to the 20% of the State’s “Inmate Population”.

     The Missouri Equivalent (though I am much-less familiar with Missouri), might be having 4 southernmost Prisons in that State…”Fordland”, South Central”, “Charleston” & “Mineral Point”, designated “Frontline”…& have these 4 Prisons assigned to the 4 easternmost of the 9 Forests in the “Mark Twain” Archipelago.

     While my Ability to predict the Future, of even the next 12 Months, cannot be any better than that of the Reader of this Text, I think it is safe to say that with the current Administration in Washington, anything including baiting Russia/China into going nuclear against our dear Land, should not be ruled out.

     If this means the Breakdown of the Electrical Grid, something taken for granted by Everyone living today, then it is good to remember that from back in the 1st Dynasty of Egypt, 5,000 Years ago, until only 150 Years ago, Cooking & Home Heating was done over Wood Fire.

    One little-reported Phenomenon resulting from our Destruction of the Nord Stream Pipeline, is that Europeans immediately turned their Attention to loading up on Firewood.

    Should the American Grid, suddenly go down, Illinoisans & Missourians, both, should know that the Fuel Load locked up in their Shawnee & Mark Twain Forests, likely to burn up in soil-sterilizing & wildlife-incinerating Heat, is the same Wood that could keep the Population of the 2 States surviving the coming Winter.

     This is the Reason, that graduating high-school Girls in both States (who No One wants to see beating Boys in Wrestling), should be expected to learn the Fine Art & Social Grace of Cooking & Canning over a wood-fired Stove.



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