For the Organic Growers of the 50 United States & the 5 Laender of the projected “Keystone State of Europe” the  “Prussian-Republic of Brandenburg-Potsdam”, let these be Protocols designed to make these States largely self-sufficient in All Comestibles.
     To begin with, all “Certified-Organic Produce” in these States shall be certified by the State’s Organic Growers Associations…no longer with the USDA, which has never been “Organic”, nor has ever even shown any Interest in becoming “Organic”. 
     With “EU Organic” the Situation is a little different because of the CAP’s Insistence on the “free-flow of Capital” within the EU.
     While the Product, itself, is more likely to be up to “Organic Standards”, the EU is no Guarantee that the Product is also “European”…for if the Land is owned by a Company based in the Benelux it almost certainly is “Not European”
    The richest Farmland in Europe, being in Ukraine, for Example, while not under the CAP, is owned by an American Hedge Fund…& certainly not by Ukrainians….but as in Ukraine, there is Nothing stopping that same Thing from happening in the EU.
    What this means is that Europeans are no more protected from Famine than were the Irish in Ireland between 1852 & 1857 even while, in those Years, Ireland was a major Exporter of Meat & Grains.
     In the State designed to be the the “Most-Important in Europe”… the “Key” to neutralizing the “Drang nach Osten” of “Germany Berlin”, the continent’s Nightmare since 1871,  the “Prussian-Republic of Brandenburg-Potsdam”…with its 5 Laender…”Mecklenburg”, “Brandenburg”, Magdeburg”, “Thueringen” & “Dresdnerland”… it would be up to the Office of the “Landkreis Scherif” to expropriate, without Compensation, all Cropland Grazing Land & Timberland, not owned by Entities based in the Landkreis.
     While, currently, not a Fixture of the German Landscape, the duly-elected “Scherif” of a “Prussian Landkreis” ..for the Purpose of the 12-Month “Treuhand”, it should be enough that the Police Departments of each of the 73 Landkreise, elect 1 of their Own, who should know Something about Agriculture, to play the Role of the “American Sheriff” during this Transition Period, which is to make its Landkreis, as Much as possible  “Lebensmittel Unabhangig”
     Secondly, every “State Organic Growers Association” shall take it upon itself to promote the High School of every town & county “Municipality” / “Landkreis”  to establish a 4-Acre / 2-Hectare organic “Grocery Plantation” / “Lebensmittel Plantage” with Half of the Area dedicated to Crops & the other Half dedicated to Pasture & Livestock.
   On the Half dedicated to Crops, there should be 2 modular, geothermal Greenhouses…1 for Plant Propagation & 1 a “Wintergarden” for tropical & subtropical Perennials.
  The Area covered by these Greenhouses…the Same as Those at Pine Ridge in South Dakota, shall be “80′ x 16′ / “24m x 5m”  with the Base dug 8′ / 2.5m…
 The “Half in Pasture” should feature a modular, Timber Barn with 1 or 2 “run-in Shelters” & a Kiln for cooking BioChar
   An Effort should be made to make every high-school Plantation a landscaped “Work of Art”.
   While we can never hope, in our Time, to see, as on the bone-dry Landscape of Iran, watered by Mountains hundreds of Miles away,  the stunning walled Gardens that define practically every City in the Country., knowing where we stand as Citizens of belated Nations must be the “Beginning of All Things”
    Complementing these Plantations, by the Younger-Set…”6 to 14″ shall be a Protocol in every American School District that would have every Residence in the District set aside 1 sunny Windowsill that would feature “4, Folger’s Coffee Canisters” growing Anything fancied by the Resident including Veggies, Vines,  Fruit Trees, Wildflowers, Bamboo…or even Milkweed for growing Butterflies.
      While not a Fan of the “Folger Shakespeare Library” ( being the “Maxwell House of Shakespeareana”), I have always found their Coffee excellent & their bright-red Canisters a “little Marvel of engineering Design”…& “Perfect for Windowsills.”7
      Watering Plants in a “Folgers Canister” should be done by 1st by taking a Blade of your Swiss Army Knife & punching 5 or 6 Slits in the Bottom…the Coffee Grounds themselves making excellent Component of potting Soil…so good that local Coffee Shops, that will generate Pounds of Grounds every Shift, might drop off those Grounds at the School District.
      Always water your Plants in a Bathtub & leave overnight, saving the Lid of the Canister to become its Base on the Windowsill.
  The Official 4-Canister Set-up for Windowsills shall be the discontinued, traditional-red Folgers Canister, both in the 1-pound Size for most Plants & the 2-pound Size for vine Cuttings, in which the air-tight Lid would double, on the Windowsill, as a water-tight Coaster.
      I would give this Undertaking national Prominence with 2 or 3 Podcasts every Week…no different than the Podcasts covering the High School Plantations…with the Exception that the Gold Standard for the Hosts of the Grade-School Show, knowing that many Viewers will be no older than 6,  will have to be the late “Mr. Rogers”…
       The participating Students at Grades “1 through 8” should pay weekly Visits to participating Residents to check the Progress of the Plants…as this Endeavor is designed to be a “graded, academic Course”.
    Given the Fact that Thousands of Tons of wine-bottle Glass are trucked across the Continental Divide to the Midwest, nearly 2,000 Miles away, every Year, for no other Reason than to give  the Residents Something to go with their Dinners…when the Midwest Itself, is most-excellent Wine Country…it would make some Sense. that the State Grape-Growers & Vintners Associations  which practically every State will have, take Cuttings of the Varietals suited to their State & have the “Windowsill Grower” supply a 2-pound  Folger’s Canister (wind & cat resistant)…
     If the Climate in much of Prussia is not conducive to “Wine-making”, there is Nothing to stop the Preuss from getting serious about  Premium Apple Brandy”…
      Though I don’t see any Way around it…the Importation from “Libby Persyzk Kathman” of around 1 Million, 1 & 2 pound Folgers Coffee Canisters being around 14,000 for each of the 73 Landkreise…
      For the USA, in the Spirit of the “Civilian Conservation Corps”…1933 to 1942…which brought American out of Both the Depression & the “Dust Bowl”…initiated by a certain New Yorker from a Wheelchair ( which is enough to give 1 an “Inferiority Complex”), the initial Order for the, retro, Folger’s Canisters, I say, should be around “6 Million”.
     In View of the Calamity coming up in my USA on November 5 Something for which “Germany-Berlin is entirely unprepared in its Role as a self-governing “4th German Reich”…taking up where the “3rd” left off in 1944, it will be up incumbent on the  ‘Alternative fuer Deutschland” (“AfD”),to “make Division of Itself”… (like a “Sebastian” & “Viola”) …  
with the East Elbian “AfD” renamed “Vereinte Preussen”, being the Dominant Party in the “Prussian-Republic of Brandenburg-Potsdam”…while the “AfD” retaining its Name, West of the Border established by the “Potsdam Accords of 1945″, becoming the Dominant Party in the former “Federal Republic of Germany-Bonn”…2 stable States, both Candidates for the Articles of the “Austrian State Treaty of 1955″…rather than the current “Alles fuer Deutschland”, an “Operetta League, 4th German  Reich”, under a resurrected  “Fuehrer”, in the Form of “Olaf Schulz”…with his natural, eastern Border lying to the “east of Warsaw”, where it has been since 1871 & Something that cannot be changed.
     My Advice to my fellow Americans, is to prepare Themselves for the “4 Things” likely to come out on November 5 of this Year…”4 Things” that no American will be able to do Anything about…
“Conquest”,  “Famine”, “Civil War” &  the “WHO”
     Wednesday, “November 6”, however, is another Matter…for a “12-month, “Emergency Use Authorized Receivership”, already in the Works… employing no More than a couple-thousand Patriots, commanding the Republic’s “geopolitical Center of Gravity”…All being “Good at what they do” would be capable, based in the Mississippi River Valley, to outperform. the 330,000  Federal Employees in the Greater Washington DC Area.
     It’s Basic Physics…
     If the Authors of the  US Constitution had a Mind to locate the Nation’s Capital 800 Miles East of the “Demographic Center” of the newly-found Republic, 800 Miles East of its demographic Center, they would have parked it on” Bermuda”.
    Expecting Washington DC, today, to become anything Else than the “most-virulent, Anti-American political Capital of the World”, only depending upon you sending a better Class of elected Officials to that very eccentric Entity to represent you, in a “Jus Soli”, a “Designer State”, goes against the “Laws of Gravity”.
     “Recentering the Republic” Something that shall be clear-enough to All Americans after November 5, is what it is All about.
David Yuhas
Copper-State Democratic Party USA
Boulder, Colorado