silver & "red gold"

Here is an Offer I would like to make to 3, notable Midwestern Insurance Companies
“State Farm Life” of Bloomington, Illinois
“Northwestern Mutual”, of Milwaukee
“Centene” of St. Louis
     Given the existential Threat to the American Insurance Industry posed by the 9 Pages of 1,200 “Adverse Events’ listed by Pfizer for those taking its Covid 19 Shots, revealed to the general Public only by Way of a Court Order, a political Party, called the “Copper-State Democratic Party USA”, being the pre-LBJ Democratic Party of “Jefferson, Jackson, FDR & JFK”, has been formed to replace the current, Washington DC-based Party, the “Gogol Bordello”… Washington DC, itself, to be known as the “Babylonian Basket-Case”.
     The 3 Branches of the Federal Government we recognize are, the “Executive”, based at Wabash Tower, 401 North Wabash Avenue, Chicago, Illinois, Presidential Residence at “Roslyn House”, 547 Roslyn Road, in suburban Kenilworth, & the Wilmette-Glencoe Corridor, as the nation’s “Embassy Row”.
     The “Legislative Branch” we place at a relocated “Washington DC” being the current, “Holmes Lounge & Cafe” on the 629 Acre Campus of the current “Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri.
     In Line with the Model of the House of Commons in Westminster, London, which offers Seating on a “1st come 1st serve” Basis  for its 653 Members in 437 Seats, the US “National Assembly” would offer Seating for 439 House Members & 50 State Governors/ Lt. Governors in 320 Seats…160 on either Side of an Aisle, with 4 Tiers of Benches.
     Also located in “Washington DC West” would be the Departments of “Defense”, Justice” & Education”…with the Department of Agriculture, located across the River in Carbondale , Illinois.
      In the current Washington DC, once again to be known as “Georgetown, Maryland” would remain the Home of the Supreme Court on Capitol Hill,…with Georgetown, Maryland to be known as America’s “Eastern Capital”, much as St. Petersburg, today, is known to Russians as its “Northern Capital”.
     As in “Matthew 22” where is says “Many are called but Few are chosen”, so it shall be with the “Copper-State Democratic Party” which has an open Door for all US Citizens as long as they are “legitimate Blood Donors” or Members of the “Pureblood Gathering”,  having Blood without Hepatitis, HIV, or Spike-Proteins derived from Covid Vaccines….confirmed by an Affidavit, Blood Test & Ultrasound.
    As Blood with these Afflictions is an existential Threat to the US Insurance Industry, we look to this Industry as a natural Ally & the Basis of the Economy of the “Pureblood Gathering”.
     For Example, the Party is designed to have 2 principal Sources of Income.
     The 1st is the County-based “Grocery Plantation” designed to make every County with an elected, pureblood Sheriff, 50% self-sufficient in Groceries & table Wine…with all Farmland & Ranchland in the County, owned either by independent Operators, the County Sheriff’s Department or the State…with all “Citizen Planters” expected to be Purebloods having a Trade that would be of Use in this Economy, with all County Fairgrounds converted into food-processing Centers, Each with its own niche Abattoir, Smoke House, Commercial Kitchen, Greenhouse Nursery, Equipment Barn & Machine Shop for Rentals, Commercial Dumpster along with portable Sawmill & Chipper for the Cooking of BioChar & “Emporium” being the county’s Stock Exchange & Community Center for “Citizen Planters”.
     The State’s Community Colleges would be invited to run these Plantation Villages with their Campuses having Students working for College Credit.
     All County Plantations would be strictly Organic with no GMOs, Glyphosate or such factory Phenotypes as polled Cattle of white coated Swine.
     All Livestock raised for Slaughter in any County shall be slaughtered in that County.
     The other Source of Income for the “Pureblood Gathering” shall be the Sale of its transfusable Blood on the open Market.
     Once again we turn to the Insurance Industry to post a “Spot Price” for transfusable Blood…with the Initials “RG” meaning “Red Gold” listed along with Gold, Silver, Platinum & Palladium, donated by Purebloods who would have an Account, same as any Bank Account, with an Opportunity to sell when the Price is right.
     The Party would have its own Currency called the “Argent” with “1 Argent” equal to 1 Gram of Silver.
      The Denominations of Silver Certificates, as listed on Page 3 of this Website, once again
The Denominations of Silver Certificates, “Ag”= “Argent/s”, are…

“Ag1″George Washington

“Ag5″…Thomas Jefferson

“Ag10″…Andrew Jackson

“Ag20″…Franklin Roosevelt

“Ag50″…Dwight Eisenhower

“Ag100”, John F. Kennedy

2-Argent Bills, would be Non-Presidents, but American Role Models for the younger Set. 


T.J. “Stonewall Jackson, Territorial Defense

Sitting Bull, Territorial Defense

Daniel Burnham, “Plan for Chicago 1909”

G.W. Carver, Horticulture

Jesse Owens, Athletics

Harold “Red” Grange, Football

G.H. “Babe” Ruth, Baseball

Linus Pauling, Science, Nuclear Disarmament

Charles Lindbergh, Flight

Muhammed Ali, Boxing

Bobby Fischer, Chess

“Pistol” Pete Maravich, Basketball

     The Basic Silver Coin of the Realm in the “Post-Petrodollar Era” would be a newly-minted, “20-Gram of Silver” Coin modeled on the Obverse after the American Peace Dollar“, with the Reverse, with an “E Pluribus Unum”, Wheat Ears & a “20” “Grams” “Ag”.

The Bolo Tie (Collar-button undone), replaces the fabric Necktie with the “Coppertones”.  
Bolo Tie
      I am under no Illusion what it will be like to be a Member of a 50-million strong “Pureblood Minority”…occasionally raking in the Equivalent of $5,000 for a Pint of Blood, in a Land of 250 million, oblivious, famished “Muggles” on the Outside looking in.
      For this Reason only “Citizen Planters” shall  be authorized to be registered as “Blood Donors”.
      If being a Member of an “elite Minority” even in the best of Times, would not be challenging enough, bear in Mind that there being no “Famine Resistance” in today’s Agriculture, the Chances of entering “Coast-to-coast Famine” should be considered a “Given”.
      In the 10,000 Years of Agriculture, 5,000 of which I have some Familiarity, Agriculture has only ever been about the “1st Line of Resistance against Famine”.
      During the past 200 Years, however, (when Gents started wearing Knots at their Throats), Everything has changed, as Agriculture has now, of all Things, become a “Way of earning Money”, being, in this Regard, not unlike “Streetwalking”.
     Being a successful commercial Family Farmer during a Time of Famine must be seen as a childlike Fantasy…as this only makes the Farmer & his Family a Target of armed Syndicates…the Farmers of the Transvaal in South Africa being a prime Example.
     A successful agricultural Operation in the “America of the 21st Century” shall be 1 with a Crew of 200 “Citizen Planters” (all “Purebloods”), working 160 Acres…with armed  “Plantation Guards” doing Nightwatch, on electric, golf-course Maintenance Carts accompanied by K9s.
     “Park Martial Law” , which I learned about, back in the Day, as a Ranger &  Officer back in Africa’s Zambezi Valley, is how the big wildlife Parks deal with poaching Syndicates.
      Successful American Agriculture in the 21st Century, shall be known by 3 Things…”Big, Pureblood Crews”, “Organics” & “Park Martial Law”
David Yuhas   
David Yuhas
Copper-State Democratic Party USA
“Streator Bulldog”