Secession from the Federal Reserve Bank

    In the Event of the Collapse of the US Dollar… rather than having it be replaced by a “Central Bank Digital Currency”,  the Replacement shall be the “Argent, Silver Certificate”…whose value would always equal “One Gram of Silver”,  given the Spot Price of the Metal on the Day.
The Symbol for the “Argent”,  in Roman Script, would be the chemical “Ag”….the Design on the Banknote, the “Phoenician Alpha” is the original “Letter A”,  being a 3-stroke Depiction of the Head of a horned Bovine…being, as well, the Symbol of the “Copper-State Democratic Party USA”.
The Designation “O&P Planters”, or “Organic & Pureblood Planters”, refers to a School of Agriculture in which the Sheriff’s’ Departments of Each of the nation’s 3,143 Counties would transfer the Titles of all out-of-state owned Cropland, Grazing-Land & Timber-Land to the most-likely Municipalities in the County.
     The 1 million square Miles of Land in the Western States, currently owned by Washington DC, would be included in the Definition of “Out-of-State Ownership”.

      Cropland, for its Part, would be divided into “Milled Acres” (as in “Milled 2 x4s”), being regular Acres minus an 8′ wide Border that would be used to create 16′-wide Roadways separating all “Milled Acres”.
     While many, if not most, Townships, today, have “Community Gardens” , say, 15′ x 30′  Plots, that are leased to Citizen Gardners, the Difference here would be that these larger Plots of Cropland would be leased to Everyone from Individuals to Families, to Church Parishes, High Schools, professional & fraternal Organizations…from a single Acre to Several…All with the Goal of making their State at least “80% self-sufficient in Groceries”.
     Unlike the Typical postage-stamp sized “Community Garden Plot” the “Municipal Milled-Acre” would have Access to a Tractor, Pick-up Truck, Water-Tank-Truck…& not least of All, a Rodale-designed combination “Roller-Crimper, Seed Drill” for “No-Till”, Cultivation.

      “Municipal Grocery Plantations” would also  include armed “Night Watch”…with each Plantation coming under the same “Park Martial Law” that exists in the “Kruger Wildlife Park” in SouthAfrica”.   (of which I am familiar…having been a Ranger & an Officer in the Zambezi Valley, where a similar Protocol, at that Time, did also exist.)
     Rounding off the new, “post-Washington DC School of American Agriculture”, it would also be the Responsibility of every Sheriff to convert his County Fairgrounds into “Food Processing Centers…beginning with the Elimination of any of the Fairground’s “4 Staubfaengers”…being “Merry-go-Rounds”, “Bumper-Cars”, “Tilt-a-Whirls” & “Roller-Coasters”…(being incompatible with a Nation caught in the Grip of “Coast-to-Coast Famine”)…& having them replaced with a “niche Abattoir”,…”Smokehouse”… “Mason-jar Cannery”,…”Greenhouse”… “Winery /Cidery”…”Equipment Barn/ Machine Shop”… “Commercial Dumpster for cooking BioChar”   & “Emporium” for Retail.
     The Role played  by my native Illinois…& Missouri, especially the Illinois Counties south of “Vandalia”…& the Missouri Counties south of “Rolla”,  with the Cooperation of like-minded Sheriffs, shall be as a Refuge for those spike-protein-free Proponents of Organic Agriculture (typically, “Consumers”), living  in Metropolitan Counties having little or no Farmland….being, since Covid, already “2nd Class Citizens” who have lost their Jobs rather than take an Experimental Vaccine, which as it has turned out, has been Nothing short of deadly.
     The Advantage, for those living East of the Mississippi to relocate to southern Illinois…& those living West of the Mississippi to southern Missouri…besides becoming “self-sufficient in Groceries”…as Part of an “O&P Community”, not unlike the Amish, would enable these “Immigrants” to sell their Blood, for what, today, would be “$8,000 a Pint” to  be sold Retail for “$12,000 a Pint”….a “10 Pint, Oil-Change”, on the open Market, selling for “$200,000″…with no Competition from the American Red.
       Given the Fact that Most of these Transplants from Cities & Suburbs will be “new to Agriculture”, this should ease the Transition during the Year or 2 that it will take to become seasoned Planters & Ranch Hands.
     The Transition from the “Dollar” ( “The Hunter Biden of Currencies”), to the ” Argent”   (with their ‘Gents & Cents), would take Place during the Transition to replace the Dollar with the “CBDC” or “Central Bank Digital Currency”, effectively transitioning American Citizens into unfortunate  “Palestinian Residents of Gaza”.
    As a “high-school Grad” with not the slightest Background , Aptitude (or “particular Interest”), in the “World of Finance”, but as a veteran Student of  ancient History, I am well-aware the Dynastic Egypt went 3,000 Years…& ancient Rome, nearly Half as Long, without  any need for a “Federal Reserve Bank”…let along 1 that has put the American Republic “$33 Trillion in Debt”.
     Say what you will about the silver-based, debt-free “Argents”, being described here… the proposed Currency would have not the slightest Need for a “Federal Reserve Bank”…with each Note having the intrinsic Value of the “Spot Price for Silver that Day”…to be redeemed, that Day, at your local Coin Dealership at Face Value.

“Cents” would remain “Cents”…(rhyming with “‘Gents”…which would come in 4 Coinages…a Bronze Revival of the “Buffalo Nickel”…a “Roosevelt Dime” containing 1 Gram of Silver…a “Washington Quarter” containing 2.5 Grams of Silver…& a “Kennedy Half” containing 5 Grams of Silver.
     These Coins would be minted at the US Mint in Denver.  
  Let’s say I am an “Astronomer” who has calculated that a great Place to view a “Total Eclipse of the Sun” would be at a certain Place in the Brazilian Rainforest…so I turn up the Day before equipped with Telescope, Movie Camera,..a Collection of proper Eyewear in the Event some local People would like to join in the Viewing…which, as Luck would have it, happens to be the Case.
      Through an Interpreter I would tell the Locals who hunt with Bows, Arrows & Blow-Darts, that at this Time tomorrow, for a good 2 Minutes, the Rainforest will go “pitch Dark”…but not to worry…because, very soon, Everything will be “back to Normal”
      I mention this because when the Dollar, & with it, the America of the “New York-Washington DC Axis” breaks up into 3 Pieces…1 Piece Each landing in “Chicago, Illinois”, “St. Louis Missouri” & (of all Places), “Burnside, Louisiana”, that I have had Nothing to do  with it…except telling Everyone to be wearing the “proper Eyewear” at the Time.