Reversing the "Anschluss of 1991"

     Let me propose to the “Alternative for Germany” political Party, that an Alternative to being  Party to a national, Bomb-Shelter Campaign in the Event of a Russian Assault on what might well be the Bundestag… would be to simply disassociate itself from the “Act of War” committed against Russia by the Destruction of its Nord Stream Pipeline, by simply dividing the Party into 2 Parts…”AfD-Potsdam” & AfD-Bonn”…with the Former relocating to the New Potsdam Palace…
Follow that, Norman Foster!
& The Latter to the old  Bundeshaus in Bonn…
with the Declaration that if Russia reconnects its Nord-Stream Pipeline, the Bundestag, divided though it may be, will be put upon, by the divided AfD, to have Federal Germany pay for its Reconstruction.
      Let us bear in Mind here that there are all of 736 Members of the Bundestag…78 of Which are in the AfD… 33 Ossis  & 45 Wessis…. with “Hugh Bronson” the “Speaker of the Ossis” & “Alicia Weidel “,the “Speaker of the Wessis”.
     Both the Bundestag Members in Potsdam & Bonn would turn up for Work as usual…the Reason for the 2 new Venues would be so far from Berlin  would be as not to be seen by Moscow as “complicit” with the Destruction of Nord Stream in the Event Moscow chooses to take retaliatory Action…being an “Alternative” to having to construct & going on Drills in Bomb Shelters…which in any Case would be useless given the Speed of Russian Missiles.
     In the Meantime the “post-Anschluss Bundestags” would have the Opportunity to reorganize their Agricultures in a Way that would make Each of the 16 constituent Laender “80% self Sufficient in Groceries”…with a Formula already well-worked out for 9 of the 12 Districts of Berlin, in the prospective “Republic of Brandenburg-Potsdam”
     The Way this would work with the populous Berlin with its 12 Districts would be that the peripheral 9, which all border Farmland, would be enabled to acquire Brandenburg, Cropland, Grazing Land & Timberland needed to be recognized as “Municipalities of Land Brandenburg”, should they meet the 80% Quota”
     In the Spirit of my Austrian Predecessors…”Wenzel Kaunitz”…
 with his “Renversement des Alliances of 1756″…”Klemens Metternich”
 with his “Congress of Ambassadors 1814-1815″…& my Mentor Dr. Bruno Kreisky,…
 “UNO City Vienna”…All lined up with the Concept of a “European Equilibrium dependent upon a “German Equilibrium”
    What this would look like in 2024, is a Reversal of the “Anschluss of 1991” by Way of the Recreation of a “Prussian State” of the “Republic of Brandenburg-Potsdam”, east-of-the-Elbe Territory of the former, sogenannte, “German Democratic Republic”…this Time including “All” of Berlin.
     The Constitution, which all Schoolchildren of this resurrected Prussian State are expected to  learn by Heart, would consist of 3 Parts.
     The “1st” being its “Preamble”, published in Italy in 1512…

     “The Cities of Germany are very free…They own Little of the Land that surrounds them, obey the Emperor when it suits them, & fear neither him nor any neighboring King.

     This is because they are well enough fortified so that Anyone who intends to invade them would see it as a strenuous & difficult Endeavor, as the Cities have enough Ditches & Walls & sufficient Artillery to keep themselves stocked with a year’s Supply of Food, Drink & Firewood.
     Furthermore, these Cities have the Means of keeping their Citizens fed, by providing them with enough Work for the Year…occupying them in Activities that are the Lifeblood of the City & that yield Products that sustain the People.
     In this Way, the municipal Funds are not depleted either.
     The German Cities also hold military Exercises in high Esteem, & have many Ordinances that sustain them.
     Niccolo Machiavelli, in 1532… Translation by Peter Constantine.
     “The “2nd” would be the “Articles of the Austrian State Treaty of 1955″…
held, once again, at the Belvedere Palace in Vienna”…this Time with the Witnesses being the Members of the 120-strong ” NAM” or “Non-Aligned Movement” represented at the Vienna, “Corps Diplomatique”.
     The “3rd”…the “Pride of the American Republic”… in which Yours truly was born & raised, are the “original 10 Amendments of the US Constitution of 1791”, (which I am old-enough, since the Supreme Court’s “Citizens Disenfranchised” Decision of 2010,  to miss).
     What would make the “Republik Brandenburg-Potsdam” special is an economy based on its “5-Laender, big-crew, grocery-plantation, Agricultural Economy…with each Land being “80% self-sufficient in Groceries” with all Cropland, Grazing Land & Timberland owned “in-State”
     As this Page has gone on as long as I like to write, “Part 2” of the Page…the “Organic, Grocery-Plantation Economy of the The Republic of Brandenburg-Potsdam” shall appear as soon as I can put it together.
David Yuhas
Copper-State Democratic Party USA
Boulder, Colorado