Returning Civilization to Germany

     “Returning Civilization to Germany”, in a Nutshell, will mean all Germans turning their Backs of their “European Nightmare since  1823″… namely, “Greater Prussia” or “Germany-Berlin” & redividing into 2, nearly-former States…namely the Federal Republic of Germany-Bonn ( minus West Berlin), & the “Prussian”, ( what it was called by de Gaulle), “Republic of Brandenburg-Potsdam”…with its “14 Bezirke”…
Frankfurt (am Oder)
           Key to this pro-European German Transformation would be the new “Minister of Agriculture Emeritus” of the “Republic of Brandenburg”.. Niccolò Machiavelli…
Chapter 10…(Translation by Peter Constantine)…
         “The Cities of Germany are very free.
          They own Little if the Land that surrounds them…obey the Emperor when it suits them…& fear neither him nor any neighboring King.
           This because they are well-enough fortified so that Anyone who intends to invade them would see it as a difficult & strenuous Endeavor…as the Cities have enough Ditches & Walls & sufficient Food, Drink & Firewood.
           Furthermore…these Cities have the Means of keeping their Citizens fed by providing  them with enough Work for a Year…occupying them in Activities that are the Lifeblood of the City, & that yield the Products that sustain the People.
           In this Way , municipal Funds are not depleted either.
          The German Cities also hold military Exercises in high Esteem, & have many Ordinances that sustain them.”
          For the 14 Bezirke of the former East German State,  a resurrected “Republic of Brandenburg”…Nothing could be more “21st Century”….That, of Course would have to include this State existing under the Articles of the “Austrian Staatsvertrag of 1955″…signed in Vienna, at the Upper Belvedere Palace, before Witness provided by the Vienna Corps- Diplomatique, which back in 1985, I went over in Detail with former Austrian Chancellor, Bruno Kreisky…who both in private Conversation (obliquely), & in Front of 1 & All at an OSCE Conference in Stockholm, named Yours Truly as his Successor on Matters of Austrian Foreign Policy…(“Kaunitz, Metternich, Kreisky, Yuhas”)…if you don’t Mind.
     Let me call on the largely-Prussian (& likely to be expelled from the Bundestag) “Alternative for Germany” to consider what would make this resurrected Prussian State viable from Day One…
      Taking a Page for Switzerland…(itself having taken a Page from the original American Republic…a “non-aligned, Confederation with a centrally-located Capital”) the 14 Bezirke of the Republic Brandenburg should waste no Time in taking Possession of al Farmland, Ranchland & Timberland in their Bezirk…& offering One-Hectare Parcels of this Land as Homesteads / Gehoefte, for the Purpose of making the Bezirk 80% self-sufficient in Groceries…Beef, Pork, Lamb,. Chicken & the full Range of Fruits & Veggies.
     The Homesteaders should be given 4 Years to prove themselves Capable of this Task… after which they would own the Hectare, free & clear.
      Do not think that from all over Germany…Bachelor Farmers & Newlyweds will not be lining up to take Advantage of this Offer.
     Every “Hectare Homestead” would be bounded on 4 Sides by a 5-meter-wide Road…so that the “Hectare” may only be “6/7ths of a Hectare”
     That being accomplished…for the 1st Time since 1871, Europe might be permitted to exhale.