Replacing NATO

     The Formula for replacing NATO, improbable as it may seem, has been in the Cards since 1756, coming out in Austria (besides, in this Year, the Person of “W.A. Mozart”), known as the “Renversement des Alliances” / “Reversal of Alliances” of Prime Minister Wenzel Kaunitz…its newest Incarnation I propose to be known as the “Kaunitz 2024”
     What this would entail is an Alliance of 16 Europe-friendly, political Parties, namely…
The Freiheitliche / Freedom Party, Austria
Rassemblement National Francais 
Alternative fuer Deutschland
Yedinat Rossiya, Russia
Law & Justice, Poland
Fidesz, Hungary
Fratelli d’Italia
Danish People’s Party
Alternativ for Sverige
Framstegspartiet, Norway
True Finns, Finland
Swiss People’s Party
Freedom & Direct Democracy, Czechia
Smer, Slovakia
The Party for Freedom, the Netherlands
& Vlaams Belang, Belgium
     The Idea here would be to reconstitute the State of “Brandenburg-Potsdam” out of today’s “Federal Republic of Germany”…a European Nightmare” whose natural Eastern Border “von der Maas bis an die Memel”, still calls for the Elimination, of Poland by Way of a preemptive preemptive strike against France.
     Yes…since that Time, the Words of “Deutschlandlied” have been changed, but the “Drang nach Osten” is still built into the “Germany-Berlin- front-loaded  Design”.
     Thus, Kaunitz & his able Successor, Klemens Metternich, strove valiantly to head-off this pan-European Nightmare with the Formula “The European Equilibrium” depends on the “German Equilibrium”…meaning. at the Time, an “Equilibrium between Vienna & Berlin”.
    Alas, what this Solution will look like on the Map, is a Return to the Calamity of the former “German Democratic Republic” ( being None of the 3 ), with its “Black-Red-Gold, Germany-Berlin Flag”, the worst Choice imaginable.
    From the other Side, Washington’s  Attachment to an isolated West Berlin whose only Purpose was to make NATO the only Guarantor of a future, reunited Germany under Berlin becoming a “4th German Reich”.
   Where Moscow, in the late ’50s, lost a Golden Opportunity, was its Failure to call on the US, Britain & France to have its DDR, this Time, including West Berlin, sign, in Vienna, the Articles of the “Austrian State Treaty of 1955”, a State to be known as “The Republic of Brandenburg-Potsdam”, which, today, would still be in Existence as Part of a stable Europe….with all former Members of Soviet’s  European Dependencies also Signatories to the Articles of the inspired “Staatsvertrag”.
     What all Europeans have to know is, if, come November 5, 2024, a US Presidential Election that has been on the Books since 1825, is cancelled, along with it, would be “Monsanto” aka “NATO-Mons”…with the only Thing stopping a “4th German Reich” from launching another Invasion of Poland would be the expanding Waistlines found in today’s  Bundeswehr.
     On this Matter, I represent, my late, dear Friend, Dr. Bruno Kreisky, who both in private Conversation, & later, that Afternoon, at an OSCE Convention, in 1985, at the Swedish Foreign Ministry in Stockholm, during his Keynote Speech in front of 1 & All, declared that it was up to me, if I wished to be “his Successor on Matters of Austrian Foreign Policy”.
     While it is true that I am an “American”, born & raised…Kaunitz  was a “Czech”, Metternich a “Rhinlander” Kreisky, what I would call an “Aramaen”…so I have not been Shy about taking up the Offer.
    Thus, let me call on Austria’s estimable “Freiheitliche”…come September & October, to make the Rounds to All of the Embassies in Vienna informing them to have their “Bags packed” in the Event that the Presidential Election, scheduled for November 5, 2044 ( since 1825), is cancelled   (even if only “Postponed”, to have the UNHQ in New York, relocated to Vienna.
     This, however, depending on the Vote in the General Assembly, would be only the 1st Half of it…
      Should the General Assembly vote for the Relocation of the UNHQ from New York City  to “UNO City in Vienna” the 2nd Half would be that all of the non-American Works of Art currently held in the Metropolitan Museum of Art, in New York, would be put on Display in Vienna from January 1, 2025 until  January 1, 2026, after which, where the Provenance is Obvious…for Example “The Damascus Room”…
Damascus Room
it would be sent to Damascus…or, when it is likely to be in Dispute…for Example, the  Greek Art of “Ptolemaic Egypt”…
Greek marble Head
or in a 3rd Case, where its Provenance is in Dispute, & only an Auction might settle the Matter, this should be the Case.
     The Authority of the Metropolitan Museum of Art to hold Artwork from around the World, should depend, to a considerable Extent, on its Home Country being Imperial Enough to conduct a free & fair Election that has been of the Books since 1825.
     Otherwise, it should be sent Home…
  “In Hoc Signo Vinces”
David Yuhas

Copper-State Democratic Party, USA.