Recasting the "Jefferson-Burr Reenactment of 1800"

Recasting the “Jefferson-Burr Reenactment of 1800”
      As it would appear that my 1st Choice to play the Roles of the Democrat, “Thomas Jefferson” & the Republican, “Aaron Burr” in a “Presidential Reenactment of 1800″…with the Winner, back then, had Jefferson becoming “President”, the Loser, Burr, “Vice President”, the Lack of Interest shown by both Players, namely, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. as “Jefferson” & Governor Ron DeSantis as “Burr” has obliged me, with Time running out, to call on 2 alternative, much-lesser-know but equally- accomplished Americans to step into the Role.
    Why this Reenactment may-well turn out to be crucial, for 1 Thing, is that few Americans born after 1990 have any Idea of what a gold-standard, Presidential Election is supposed to look like…1 that begins with a Series of “League of Women Voters-sponsored Presidential Debates”…followed up, a Vote, that clearly, is not rigged to High Heaven, thus making a Recount impossible.
    What makes this 1st Thing important is that in the Event the scheduled Election on November 5, 2024 is cancelled…(which to me is a “Given”), it also appears to be a Certainty, that the Disarray to follow would be so pervasive as to cause our Republic, known, even in my own Lifetime as a “Wonder of the World”, to implode.
     This would be an Event likely to bring into the Country such Players as the United Nations with their foreign “blue-helmeted Peacekeepers”, (not unlike those in “The Hunger Games”)…the Mexican Cartels, now with their own “Lady of Guadalupe”, Claudia Sheinbaum… &, not Least of All, a Chinese Purchase of all 1 Million square Miles of western-State Land currently owned by Washington DC… a veritable alien Presence in the Chest of the Republic…the Result, for no other Reason, than its being located on the wrong Side of the Appalachians, rather than at the Demographic Center of the Nation…which is where the Founders, meticulously, would have placed it.
     Had the Founders had a Mind to locate the Capital of their Republic 800 Miles East of the Demographic Center of their 13 States they would have located it on the “Island of Bermuda”…& a few year later found themselves relating to Bermuda in the same Way they had related to London…”Inferior to Superior”…& ideally “Slave to Master” which exactly, is how the 50 States & their Citizens relate to Washington DC today.
    Unlike All the Nations of the Far East…whose Citizens will know each other at a Glance…Citizens of a “Jus Sanguinis” a “Blood-line State” can have their Capital wherever it has been for the last 1,000 Years.
    Citizens of a “Jus Soli” a “Designer State”, however, have no such Freedom…& can aspire to belong to a “Nation” … being a “Non-aligned”, “Confederation” with a “centrally-located Capital”, like the Nation designed by the American Founders…namely “Switzerland”…but not the USA, which for the Moment is “Zero for 3”
     Now Robert F. Kennedy Jr., for his Part, Hands down, is the preeminent Environmental Litigator in the Country…while Ron DeSantis, just as clearly, is 2nd to None as an American Governor.
      This is the Reason I chose the Duo to represent “Jefferson & Burr” in the “Presidential Reenactment of 1800″…& even at this Stage of the Game, consider their Chances to have been near 100%.
     With Time running short…with only 3 Weeks left for the 1st Debate, let me go for a replacing Duo whose Policies, very-much mirror my own…who are Themselves nationally-known…media Savvy, & would have little-need for a Script…namely Jimmy Dore as “Jefferson”…& Rob Schneider  as “Burr”
      Having seen Mr. Dore making his presentation at the UN the other Day…I must say I was stunned by his Grasp of World Politics…Rob Schneider, likewise, has made his Name as a “Funny Guy”…but in both Cases, Something like the late George Carlin, the Duo should not be mistaken for “Clowns”
     I would have the Debates broadcast Live on Brighteon TV…& would would call on Messrs Dore & Schneider to take on their assigned Roles as a Patriotic Chore”
   A prospective Cabinet, already in Place would consist of…
   Secretary of State, Tucker Carlson 
  Secretary of Defense, Col. Douglas Macgregor 

Attorney General, Thomas Renz

Secretary of Health & Human Services, Dr. Christiane Northrup

Surgeon General Dr. Peter McCullough

Secretary of Education, Candance Owens

Secretary of Agriculture, David Yuhas

& Others

     Following the Precedent of the Jefferson-Burr Election of 1800, the Winner would become “President” & the Loser, “Vice President”.

    An abbreviated, 3-week-long Campaign would consist of 3 Debates, broadcast world-wide on Brighteon TV…

on October 14, at the University of Central Missouri in Warrensburg MO…

Host /Moderator… 

Holly Jones, Missouri House of Representatives (1st Refusal)

Owen Shroyer, “Info Wars” (2nd Refusal)

with questions being posed to the candidates by…

Governor Mike Parson

Senator Eric Schmitt

Senator Josh Hawley

On October 28, at Southeastern Illinois College, in Harrisburg IL 

Host /Moderator 

Roman Balmakov, “Epoch Times” (“1st Refusal”)

Dan Hynes, former Deputy, Illinois Governor (“2nd Refusal”) 

Questions posed by…Thomas RenzCandace OwensDavid Yuhas

On November 4, at Chicago University in Chicago IL 

Host / Moderator 

Tucker Carlson, Twitter (“1st Refusal”)

Chicago Alderman, Brian Hopkins (“2nd Refusal”)

Questions posed by…Dr. John Mearsheimer

Col. Douglas Macgregor

Lt. Col. Tulsi Gabbard

    The reenacted election would be held on November 7 at the Cafeterias of all participating High Schools in the 2      States…with paper Ballots dropped into Uline, cardboard Ballot Boxes.

    Anyone showing a valid Driver’s License would be eligible & encouraged to vote.

    Between 7 & 9 pm when the Votes were being counted, Pizzas would be allowed to be brought in for a Party.

    With all Ballots counted by 9 pm, the results would be sent to “Rasmussen Reports”.

    As with the Election of 1800, the Winner would become “President” & the Loser “Vice President”.

    A “Cabinet” agreed upon by both Candidates, already, would have been announced by the 1st of October.

    The Federal Executive to come out of this Election would not be based in the most-anti American political Capital in the World, “Babylonian Basket Case”, Washington DC but divided between “Chicago Illinois”…Home of the “World’s most-beautiful Skyline”…

Chicago Skyline

& “Washington Park” St. Louis, Missouri…with the stately “Holmes Lounge” the former Library of Washington University…

Holmes Lounge & Cafe

converted into a monthly Venue of the States’ 50 Governors & 50 Presidents of their States’ Sheriffs Associations.

     This would be a Cabinet-level Department, now known as the “Department of Homeland Security” to become known, in better English, at the “Department of the Interior”…the current “Department of the Interior” with its 1- million square Miles of absentee Ownership, being outsourced to the States

with the Illinois River..

Illinois River Valley

 connecting the 2, Executive Cities

The Executive Offices in Chicago would be located in “Wabash Tower”, 401 North Wabash Avenue…

Wabash Tower

Floors 16 to 36…with the President & Vice President having adjoining Offices of Floor 18.

    The Presidential Residence would be “Roslyn House”…

Roslyn House

547 Roslyn Drive, Kenilworth…

the Vice-Presidential Residence being “Burnham House”…also in Kenilworth…326 Essex Road.

Burnham House

the new “Embassy Row” being the “Wilmette-Glencoe Corridor”…

The Advantage of a “Chicago-St. Louis Axis” replacing the current “New York- Washington DC Axis” is that the Executive Branch  of the Government need of the Government need only be a 10th of the Size of its current Self…allowing for the original Concept of the Founders for the USA as a “non-aligned, Confederation with a centrally-located Capital” 

     The Task to be faced by this Combination in the Wake of the Cancellation of the Election of 2024 would be to engineer a 50 State Secession, at Least of the Executive Branch of Government to the Mississippi Valley…with Each State instructed to become “80% self-sufficient in Groceries”
    Moving from 50 State to 3,143, Counties, each Sheriff would be instructed to take Possession of every Acre of Farmland, Rangeland & Timberland that is not owned by an “In-State Entity” & then donate this expropriated Landscape to the nearest Municipality substantial enough to have its own High School, which, then, would be instructed to do its Part to make its State “grocery Self-Sufficient”.
   The Reason for this, is that the current “Global Food-Bubble” no longer maintained by a requisite “Global Transportation System” is going to burst, leaving 7 Billion People on Earth, with Food, maybe, for 2 Billion.
     ( Already, we are no longer talking about “RFK Jr. & Ron DeSantis”)
     What will enable Americans to ride out this Calamity is to put an abrupt End to Agricultural Exports including to those who have entered the Country illegally.
      The Way that our 3,143 Counties will be able to feed themselves would be by having all expropriated, arable Land, divided by the nearest Municipality, into acre-sized Homesteads each surrounded by a 16′-wide Roadway…& lease these Plots to “Citizen Planters” in the same Way that 30′ x 15′ Plots are assigned today to “Community Gardeners”
    Unlike “Community Gardeners” who operate on their Own & can be robbed blind at Night…a Municipal Grocery Plantation would have its own Tractors, Pick-up Trucks & an armed Night Watch.
   Moreover, it would be up to the Sheriffs of every County to convert their County Fairgrounds into food-processing Centers…eliminating all such “Staubfaengers” ( as they say in Amish Country) such as Merry-go-Rounds, Bumper Cars, Tilt-a-Whirls, & Roller Coasters…with Niche Abattoirs, Smoke Houses, Mason-jar Canneries, Greenhouses, & commercial Dumpster for the Cooking of BioChar

     As “Secretary of Agriculture”, basing my Headquarters in Ascension Parish, Louisiana…

my Staff reduced from the current 106,000 to a streamlined “40”…with the Rest outsourced to the States.

     Taking a page from “Kosher Culture” “Certified Organic” will refer only to the Certifications given by the 50, “State Organic Producers Associations”   

     “Colorado Certified Organic”, for Example, could still be sold out of State…but No More “USDA Certified Organic” which may include genetically-engineered Pink Slime sold as “Meat”

Best Regards,

David Yuhas


Copper-State Democratic Party USA

Boulder, Colorado