“Prussian Ark” / “Preussische Arche

     In the Event that, come November 5 of this Year, Washington DC, of fond Memory, having, for some Time, been “running on Empty”, unable to meet its “November 5 Margin-Call”, namely, by administering the “2024 Presidential Election”,  an unbroken Tradition since 1788, would, thus, by joining the Ranks of the late “Enron” “Lehman Brothers” & “FTX”…mandate “Receiverships” in TWO States…the USA, itself, & its Dependent State, “Federal Germany”, whose Population, since 1944, has never had Anyone responsible for German Defence or Foreign Policy…AND still being stuck with the same State, “Germany-Berlin”, which since its Inception in 1871, has never been Anything but a “European Nightmare”.
     This Page shall deal with a Plan, in the Event that “Washington DC”, having reverted to its former Status of “Georgetown, Maryland”, by reversing the ” German Anschluss of 1990″, & returning to the Territories of the “Bonn Republic, now, minus West Berlin”, & the Territory of the so-called “German Democratic Republic”, now “Plus” West Berlin…seeing, both, now, existing under the Articles of the “Austrian State Treaty of 1955″…signed before Witnesses, once again, at Belvedere Palace, Vienna,.
     Three Receiverships tasked with “Extreme Makeovers” would be those of the “American Republic”…once again, like the “America of the Founders” or even today’s Switzerland, becoming a ‘Non-aligned” “Confederation” with a “centrally-located Capital”.
     “The Duel German Receivership “…would be for an historically-based, “Prussian Republic of Brandenburg-Potsdam”…with a 3 Part Constitution…
     This would begin with a “Preamble” outlining an Economy, designed to ride out a Period of “world-wide Famine”…an Economy known to the Ancestors of all Germans…described  admiringly, by none Other than “Niccolo Machiavelli” in his landmark “The Prince”” published in 1512…
     “Part 2″…The Body of the Prussian-Constitution… a paragraph-long Precis of the “Austrian Staatsvertrag of 1955” (largely the Work of the late Dr. Bruno Kreisky, whose named Successor on these Matters is “Yours truly”).
     (The..only Change in the Austrian Document  being the Term, “Preussische Republik, Brandenburg-Potsdam ”, replacing the Term “Republik Oesterreich”.)
     “Part 3” of this Document, the Work of my American Countryman, James Madison, would be the evergreen, “1st 10 Amendments to the US Constitution”….Key, during Times of world-wide Famine, even likely to be found in the Bonn Republic, to maintaining “Park Martial Law” at the Municipal, Grocery Plantations of Prussia.
  Just as the American Receivership is designed to recenter the Republic along a Line of “3 midwestern Stars of Orion’s Belt”…”Wabash Tower Chicago” 401 North Wabash Avenue…”Wustl Park St. Louis” specifically, “James Madison Hall” …being the Home of the “Receivership US Senate”, consisting of 50 Lt. Governors & 50 Presidents of the States’ Sheriffs Organization….with the “3rd Star” being “Ascension Parish, Louisiana”, Home of the new US Departments of “Agriculture” & “Education”… together employing 400 Staff. (replacing “& outperforming”, the current 140,000 Staff, & $200 Billion Budget of the 2 Cabinets).
    The “Preussischer Senat” located in the “Potsdam Stadtpalais” would feature an abbreviated Replica of the House of Commons in Westminster London…an Interior, put together by accomplished “Journeymen Carpenters” / “Reisende-Tischler” having reserved hotel Rooms in every Municipality in the Prussian Entity.
    Just as the US Realignment features the “3 Stars of Orion’s Belt”,  the Prussian Equivalent would be a “Middle-European Amber Trace”, a non-aligned “Bernstein Korridor”, stretching from the Baltic to the Adriatic preempting yet another Conflict between Germany & Russia.
   A “Bolo Tie with an Amber Clasp” would identify the Wearer as a Proponent of this Corridor.
     Thus “Mecklenburg Vorpommern” would become simply “Mecklenburg”... with “Berlin” now becoming a “Suburb of Potsdam” to be a 12-municipality, “Berliner Park Dodecanese”, Each expected to become largely “self-sufficient in Lebensmitteln”…these being… Pankow, Lichtenberg, Marzahn, Treptow, Neukoelln, Schoeneberg, Steglitz, Spandau, Reinickendorf, Chalottenburg, Kreuzberg, & “Berlin-Mitte”…
     No longer-needed would be the “Berlin Abgeordnetenhaus”…or even the Reichstag… as Europe’s “Heart of Darkness” might come into its Own as a geothermal “Wintergarden”…with 735 luxuriant, Potted Plants representing the erstwhile Members of the “Bundestag”
     “Mecklenburg-Pommern” would cede the “Pommern” Name to neighboring Poland…”Brandenburg” & “Thueringen” would keep the Names they have… & “Sachsen-Anhalt’ would become “Magdeburg”.
      Even though Saxons, over the Years, have been known to spill across the Elbe into Slavic-speaking Lands..but with “Saxony-Dresden”, having no obvious Connection with ethnic Saxons…with the Place Names of the Territory, including that of “Dresden”, itself, being obviously  “Prussian”… the Land would become “Dresdnerland”.
     For all of its Mistakes, the postwar “Political Division of Germany at the Potsdam Conference in 1945…1 Aspect  was remarkably inspired…a Reminder that the “Stamm-German Laender”… “Saxony” , “Bavaria” & “Alemannia”…being 2,000 year-old,  belong, strictly, to the West of the Line…those whose much more-recent Tradition being “Prussian” to the eastern Side
     With Poland naming its northwestern-most  Province “West Pomerania”…what that implies is that there is no More of “Pomerania” to the West of it.
     Mecklenburgers should respect that Hint, & simply drop the implicit Claim to “Pomerania East of the Polish Border” as “Die Unvergessene Heimat”… being a nasty Reminder that the natural, eastern Border of “Germany-Berlin” can never lie “West of Warsaw”. .
       Because of the “Drang nach Osten” built into any “Germany-Berlin”, this State can never be allowed to become self-governing…which is also why a “Prussian Buffer”…the “Prussian-Republic of Brandenburg-Potsdam” lying “between the Elbe & the Oder” is the Key to enabling Germans on both Sides of the Line to enjoy the Independence that is considered “Basic” between Neighbors around the World.
     Thus…with the the Authority invested in me as an “American born & raised” (unlike “Olaf Scholz”, for Example), in the Event of a Default by Washington DC on November 5, thus dropping Federal-Germany without a Parachute…let me call on the distinguished “Wessi “Herr Oskar Lafontaine” …& the  equally-distinguished & able “Ossi”, “Herr Alexander Gauland” along with the Minister Presidents of their respective Laender to put together free-standing Governments…the “Federal Republic of Germany-Bonn”…& the “Prussian Republic of Brandenburg-Potsdam”
     Playing the Role of the formidable native-American Maid, “Sacagawea”, on the “Lewis & Clark Expedition”,  let me highly-recommend, native Speaker of “Ossi”, Ms. Sahra Wagenkrecht to become the “1st German Ambassador to Prussia”.
     The Backbone of the “famine-resistant, municipal, organic, no-till, grocery-plantation Agriculture” of the Republic of Brandenburg… employing “Big-Crews of Citizen Planters” would be on Land acquired either by a “Merger of Equals” with local Operators, whereby the Cropland, Grazing Land & Timberland would accrue to the Municipality…leaving 1 Hectare to the Operator, who would become the salaried Property Manager of his former Real Estate.
     The other Process by which a Municipality would acquire Cropland, Grazing Land & Timberland, would be by “outright Expropriation, without Compensation” of all Land owned by outside Entities for the Purpose of “Investment”…a Concept unheard of from, at Least, the Days of Dynastic Egypt, 5,000 Years ago, coming to an End only with the “Irish Famine 1852-1857”, (being, on the Whole, “quite good Years for Irish Agriculture”, in spite of the Million who died of Starvation & another Million who abandoned the Island to avoid that Fate) 

     For the newly-installed Treuhands in Germany & Prussia, Everything would depend on “keeping it Simple”…Signing the Articles of the Austria State Treaty…& mandating that every Municipality, including Each of the Berliner-Park “Dodecanese” become “self-sufficient in Groceries”

     By great good Fortune, a strong-Suit on both Sides of the Line, would be the Creation of modular, geothermal Greenhouses / Gewaechshaeuser  with a Goal of having every construction Company in Each of the 5 Laender having the Blueprints for modular, geothermal Greenhouses designed to make any Municipality in the Land, self-sufficient in the widest Variety of Food Crops Year-Round.
     Finally…on a related Note, Something strictly for “Brandenburg-Prussia”… a Goal should be set, for the Purpose of “Nation-Building” the Adoption of several-thousand Ukrainian War Orphans & War Widows with minor Children.
    As Luck would have it, Potsdam is the Home of the “Great Military Orphanage”…& if the Candidates for Adoption are the Same as they are at the Russian “ARTEK” Camps in Crimea…that is, 6 to 16…the 6 to 11s could be processed at this Orphanage while 12 to 16s could be sent to the Municipalities…All to be introduced, according to Aptitude, to the full Range of working with Plants & Livestock.
   With the ARTEK Camps having to deal with very-large Numbers of Children who have witnessed it All…including their Parents & Siblings blown to Bits, I would highly recommend the kindly Gals with much Patience  who would take on the Task of bringing up these Orphans, to 1st spend maybe 6 Weeks at these ARTEK Camps, where Thousands of Hours of Trial & Error at these Camps would save today’s Prussian Caretakers having to go through the whole Thing from Scratch.
     As 1 whose paternal Grandparents are from today’s Slovakia…& maternal Grandparents from Sicily & France, I am not unfamiliar with the “E Pluribus Unum” that put America on the Map…as well as with its polar Opposite, “Diversity”, which, inexorably, is having the opposite Effect.
     The Process of reviving the “E Pluribus Unum” in a newly-created “Prussia”, then, is hardly meant to be an “Act of Charity”,  but what I see as Revival of a nation-building Process with which I grew up & miss.
      Russia, over the past 10 Years, has spared no Pains in offering Ukraine to be a peaceable Buffer between itself & NATO…Something that would give the younger Generation of Ukrainians a “Ukrainian Future”…but Ukraine, alas, was having None of it…preferring, unthinkably, to have its own Country serve as a Launching Pad for “Regime Change in Russia”.
     If Kyiv has had no Problem throwing its young “Ivans” & “Ivannas” overboard, Potsdam should see, that as young “Johans” & “Johannas”, these Castaways are worth serious Money..& should spare no Effort in fishing them out.  
      It was not that long ago when this Show from Kyiv was my favorite Podcast…which today, is hard to imagine…
     The “Copper-State Dems” of which Yours truly is the “Impresario”,  favors certain “Marquee” or “Signature” Elements  to be seen at the Plantations of the “Prussian Republic of Brandenburg-Potsdam”
      These would include… 
      Every Municipality in the 5 Prussian Laender, would have as its ultimate “Status Symbol” 1 or more, modular, “geothermal Greenhouses”.
     Modular, cross-laminated-timber Administration Buildings & Outbuildings…
     Low-maintenance, pasture-hardy Breeds of Livestock…specifically…
    “Hucul Ponies” acquired from Poland, Slovakia, Hungary &, where possible, Ukraine…housed only Barns & Shelters…never needing Stalls or Shoes
    Mostly-red, always-horned, “Ayrshire Cattle from Finland”
   “Niche Abattoirs” at as many Municipalities that can manage 1.
   “Large, geothermal, Greenhouses”…with an Aim to make Brandenburg “self-sufficient in all Food Crops”
    A veritable “Wonder of the World”, in my Book, has been the Creation of “Geothermal Greenhouses” by the poorest, most alcoholism & diabetes-afflicted Community in the United States, the “Sioux-Indian Reservation of Pine Ridge, South Dakota”.
     Here we see this Community surpassing the Achievements of the United States Department of Agriculture with its 106,000 Staff & near $200 Billion Budget…
      The Rodale-Institute-approved “Roller-Crimper-Tractor-Attachments” the Key to “No Till, Organic-Agriculture”
    “Something Big is Going Down”…
At “Long-Last”, Preuss…
A Flag that says “Goodbye” to Spitzbart, Honecker & Merkel
David Yuhas
Copper-State Democratic Party USA
Boulder, Colorado