New South Israel

   What, 1 may ask “are 3 Differences between the Jews of Europe, in 1940, who wished to leave Europe for a “State of their Own”…& today’s Israelis, who, wishing to remain Israelis, would prefer to live in an Israel not surrounded by indigenous & obstreperous Arabs?

   These Differences are that the Jews of Europe in 1940, overwhelmingly, “did not speak Hebrew”, “were not Conversant in dryland Agriculture”, & “had little, if any Experience in Military Affairs”.

   This is the Reason why the British Foreign Office, in that Year, proposed a “Homeland for Jews” in a Territory of northwestern Australia known as “Kimberley” (still to be found on the Map)…& which Canberra, after some Consideration, rejected the Proposal, as not being seen to have any Benefit to Australia or its People.

   Since the Events of October 7…the “Copper-State Democratic Party, USA”, of which Yours truly is the Impresario, calls on the States of Australia & Israel to give a slight Variation of this Proposal of 1940, a “2nd Look”.

   The Idea here, is that Australia, for its Part, would offer its Territory between Broome & Darwin, north of Highway #1, to Israel…

in Exchange for Something Australia, because of its sparse Population, soon,will be unable to do for Itself…which is “Defend the Coast between Broome & Darwin”.

   All the Towns in the described Territory, would be given Hebrew Names…”Hebrew” along with “English”, being the official Languages of “New South Israel”.

   What’s in it for Israel, is the Peace of Mind for Israelis…especially with those with minor Children, who will be able to raise these Children in an Environment free from imminent Assault.

David Yuhas


Copper-State Democratic Party USA

Boulder, Colorado

David Yuhas