"Hadrian 117", "EFTA-Bratislava"

     My Name is David Yuhas…full Name, “David Albert Anthony”…I was born on January 21, 1942, in Streator, Illinois, which, also, is where I grew up.    

    My family moved to Boulder in 1960, & I have used that Address as my Own ever since…even though this would include 13 Years spent in 46 Countries, mostly as a Merchant Seaman in the German, Danish & Swedish merchant Navies… earning Wages in 8 Currencies & 4 Languages….as a Ranger & Officer in Africa’s Zambezi Valley…as a technical Adviser on a Film of the Construction of the Sydney Opera House (where I had the Honor, being a fairly young Guy at the Time, of interviewing the Architect, Joern Utzon)… as a Piano Mover,  Newspaper-Editor & Berlitz Teacher of English in Switzerland…as a Shipyard Worker, Piano Mover…(including ABBA’s), Meat-Packer & top-rated Teacher of English in Sweden…& finally, overseas, as a custom, Coffin-Maker, front-loader Driver on a major construction Project & “All-Rounder” at the “Hard Rock Cafe”, in London.

    Here in Boulder, where previously I have been employed in Building Construction, which I learned from my late Dad, Albert…which included a couple of Years on the NCAR Building (which, with “Concrete” as my Specialty, is how I got the Job in Sydney).

    I am currently self-Employed….preoccupied with my weekly Newsletter, “Organic Plantation”…. whose Theme has been to introduce a much-needed “Famine-Resistance” into American Agriculture by reducing the Distance of the average American’s “Field-to-Fork from the current 1,500 Miles to in-state Distances.

    I am the Author of the “Shakespeare-Cervantes Code”…a Synopsis of the Book can be found here.

    My political Credentials, None timelier than today, come in 2 Parts…1 with a Far-Eastern Dimension & 1 with a European Dimension.

Bertrand Russell, Gen. Bernard Montgomery & I

    As for the 1st, as far back as 1961, in the earliest days of the Kennedy Administration (you can believe this or not believe it), I knew exactly that we were going to War in Vietnam…that we were going to lose, & even how we were going to be run out.

    At the Time I did not know of a single American who could see what I did…but there were 2 in Britain who did, & with whom I had a brief, very-nice & informative Correspondence.

    One was Viscount, Bernard Montgomery of Alamein, whose address was “The Old Mill ” in Hampshire…& the Other was Lord Bertrand Russell, who lived on a Sheep Farm in Wales, which had 1 of those long Welsh Names.

    To give a Time-line on this Correspondence, the Secretary of Lord Russell  did send me a Note saying that his Boss would soon be having a 90th Birthday & would really appreciate a Birthday Card….which would have been in 1962

     Alas, I did not bother to send a Card, my Manners, not always having been the Best.

    What made me so sure of a War in Vietnam was the repeated Appearances on TV of 1 “Dr. Tom Dooley” a Vietnam, Aid-Worker, who most Viewers imagined to be some Kind of “Hero”, but who struck me as Someone I found so difficult to watch I could almost not handle it.

    Having seen Dooley 2 or 3 Times on TV, I knew we were headed for War in Vietnam, that we were going to lose…& even what that Loss would look like.

    At this very Time there was a top Hit on the Radio called “Hang Down Your Head Tom Dooley”…”poor Boy you’re goin’ to die” which confirmed my worst Suspicions.

    What I could not square with this Premonition was the newly-elected President of the USA, John F. Kennedy, who seemed to be the last Person on Earth who would countenance this Premonition.

   A Line from the Film “JFK” by Oliver Stone nails it…when 1 General, in the Company of Several, comments, that if Kennedy was not prepared to send US Troops into Cuba, which is “next Door”…what are the Chances of his sending them 7,000 Miles away?”

     Where I was off Base in my Premonition of the “Vietnam War” was my Fear that the War would be over before the End of the 1960s, with a horrific Death Toll for US Troops somewhere around 10,000, before we finally got run out.

   Being “Anti War” during this Time, & working in the concrete-construction Business which tends to slow down in Colorado during January (because you can’t pour Concrete when the Snow is falling), I collected Unemployment Insurance in Washington DC during 2 consecutive Januarys, where I presented a Concept called the “Mid-Pacific Defense Perimeter”, which had 2 Precedents.

   One was that, long-Term, the best Defense against China or any far-eastern Power, having a Mind to establish military Bases in the Western Hemisphere, which is not to our Interest, would be to acknowledge the Battle Cry of the erstwhile, Empire of Japan, “Asia for the Asians” as the Asian Equivalent of our own “Monroe Doctrine” of 1823.  

    It was during this Time that I got to speak with Sens. Mike Mansfield of Montana & Gene McCarthy, who I came to know, but as an actual “Ally” on the Specifics of the Concept, it was only a Congressmen from Tennessee, Adm. William Anderson who had been the Skipper of the 1st nuclear Submarine, the “Nautilus”.

    On July 25th 1969, President Nixon, on Guam, a Point on my “Mid Pacific Defense Perimeter” made Statement, letting Everyone on  the Press Corps with him know, that he wanted to be known as the Author of a “Nixon Doctrine”…stating that “We re recognize the “Nationalism of Asians who say “Asia for the Asians”.

    Now to say this was 100% “my own Work” might be Something of a Stretch…for 1 Reason, that it had long been the Position of his Predecessor, Dwight Eisenhower, to say “Let  Asians fight Asians”.

    On the other Hand it was in October of 1968 that I sent a Copy of the committee’s Position-Paper to Candidate Nixon, on what was meant to be a President’s “Corollary to the Monroe Doctrine” & on March 10, 1969, I did receive a Letter, from the White House, from then “President Nixon”, thanking me for my Submission…but that is just for Starters.

   Back in the Year 116 a well-beloved Emperor & military Genius (but not so much a “political Genius”) named “Trajan”, had a Mind to succeed where Alexander the Great had failed, by conquering India.

   In 117, on the March, Trajan died & was replaced by soldier-emperor Hadrian who had not the slightest Interest in conquering Peoples East beyond where the Population did not speak Greek…thus Pulling of all his Troops back to the Euphrates…a Boundary that was still Place 400 Years later, Something that was pulled off without shedding  Drop of Blood, making it the most historic military Maneuver of all Time.

    One the Day after, the Pronouncement, my Idea for what should have been the “Nixon Corollary to the Monroe Doctrine of 1969” came to be known as the “Nixon Doctrine”, an Article in the “Christian Science Monitor”,  was accompanied by a Cartoon of Nixon as a “latter-day Hadrian”, drawing a Line in the Sand with a Sword.

    While making the Rounds in Washington speaking to as many syndicated Columnists I could find, given the Time I would tell the Story of Hadrian 117…& clearly, 1 of them was on the Plane with Nixon on July 25, 1969.

     Bringing the Concept up to Date in 2022, I would leave the Mid Pacific Defense Perimeter just where I put it in 1968…but the 200,00 US Troops currently deployed in 800 overseas bases in 70 Countries I would have them redeployed, as Members of their States’ National Guards to 1,000 Posts, 2 Miles apart, along our southern Border with Instructions not to let Anyone cross from the southern Side.

     Every Post would have 200 Guardsmen…the Number of Posts would be in Line with the Populations of the 50 States.

    The Rio Grande would become the “21st century Euphrates”

     A Problem that had nagged me from 1962 until November of 1963, knowing, exactly, that there would be a War in Vietnam & how it would end, humiliatingly, I thought, in the late ”60s, with as many as 10,000 or even 20,000 US Troops dead”, but with President JFK, somehow, not having Anything to do with such an unprovoked Stunt…. the only Thing I could imagine was” Addison’s Disease”, with which the President had suffered for Years, having forced him to “resign” in favor of his VP, LBJ, with whom I was not familiar.

    Sitting in the CU Student Union, in Boulder, on November 22, when the News broke by Eric Severeid, that JFK had been pronounced dead, I still remember the 2 Words that hit me…”Not Addisons!”

Dr. Bruno Kreisky & I

     My “European Credentials” go back to the mid ’80s when I was teaching English in Stockholm, Sweden…when having had a brief Correspondence with a former Austrian Premier, Dr. Bruno Kreisky about the possible Applications of the “Austrian State Treaty of 1955” which he helped draft, to the States of Hungary & Czechoslovakia at the Time, as Grounds for Moscow to release its Grip on those 2 States in Return of the same Austrian Neutrality guaranteed by the “Staatsvertrag’

   In Return I got a Reply from Kreisky saying that he would be in Stockholm in a couple of Months to attend a meeting of the Organization for Security & Cooperation in Europe, the “OSCE”, & that I should be his Guest & drop by.

     Thus, 1 Morning, getting past Security at the Swedish Foreign Ministry with the magic Words…”I’m with Dr. Kreisky”,  for more than the next Hour, closer to 2 Hours, I had Coffee with Kreisky, in an Alcove along a Corridor where all of Europe’s VIPs were coming & going.

     Kreisky, I came to learn, was something of a Celebrity in Sweden, having made himself scarce during WWII by relocating himself to Sweden… where he became fluent in Swedish.

     It was for this Reason, I learned, from Kreisky that he was scheduled to be the Keynote Speaker at this Event.

     It was at this” Kaffeeklatch”, that Kreisky learned that I was Something of a Buff on the Austrian School of Diplomacy, familiar with Wenzel Kaunitz’s “Reversal of Alliances of 1756”  & the Formulations of Klemens Metternich on the “German & European Equilibria”

    That, plus my Familiarity with Kreisky’s Role in the “Staatsvertrag of 1955” plus his Work in making Vienna an official UN Venue with his “UNO City” appeared to have made enough of an Impression on him, that when our Meeting came to an End, when I inquired why it was that he had not taken on a “Protege”, say, an Austrian of my Age to be his Successor, he made a Comment to the Effect that if he knew of a younger Austrian who was as sharp as I was, he would have.

     While I certainly would have taken that as a great Compliment if I had I thought he was serious, I had a good Laugh, thinking he was just being “excessively polite”…or even indulging is some “Wiener Schmaeh” or “Viennese Black Humor”

     The next Thing he said was that he was to give the Keynote Speech at the ‘Utrikesministerium” at “3”, & asked if would I like to attend.

     I told him I wouldn’t miss it for Anything, but that I was teaching a Class a couple of Miles away that only got out at 3, so that he could expect me to be 10 Minutes late.

     Kreisky pointed me to a pair of tall, oaken Doors down the Hall, where the Event would be held & we said our Goodbyes.

     At exactly 3:10 I turn up, but not wishing to barge into a Speech that was underway, I put my Ear to the Door, but there was no Sound.

     I listened again, but still no Sound..so I went back to the Alcove to make sure I had the right Doors & there was no Mistake about that.

     Then I thought either Kreisky had been taken ill, as he was no longer his former robust Self, or that there had been a Change of Venue…so very slowly I cracked open a Door only to find a Roomful of Eyes…Euro VIPs & Press, turned my Way.

    At the Podium, having been standing in Silence for I don’t know how long, was Kreisky,  who declared…”Well, well…Herr Yuhas has arrived…I believe we can start now.”

    Until that Time I considered Austria’s Grand Tradition of Diplomacy to be “Kaunitz the Czech” (“Wenzel” is “Vaclav’), “Metternich the Rhinelander”, “Kreisky the ethnic-Jewish Moravian”…but now, perhaps “Yuhas the American”.

     Bringing the “Austrian Staatsvertrag” up to date in 2022, I would propose 4 Central European States, Hungary, Czechia, Slovakia & Ukraine to gather in Vienna at the Belvedere Palace, whose Witnesses would be the “Usual Suspects”  the USA, Britain France & Russia  to sign the same Document signed by Austria in 1955…with the same 5 Conditions, being free of “Chemical, Biological & Nuclear Weapons, free of Military Alliances along with the Presence of Foreign Troops…those 5, plus an additional 2, namely, “Schengen” & “foreign Ownership of Farmland”.

     Foreign Individuals should be able to take 10-year Leases on Farmland which they might own thereafter should they take up Citizenship…but meanwhile they would pay Rent, not Taxes.

   What is called for at the Moment is for Vienna’s, “Burg Theater” to put together a Troupe of “Staatsvertrag Players” to produce a televised Reenactment of the historic Event of 1955 at the Belvedere.

   The numerous References to what Mikhael Gobachev, the Leader of a defunct State, was promised…that “NATO would not expand eastward into the former Soviet Bloc or Soviet Union itself”, has no more Effect on international Law than his defunct Soviet Union. 

    The future Status of Ukraine has to come out of the Belvedere Palace in Vienna, before Witnesses.

For an Historic Russian American Trade-Off

“Russian Debolshevikation” for  “American DeNATOization”

      Russia, for its Part would be asked to make the 4 following Concessions…

1…Restore 6 original Romanov-era Place Names…

“Leningrad Oblast” back to “St. Petersburg Oblast”
“Kaliningrad” back to “Koenigsberg”
“Sovietsk” back to “Tilsit’
“Volgograd” (& Oblast) back to “Tsaritsyn” & Oblast
 “Krasnodar” back to “Yekaterinodar”
& “Sochi” back to “Alexandriya”  

2…Change the Name of the “Russian Communist Party” to the “Russian Socialist Party” 

3…Make the Birthdays of Peter I, “June 9” & Catherine II, “May 2”, “National Holidays”

& 4…Relocate the “Tomb of VI Ulyanov” from Moscow to the east-Siberian Township of Oymyakon, where it would be converted into “Ulyanov’s House of Borscht”…with the new Decor featuring a massive Fireplace with a Mantle, upon which would be an Urn of Ashes with the Inscription “VI Ulyanov, 1870-1924′

     In Return the American Republic would replace NATO Headquarters in Mons, Belgium (aka “Monsnato”) along with All of its Troops based in & around Europe…with the UN General Assembly & Security Council that would be relocated to UNO City in Vienna, Austria.

     With the United Kingdom having forfeit its Seat on the Security Council as the Price for making Boris Johnson its Prime Minister, the Seat would be offered to India on the Condition that it gives up its Nuclear Weapons…otherwise, the Seat would be offered to Brazil.

     Former Austrian Foreign Minister Karin Kneissl would be asked to be the “Chief of Protocol” for this Transition…Something that would be necessary because Vienna, which is a national Capital, already has its Embassies & Ambassadors, Something lacking in New York City.

    Back during an OSCE Convention in Stockholm in 1985, former Chancellor of Austria, the late Dr. Bruno Kreisky entrusted me with this Task.

The Flag of Novorossiya

being very Christian…& not unlike the new Flag of Illinois, “The Walter & Elvis”.

New York, Chicago & DJT

     Superficially, New York & Chicago have so much in common that they might be considered a “Matched Set”.
     After All, do these 2 big-time Metropolises, both not share the same Latitude & Climate, have the same tall Buildings, high-powered Sports Teams & are united by a major Appetite for Hot Dogs?
     Even if 1 agrees that the “Big Apple” & the “Windy City” are a “Matched Set”, 90% “the Same” ( & the Same might be said about the “Beatles” & the “Rolling Stones”), the 10% that they resonate differently means that are never going to be mistaken for 1 Another.
    New York, for its Part, loves “Show Business”, “Musical Theater”, the “Tony Awards”, “Apparel” especially “Couture”, “Vogue” Magazine, the “Diamond Trade” & “Art Deco”…its Hispanic Community, rapid-fire Puerto Ricans…its Jewish Community black-clad, Orthodox.
    A “Sister City” of Jerusalem, which has very few “Sister Cities”, is NYC.
   It’s a different Story in Chicago, which is strikingly Middle Class, whose Minorities are rather-more recent…& whose Tastes run more to “bare-hand Softball” & “deep-dish Pizza”
     Unlike the “City that never Sleeps” Chicago likes to be in Bed by Midnight ( & this plays into the Theme of this Essay), for it’s not only that Chicagoans would not care to see their own Names in Lights, they really would not care to see anyone Else’s in Lights either.
   As for “Sister Cities”, 2 of Chicago’s are “Paris” & Moscow”…& it would be hard to find a Chicagoan (except for Someone like the notable Choreographer Bob Fosse, who planned to make a Career in Show Business), who look up to the Big Apple or would have any Interest in relocating. 
   This brings us to the Subject of a certain architectural Logo to be found on the Facade of a Building on Wabash Avenue in Chicago.
  The Building itself, is a 96-story Masterpiece by Chicago Architect, Adrian Smith, for whom, until the Building was completed in 2009, was in the Dark about Plans for this Logo.
   Now, 200′ up on the Wabash Avenue Facade runs a bronze-colored Horizontal Strip around 200′ long & 30′ high…which, in Itself, makes perfect Sense, as the prospective Site of a Frieze of some Description.
  What, as Things turned out, was in the Mind of the Builder ( & Much, from all Reports, to the Consternation of the Architect), was a, back-lit Sign of the Builder’s 5-letter Surname, all in 30′-high Letters & covering 3,600 square Feet.
   Eventually, the Builder was talked down to the Logo being 20′-high & covering “ONLY” 2,891 square Feet.
   Now the Builder, as you may have guessed was none other than President Donald J.Trump , who as a dyed-in-the wool New Yorker sincerely believed he was bestowing on Chicagoans, Something “beautiful to behold” 


      As Things turned out, in the 2016 AND 2020 Presidential Elections, in my native State of Illinois, which has 102 Counties, Trump, in both Contests carried 90 of those Counties ( Counties that did not have to look at his Logo), but still lost the State both Times.
    As Illinois has around 20 Electoral Votes, each of the 5 Letters in the “TRUMP” Logo can be said to have cost DJT “4 Electoral Votes”.
    President Trump, not unlike Dustin Hoffman’s Character in “Rainman” has been known, at Times, to be “breathtakingly brilliant”…at other Times, “not so Much”.
    Now, typically, when a Building is condemned as an “Eyesore” it would be slated for Demolition.

   Should the Chicago City Council condemn “Trump International Hotel & Tower”, the “Crown Jewel of Chicago Skyscrapers” as an “Eyesore”, however, all that would mean is a Replacement of the 5-character 20′-high Logo covering 2891 square Feet, with a 20-character, 7′-high Frieze covering 1044 square Feet ( I’d check the Math here)…which would read “401 NORTH WABASH AVENUE” in stainless-steel Caps, in “Ruslan Display” Script.

to be replaced with


    Normally, this would be considered “Overkill”, except, of Course, that we would be dealing with President Trump, for whom the Logo represents “Half the Building”
    The Importance of the future “Wabash Tower” in 21st Century America is very-much the Same as that in Moscow of the Kremlin Palace designed & built by the Architect Konstantin Thon by the Builder Tsar Nicholas I of Russia & completed in 1850.
    If, instead of Nicholas I preparing this Structure for its Role as the Future HQ of the Russian State, he allowed to have his Masterpiece turned over to the Bolsheviks, which since then has come to be the HQ of the “Russian Federation”, but, at the Cost, in the Meantime of the Bolshevik Revolution, the Russian Civil War, the Degradation of the Russian Population, the Rise of the German 3rd Reich & the unwanted Appearance of “Wehrmacht Fritz”,
     My Thinking here is that the Chicago City Council get together with Developer, Sam Zell to back him up when he offers $200 Million to DJT for the Purchase of 401 North Wabash, which is the Sum, I have read, which is still owed to Deutsche Bank…& if the Offer is turned down, be prepared to have the Building condemned as an “Eyesore” & have it turned over to Mr. Zell for the Purpose of retrofitting the 1st Setback, Floors 16 to 36 to become the backup “White House West Wing” …Something that is “in the Cards”  
   “Wabash” as I never tire of reminding the Readers, in the Illinois Language. most-auspiciously, means “Shining White”     

Best Regards,
David Yuhas
Democratic Party USA

“Streator Bulldog”