Since its Inception in 1871 “Germany-Berlin” has been Nothing but a European Nightmare.


       Poland, France, Belgium, Holland, Austria, Czechia, Russia, Denmark, Norway, Italy, Serbia & Greece will all have a Tale to tell.

       Talk, nowadays, of the Possibility of “Nuclear War in Europe” launched by Russia, of all States. which has not the slightest Interest in doing such a Thing, remains the continuing Effect of what is known as Germany’s “Drang nach Osten”…the Eastward Push generated by an off-center German State, whose western Border is France & whose Capital is Berlin…a Phenomenon, alas, that leaves no Room in Europe for the thousand- year-old, Nation-State of Poland.
      A Solution to the Problem appeared, by Chance, briefly, with the Division of Germany at the End of WWII.
      All, at the Time, that needed to be agreed on by Washington & Moscow,  was that Washington, for its Part, would waive its Claim to Berlin… while Moscow, for its Part, would name its newly-acquired German Territory, “The Republic of Brandenburg-Potsdam”… promoting a municipality-based, agrarian Economy, not unlike the Economy, in Germany, admiringly described by Machiavelli in 1512…

     “The Cities of Germany are very free…They own Little of the Land that surrounds them, obey the Emperor when it suits them, & fear neither him nor any neighboring King.

     This is because they are well enough fortified so that Anyone who intends to invade them would see it as a strenuous & difficult Endeavor, as the Cities have enough Ditches & Walls & sufficient Artillery to keep themselves stocked with a year’s Supply of Food, Drink & Firewood,
     Furthermore, these Cities have the Means of keeping their Citizens fed, by providing them with enough Work for the Year…occupying them in Activities that are the Lifeblood of the City & that yield Products that sustain the People.
     In this Way, the municipal Funds are not depleted either.
     The German Cities also hold military Exercises in high Esteem, & have many Ordinances that sustain them.
     Niccolo Machiavelli, in 1532… Translation by Peter Constantine
     That State, if established back then, would still be in Existence today.
     The Idea, here, then, of the “Copper-State Democratic Party USA…the “Party of Jefferson, Jackson, FDR & JFK”…of which Yours truly is the “Impresario”, is that the duly-elected Members of the Bundestag from the former “German Democratic Republic” plus Berlin, relocate to a “Bundestag” in the City of Potsdam…thus establishing a “Republik Brandenburg-Potsdam”…with the duly-elected Members of the Bundestag from the former “Federal Republic of Germany-Bonn”, relocate to this Birthplace of Ludwig van Beethoven …with no more to be heard of this uncomprehending “Wiedervereinigung in Frieden und Freiheit”…which may well become a “Death Sentence to all Life on Planet Earth”.
     Following in the Footsteps of the Republic of Austria with its Reversal of the “Anschluss of 1938” by Way of the “Staatsvertrag of 1955”, the Reversal of the “Anschluss of 1991” by Way of a “Brandenburgischer’ Staatsvertrag of 2024”, once again, in Belvedere Palace, Vienna, before Witnesses of the local Corps Diplomatique…same Text with only the Word “Österreich” replaced by the Word “Brandenburg”…& Europe is back in Business.
     Laying the Groundwork for the Restoration of the Prussian Republic of Brandenburg Potsdam, emphasis should be placed on the Younger Generation…a 3rd German Generation in a Row having been pretty-much abandoned.
     What will make this Transition a Success, is the Transition to a “21st century School of Agriculture” based on “Municipal, Big-Crew, Organic-Plantation, Grocery Production”, making Each of the 5 Laender “80% self-sufficient in Comestibles”
     The Land appearing  on the Scene for these Plantations will be the Product of all Cropland, Grazing Land & Timberland expropriated, from Entities registered outside of Brandenburg-Potsdam, without Compensation,  justified on the Grounds that from the Beginning of dynastic Egypt, 5,000 Years ago, until the Irish Famine of 1852-57, there had never been any such Thing as “foreign Ownership of another country’s Ag Land”, unless, of Course, that Country was its Colony.
     Yes, Brandenburg-Potsdam can expect a Backlash, but given its Expectation, this is Nothing the fledgling Prussian State should not be able to deal with.
     Unlike, say, the Dutch & German Farmers, who still plow their Ground  (We do “No-Till)…whose Market, overwhelmingly, is for Export…& who, largely, because of their Input Costs, are now fighting for their Lives, the Market for Brandenburg–Potsdam being, overwhelmingly, for “domestic Consumption”, Input Costs…Tractors & Fuel, for Example, would be  borne by the Municipality for its “Citizen Planters”.
     With the Reversal of the “Anschluss of 1991,” the Quality of Life in the “Republic of Brandenburg-Potsdam” can be expected to be considerably better than that in the rump, multi-kulti “Wessi Republic”, with no Access to its reconnected, “Nord-Stream Pipeline”, & perhaps, no longer, Access to Diesel, either.
     A year-round Fairgrounds,  as a Model for the agricultural Economy of  Brandenburg-Potsdam, ideally, might be located on the Shores of Lake Schwerin…
& would feature the Latest in the agricultural Applications of cross-laminated Architecture…
especially for Buildings on Municipal Organic Grocery Plantations…the Centerpiece, of which, being an “Ausstellungshalle” with the same Footprint as Noah’s Ark…(actually, “an elevated Barn with 4 Corners, a peaked Roof & an earthen Floor”…& in no Way “seaworthy”)…
then, there are the big, innovative, “Chinese-Style passive-solar Greenhouses..
with each Prussian Municipality expected to have 1 for the Purpose of becoming self-sufficient in Citrus…
which raises another Possibility…that, being the “Global Seed Vault in Norway…
which, given the Approval  of  the King of Norway,  HM, Harald V…
 might be converted into a Kind of Lending Library for Heirloom Seeds in which a Member Lender with an Escrow Account, might loan out some valuable Seeds, multiply them in the Greenhouses, & return the same Number that had been taken out, now in a refreshed Condition.   
     I don’t see any Problem (& would be entirely in Favor), with the Royal Houses of Europe having their own, big, passive-solar or even geothermal Greenhouse on the Fairgrounds, 1 that would offer their own Younger Set the Opportunity to acquaint themselves with this worthwhile Craft, to which, must come, a Prestige of its own.
   A major Emphasis in the Reconstruction of “Brandenburg-Potsdam” will be the Assignment of every Member of the younger Set…from Ages 6 until 18, with an Assignment in Line with his or her  Aptitude…Something Possible with an Economy based on Plantation Agriculture where there will always be “Something for Everyone”.
     Parents with Toddlers, for Example, might park them in the Plantation  Kindergarten, where they could feed the Chickens, collect the Eggs & groom the marquee-breed, Hucul Ponies…
(as far up as they can reach).
     Another “Marquee” Item…this 1 for the teenage Girls of the State…would be the Mastery of an off-grid, “Barbecue Cookbook” …with 2 Girls cooking for “A Table for 10″…
 a veritable “Jeffersonian Mass”…& then joining the Party, themselves…with the Table itself (3m x 80 cms), being a “Marquee  Component”
      Finally, for Citizen Planters, a distinctive Garb, the “Breton Smock” aka “Planter’s Smock”…
“Tan” for the Guys, “Sky-Blue” for the Gals…not only practical for Work in the Field…but allowing easy Access to the Republic’s “Marquee Firearm”…
for personal Defense against “Woke Zombies” from West of the Border who will imagine that the Owner of a House with a spare Bedroom & stored Food is committing “Genocide”.
     In Anticipation of “being expelled from the Bundestag” let me call on the Ossi Members of the Bundestag to adopt the Flag of Brandenburg-Potsdam”…& have tiny Example of these Flags on Display of their Desks…
The newly-founded “Republik Brandenburg-Potsdam” like the newly-abbreviated “Federal Republic of Germany-Bonn” will be expected to welcome its fair Share of Migrants…
David Yuhas 
Copper-State Democratic Party USA 
Boulder Colorado