”On January 20, 1985, the Temperature in Chicago dropped to 27 below Zero with Wind Chills around 60 below. Zero”   NBC Chicago
     There are 85 Consulates in Chicago…(“86” counting “Quebec”), & the Idea here is for Each of these Consulates team up with a Retailer, of any Description, in Chicago’s 42nd Ward, (“The Greater Loop”)…& during the coming winter Months of January & February, to put up a Table Inside, or at the Front of  this Retailer, & sell comestible Specialties of their Country….the Ward, thus becoming, the Fairgrounds for “The Age of Rediscovery”…being a “Sanctuary & Celebration of Crime-Free Retail”
     Security for this Fair would be provided by Members of Chicago’s Police & Fire Departments…with the entire Ward being put under “Martial Law”.
      Entrance for non-Residents would pay $200 for a Debit Card good only for Shopping at the Fairgrounds.
     What would make this Fair a “Sensation”, is that while Retail across the big Cities of America, not least of All, Chicago, will have shut down, the Result of Shoplifting & organized Looting, the “Ward 42, Fairgrounds” can be expected to be an Oasis of Serenity, with all participating Retailers offering Everything on Sale at a 20% Discount.
     Hardest hit by the Shuttering of Supermarkets, Pharmacies, Hardware & Liquor Stores across the City of Chicago, to begin with, will be the recent Migrants to the City, most from tropical Climes who may never have seen Snow… & having no Access to Room & Board, will welcome the Offer by the City for a free Flight to Panama.
     All Migrants having slept at O’Hare during the Night would, summarily, be put on a Plane to Panama.
     Augmenting the Members of the Chicago Police & Fire, would be 5,000 members of the Illinois National Guard…largely arriving from outside Cook County & bivouacking at “Wabash Tower Chicago” 401 North Wabash Avenue, from Floors 36 on up to 93,
    Along with Floors 36 to 93 retrofitted as National Guard Barracks by the Architect, AdrianSmith  I would also have the Architect retrofit  Floors 16 to 36 as a “Western, West-Wing of the White House”
    “Wabash” btw, in the Illinois Language means “White”
      During the expected “Winter of Discontent”, in Spite of the Fact that the Illinois National Guard would have taken Possession of the Trump Organization-owned Building..& that the 20′ high “TRUMP” Logo on the the Wabash Avenue Facade, designed presumably, to show Chicagoans what New Yorkers think of them, would be replaced by a  7′-high Frieze in “Ruslan Display” Caps…”401 NORTH WABASH AVENUE”. 
      Given a Cancellation or “Postponement” of the scheduled  Presidential Election on November 5, 2024…as an Alternative to “Martial Law”, the “Copper-State Democratic Party, USA”…(to which  Yours truly is the “Impresario”), shall be proposing an “Interim Presidential Administration” consisting of Col. Douglas Macgregor as “President” AND “Secretary of Defense”…Mike Adams as “Vice President”…Tucker Carlson as “Secretary of State”…Andrew Napolitano as ”Attorney General”…Candace Owens as”Secretary of Education”,  Dr. Christiane Northrup as ”HHS Secretary”…Dr. Peter McCullough as  “Surgeon General”… & Last but not Least, Yours truly, David Yuhas as “Secretary of Agriculture”,
    The Interim Administration would be located of Floors 16-36 ( being the “1st Setback), of “Wabash Tower Chicago” 401 North Wabash Avenue, Chicago, Illinois
    Come November 5, 2024, not only will there be no scheduled “Presidential Election” but by January 1, 2024, “Babylonian Basket-Case” USA-Washington DC, is likely no longer to be around…with a Vacuum being formed, by Mother Nature, for a Federal Executive to be formed along the Lines drawn up by the Founders…namely, a “Non-aligned, Confederation with a centrally-located Capital.
     What that will mean in the 21st Century will be the Replacement of  the current “New York City- Washington DC Axis”, with an “Orion’s Belt ” in  the Mississippi Valley consisting of “Chicago, Illinois”, 
Chicago Skyline
“St. Louis, Missouri”…Home of the new, 100-strong, duly-elected.”Executive Senate”…composed of the 50-State Governors & 50-Presidents of their States “Sheriffs’ Associations”…
Holmes Lounge & Cafe
being, in this Regard, more like the Roman, “Senatus Populusque Romanus” than what we have today…with the Illinois River..
Illinois River Valley

 connecting the 2, Executive Cities

The Executive Offices in Chicago would be located in “Wabash Tower”, 401 North Wabash Avenue…

Wabash Tower

Floors 16 to 36…with the President & Vice President having adjoining Offices of Floor 18.

The Presidential Residence would be “Roslyn House”…

Roslyn House

547 Roslyn Drive, Kenilworth…

the Vice-Presidential Residence being “Burnham House”…also in Kenilworth…326 Essex Road.

Burnham House

the new “Embassy Row” being the “Wilmette-Glencoe Corridor”…

     The Advantage of a “Chicago-St. Louis Axis” replacing the current “New York- Washington DC Axis” is that the Executive Branch  of the Government need only to be a 10th of the Size of its current Self

     Not to be forgotten, the 3rd Star in “Orion’s Belt”? shall be “Houmas House” in Burnside, Louisiana…

Home of the new 100-strong US Department of Agriculture, replacing the old WDC-based USDA with its 106,000 Staff…along with the Department of Education with its 40-strong Staff  replacing the current 4,400 Staff.

Best Regards,

David Yuhas


Copper-State Democratic Party USA

Boulder, Colorado