Campaign Strategy 2022 "Restoration Midterms"...Sample, 50-State Ballot for November 8

     to be held on November 8 at all Cafeterias & Student Unions, at participating High Schools & Colleges, for 4pm to 8pm….with Counting completed by 9pm.

"Emergency Authorized, Interim, Presidential Ticket, 2023-2025"...

D:  Dr. Paul Gosar-Tucker Carlson
R:  Gov. Ron DeSantis-Kris Kobach

Governors Races...

   Running against Republican primary Winners is a Way of running against Democrat primary Winners… for I say that the following List, even without Campaigning or spending $10, can outperform the DC Dems on November 8.

AL, D. Coach Greg Williams-Judge Roy Moore, v. R. Gov. Kay Ivey

AZ,  D. Mark Lamb-Mike Adams, v. R. Kari Lake

AR, D. Neil Kumar-Danney Williams, v. R. Sarah Huckabee-Sanders

CA, D, Monty Roberts-Dinesh D’Souza, v. R. Brian Dahle

CO, Dr Temple Grandin-Coach Ed McCaffrey, v. R. Heidi Ganahl

FL, D. Gisele Buendchen-Brady-Tom Brady, v. R.

GA, D. Marjorie Taylor-Greene-Dr. G.P. “Bud” Peterson, v. R. Gov. Brian Kemp

ID,  D. Ammon Bundy-Kim Iversen, v. R.  Gov. Brad Little

IL, D. Sheriff Paul Petty-Sheriff Tom Dart, v. R. Darren Bailey – Stephanie Trussell

KS, D. Wes Jackson-Gregory Peterson, v. R. Derek Schmidt

ME, D. Dr. Christiane Northrup, v. R. Gov. Paul LePage

MA, D. Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai-Dr. Stephanie Seneff, v. R.

MD, D. Mike Rowe-Dr. Jane Ruby, v. R. Dan Cox

MI, CSD.  Mark Baker-Emil Cosman___R. Tudor Dixon___BSD. Gov. Gretchen Wittmer___

MN, D. Stew Peters-Edward Szall, v. R. Dr. Scott Jensen

NE, D. Mayor Leirion Gaylor Baird-Warren Buffet, v. R.

NM, D. Sheriff Corey Helton-Valerie Plame, v. R. Mark Ronchetti

NY, D. Curtis Sliwa-Dan Bongino, v. R. Lee Zeldin

OH, D. Lt. Col. Stuart Scheller Jr.-Joe Burrow, v. R. Gov. Mike DeWine

OK, D. Dr. James Meehan-Garth Brooks, v. R. Gov. Kevin Stitt

OR, D. Sheriff Glenn Palmer-Danny Ainge, v. R. Christine Drazen

PA, D. Jeff Moyer-Lou Barletta, v. R. Doug Mastriano

SC, D. Coach Monte Lee-Rodney Scott, v. R. Gov. Henry McMaster

TN, D. Peyton Manning-Dr. Bryan Ardis, v. R. Gov. Bill Lee

TX, Lt. Col. Allen West-Del Bigtree,v. R. Gov. Greg Abbott

WI, D. Will Allen-Aaron Rodgers, v. R, 

WY, D. Rulon Gardner-Harrison Ford, v. R.

US Senate Races...

AZ, Sheriff Richard Mack

CO, Terry Fankhauser

IL, Sheriff David Greenwood

KS, Carey Gillam

LA, Cooper Manning

NC, Charlie Rankin

PA, Andrew Torba

US House Races...

AZ, Sheriff Joe Arpaio 6th District

CA, DeAnna Lorraine 12 District

FL, Sheriff Chad Chronister, 14th District

IL, John Catanzara Jr. 5th District, & David Yuhas 16th District

MS, Eli Manning, 4th District

NJ, James Prigioni, 6th District

VA, Joel Salatin, 9th District

   The Votes shall be cast between 4pm & 8pm on 9″x 11″ Paper Ballots in unsealed business Envelopes, into sealed 20″ x 20″ x 20″ Uline corrugated, cardboard Boxes.

     While only 31 of the 50 States will have Candidates for State Offices to vote for, All 50 will have the Opportunity to vote for “President of the United States” for the remaining Half of the 2021-2025 presidential Term (yet another Thing DJT should have thought of but didn’t), plus voting “Yes” or “No” on 20 of the most-controversial Subjects of the Day…with “Rasmussen Reports” given 1st Refusal for this Undertaking 

     Between 8pm & 9pm Votes would be counted & Pizzas will be delivered. 

     Between 9pm & 10pm Election Results from around the Country will be shown on many Screens 

     Able Democratic Party Chairs of the 50 States are cordially invited to read the “Handwriting on the Wall” & jump Ship from the sinking “Team Blue Carpetbag LBJ to LGB” & onto the resurgent “traditionalist “Democratic Party of Jefferson, Jackson, FDR, & JFK”…the “Real Thing” as it were. 

     As “The Fool” in “Lear” tells “Kent”… 

     “Let go thy Hold when a great Wheel rolls down a Hill, lest it break thy Neck with following it…but the Great 1 that goes up the Hill, let him draw thee after.”   

Get Your Bumper-Stickers!

Candidates: simply copy your bumper-Sticker Design & send it to an online Sticker-maker.

Top of the Ticket:


Lt. Governor:


House of Representatives: