For an unmistakable  “Prussian State”, the “Republic of Brandenburg-Potsdam”, to emerge from a Reversal of the “Anschluss of 1991”, & like a new-born Horse, be able to walk Minutes later, in Spite of it being a Challenge, is do-able.

    What is needed is for the Population of what was the “German Democratic Republic” to be prepared for the Return of an Economy, not unlike the German Economy admiringly described by Machiavelli in 1512…that of a “famine-resistant, municipality-based, organic, grocery-plantation Agriculture”.
       Let us recall that the Collapse of the Conservative British Government in the mid-1960s was capable of setting off 5 Years of world-wide “Beatlemania”…& the Fall of Saigon, 10 Years later was capable of setting-off 5 Years of world-wide “Discomania”.
      Here we are in the mid-2020s…& in a few Months we shall be witnessing the “Fall of Kyiv”, which is almost certain to bring down with it, the “Global Economy” along with those fellow Humans whose “Field to Fork Distances” are dependent upon this Economy.
   Like School Children familiar with their Fire Drills (& unlike Occupants of the Twin Towers on “911” who had never done a Fire Drill), Everyone in this new-born “Prussian Republic” must be expected to “know the Drill”.
     With every Municipality in the Republic, including the 9 peripheral Districts of Berlin which border Farmland, expected, on short Notice, to become 80% self-sufficient in Groceries…the 2 Ways of acquiring the necessary Cropland, Grazing Land & Timberland, have been explained in adjacent Pages…while the  requisite “Tons of Seed” & “Step by Step Instructions” for largely, entry-level “Citizen Planters” on how to get these Seeds & Seedlings into the Ground shall be the Subject of this Page.
     We begin with a Company, “Brandenburg-Potsdam GmBH”, whose CEO, ideally, would be “Prince Georg Friedrich von Hohenzollern”..
dedicated to putting its Citizens in the Picture, with a nightly Podcast, broadcast from  Potsdam’s “Cecilienhof”…
said, 1-Time, to have been the family’s “Digs”.
     The “Board of Directors”, again “ideally” would be 5, fellow European Royals…namely Princes, “Carl Philip, of Sweden”…
 “Haakon Magnus of Norway”…
“Joachim of Denmark”…
 & “Grand Duke George Mihailovich of Russia”…
plus 1, “non-Royal, Finnish Parliamentarian, “Laura Huhtasaari”…
who, because of Finland’s numerous Ayrshire Cattle (my Favorite), “Fiskars” Tools, & all of that valuable Wood, shall be known at Board Meetings as “Countess”
    What you would get from this Septet, that would be hard to get from Anyone Else is “Access”…beginning with Access to the necessary Tons of heritage Seeds & Seedlings.
    While every Country is going to have Something of a Seed Bank for a “Rainy Day”, these Seed Banks, especially the Big One on Norway’s Svalbard Island are run more like “Safe Deposit Boxes” than like Banks that make their Money by making Loans that are paid back with Interest.
     While there is a good Reason for the Seed Bank in Norway to deny Loans to a private Individual who might lose those Seeds, while in the Meantime, say, a Country like Syria because of Wartime, might have its own Seed Bank destroyed, & thus, would become dependent on its Backup in Norway, the Svalbard Bank cannot play fast & loose with its Stockpile.
     If, however, the Loan was requested by the “Republic of Brandenburg-Potsdam”, in the Person of, say, the “Crown Prince of Norway,” my Guess is that the Republic would get the Seeds it wanted.
    Besides, having the Benefit of such Access…it is hard to imagine Anyone making a safer Investment, especially in a “Start-up”, than in a Company whose Board of Directors is composed of known Individuals whose Reputations are on the Line…& More than That, who are all going to know a Thing or 2 about “traditional, famine-resistant Agriculture”…for Example, how the Swiss do a “Metzgete” with an accompanying “Berner Platte”.
   The “Prince of Liechtenstein”, for Example, would know that…& might wish to make sure this Knowledge is conveyed to Citizens of the incipient Republic.
   As for the Break-up of “Germany Berlin”…a “European Nightmare since 1871″…that, in Itself, is likely to happen on its Own without any help from the Creation of a “Republic of Brandenburg-Potsdam’, sponsored by the Russian Federation, & existing under the Articles of the “Austrian Staatsvertrag of 1955”.
p.s.   “Countess Laura”
David Yuhas  
Copper-State Democratic Party USA  
Boulder Colorado