An offer to warren buffetT

     The “1st National Bank of Omaha”, until recently the “Bank of Boulder” (my adopted Home Town of many Years), I have recently learned, was founded in the 1850s…& presumably is the Bank, not only of myself, but of local Omaha Oligarch, Warren Buffet…whose Investments such as the “Burlington Railroad” & “Costco”, having pretty-much Zero Aptitude for Banking, are Investments I can understand.
  An Investment, I guarantee, in these turbulent Times, certain to be a Winner, would be a 40-acre, residential Suburb oof the college Town of Harrisburg, Illinois, to be called , after neighborhoods in “The Hunger Games”…“Victors’ Village”
     The Suburb would consist of 40, 2 & 3 room Bungalows…being modular, steel Structures made by “American Buildings” of El Paso, Illinois, which is a Subsidiary of “Nucor”.
     The Lots would average ½ Acre & include a neighborhood Shopping Center with the “usual Suspects”…but being a bit unusual, would also include a Polyclinic with a Blood Bank that sells spike-protein-free Blood on the Open Market for $12,000 a Pint…the Donor receiving $8,000 a Pint.
   Clearly, such a Return for a Donor, in Comparison to the tiny Cassette of Apple Juice & a Chocolate-Chip Cookie that 1 might get from the American Red Cross, would mean that Everyone owning, living & doing Business in “Victors’ Village” would have to be a known, high-profile, “Spike-Protein-Free “Pureblood”.
    As Luck would have it…these Individuals, over the past Couple of Years, have become “well-known”…even, in most Cases “notorious”
    From what I understand, the Protocol for being an Investor in Berkshire-Hathaway is that a Share in any Company, is “$500,000.
    For the Purpose of this Project, a Commitment of this Sum would seem to be appropriate…& while many of the Following would not have that Kind of Money to spend…given the Following many enjoy…there is always “going 2 or 3 together”.
     With the typical Stockholder in “Victor’s Village” being a “Homeowner”…even if the Homeowner is not able to be a “Resident”, being the Landlord of a pureblood Friend, should suffice.
    “Victors’ Village” is not designed to be simply a money-making Project…but to usher in a Return to “1st -class Citizenship” for well-over 50 Million Americans…
Mike Adams “Brighteon TV”…prospective Home of the “November 7, 2023, Interim “Kennedy-DeSantis, Presidential Election” Broadcast

Josh Allen, Buffalo Bills QB

Paul E. Alexander MD

Michael Andrew, Olympic Swimmer
Bryan Ardis MD
Nolan Arenado, St. Louis Cardinals
Cole Beasley, Buffalo Bills Receiver
Del Bigtree 
Zandre Botha MD, South Africa
Ammon Bundy…pureblood, Idaho Rancher, Friend & Ally of martyred Robert “LeVoy” Finicum by Federal Agents
Rashid Buttar MD
Tucker Carlson
Suzanne Collins…Author of “The Hunger Games” (AND “Victors’ Village”)…prospective “Head of the English Department” at SIC
Kirk Cousins, Minnesota Vikings QB
George Della Pietra MD, Switzerland…Director of the “Safe Blood Campaign” throughout Europe
Robert DeNiro
Novak Djokovic , Serbia
Stella Emmanuel MD 
Corey Gillam…Exponent of Organic Agriculture 
Simone Gold MD
Paul Goldschmidt, St. Louis Cardinals
Elaine Ingham PhD…”Mother Nature’s Press-Secretary”…prospective Head of SIC “Department of Agriculture”Kyrie Irving, NBA Player
Alex Jones 
Robert F. Kennedy Jr….longstanding Head of “Children’s Defense League” prospective Head of “Agricultural Falconry” at SIC.
Karen Kingston
Pierre Kory MD
Carrie Madej MD
Paul Marik MD
David Martin MD
Peter McCullough MD
James Meehan MD
Joseph Mercola MD
Judy Mikovits MD
Jeff Moyer, Inventor, CEO “Rodale Institute”
Christiane Northrup MD 
Candace Owens
Gov. Sarah Palin
Rand Paul MD
Stew Peters
Heather Pyle (of “Unjected” Dating-Site)
Thomas Renz
Emerald Robinson…Reporter found to be “too classy for “Newsmax”
Aaron Rodgers, (“medical PhD”, “Childhood Cancer”)
Jane Ruby MD 
Rob Schneider…”pureblood, Hollywood Insider” & “Funny Guy”…prospective “Head of Movie Production” at SIC.
Stephanie Seneff MD 
Sheri Tenpenny MD
Adam Thielen, Minnesota Vikings Receiver
Shelby Thompson ( of “Unjected” Dating Site)
Bernard “Stefan” Valter, Sweden
Naomi Wolf…prospective, pureblood, “President of SIC”, Harrisburg, Illinois
Michael Yeadon MD, England 
David Yuhas, “Impresario”, Democratic Party USA (“Organic & Pureblood Wing”), prospective “USDA Secretary” to be based in Harrisburg, IL, with a Staff of “200”.
Franc Zalewski MD, Poland
     With a pureblood “Southeastern Illinois College”, going Head-to-Head with a totally-muggalized Harvard, by becoming the 1st of 50 Community-based Colleges to offer a 2-year “Associate Degree in Organic Grocery-Plantation Agriculture”…given the recent Screenwriters’ Strike, SIC might also make History by going Head-to-Head with a glamour-deficient Hollywood by offering a “2-year “Associate Degree in Movie Production”…specializing in turning American Biographies into Docudramas for the K-12 System.
Hoping to hear from you in the next Couple of Weeks, I remain,
With best Regards,
David Yuhas
Democratic Party USA (Organic & Pureblood Wing)
Boulder, Colorado