The “American Republic of the Founders”, which, since November of 1963, has been “on its Way out the Door”, was designed as a “Non-aligned Confederation with a centrally-located Capital”…much like today’s Switzerland, modeled, as it was, after the “America of the Founders”.
      As “USA-Washington DC” struggles to maintain its Legitimacy in the Face of the Collapse of the Dollar & Cancellation of the November 5 Election, its only Hope of Survival, it would appear, is to recruit enough military-age, illegal Migrants who, as Part of their Permission to remain in the Country would be obliged to join the US Army & be prepared to kill ideally-disarmed Americans who refuse to accept the Digital Dollar.
     As an Alternative to becoming a “United Nations Trusteeship”, the Copper-State Democratic Party (of which Yours truly is the “Impresario”), proposes a “Recentering of the Republic”…a Resurrection of its former Self, this Time, as a Land of 330 Million Citizens in 50 States extending unto the Mid Pacific.
     “The Great Recentering” proposed by the “Copper-State Democratic Party, USA” shall be as follows…
    1. The United Nations Headquarters in New York City shall be relocated to “UNO City”, Vienna Austria, with the Offices of the UN Missions currently located in New York, relocated to the Embassies of the Member States…a Plan I discussed with former Chancellor of Austria Dr. Bruno Kreisky in 1985…after which, both in private Discussion & in front of 1 & All, at a Meeting of the OSCE in Stockholm, very-much named me to be his “Successor on Matters of Austrian Foreign Policy.”..
     2.  The 3,143 duly-elected Sheriffs of America shall be expected to identify all of the Cropland, Grazing Land & Timberland in their County that is owned by out-of-state Entities, & transfer the Titles of these Properties to the nearest Municipalities in the County that are considerable enough to have at least 1 High School of their own.
     3.   These Municipalities, then, shall divide the accrued Cropland into “Milled Acres” (ca. 190′ on a Side), each Milled Acre surrounded by a 20′-wide Vehicle Paths…& lease these “Milled Acres” to local Citizens & Fraternal Organizations for the Purpose of the Municipality doing its Part to make their State “80% Self-Sufficient in Groceries”.
     4.  Owners of commercial, cultivated Land are called upon to turn 50% of this cultivated Land into “Pasture for Livestock, Orchards & Vineyards”, to be operated by a Company, organized by the Farmer, consisting of local “Citizen Planters” that would do its own Part in making their State “80% Self Sufficient”.
     5.  Citizens of metropolitan Counties having little or no Farmland of their Own are called upon to take Leases  of “Milled Acres”, outside of their County, in their own State…spending the 3 Summer Months making themselves useful.
     6.   Injected “Pureblood Citizens” of these metropolitan Counties whose transfused Blood, should these Citizens become Part of a “Pureblood Community,” be worth “Money”, are advised, if they are Residents west of the Mississippi  to seek, out “Pureblood Sheriffs” in the 39 southernmost Counties in Missouri…
while Citizens living east of the Mississippi should seek out “Pureblood Sheriffs” in the 28 southernmost Counties of Illinois…
    7.  Entities of “Pureblood-Foreigners”  who, while they are not legally able to OWN Cropland, Grazing Land or Timberland in the  USA…shall be encouraged to seek out Pureblood Sheriffs in the southernmost 28 Counties of Illinois, to lease these Acres as they would “Exhibits at a Trade Fair”…for the Prairie State of Illinois, my native State, must, once again, be introduced to “Grocery Production”.
Alexander…Fratelli d’Italia
Pulaski…St. Thomas Church, Kerala
Massac…Greeks in Egypt & Lebanon
Union…Rassemblement National, France
Johnson…Fidesz, Hungary
Pope…Copts, Egypt
Hardin…Constantia, “Displaced Afrikaners”
Jackson…Artek, Crimea “Displaced Ukrainians”
Williamson…Chicago Wards 1, 2, 32
Saline…Chicago Wards, 42, 43, 44
Randolph…Alternative for Germany
White…Displaced Ukrainians
Monroe…”Wilmette-Glencoe Corridor”
St. Clair…”Bloc Quebecois”
Marion…Alternativ for Sverige
Clay…”True Finns”
Lawrence…”Notre Dame de La Salette, High School”
    Being the Case that the “Prairie State of Illinois” is Home of the “richest Farmland on the Planet” as well as “an extreme-climate Work Ethic 2nd to None” let us agree that it has no Business being an “absolute Grocery Desert”.
     The agricultural “Trade Shows” from foreign Lands are designed to show Farmers of the Prairie State how Agriculture, minus Washington DC, might be carried out.
 8.  The 3 Branches of the Federal Government shall be Relocated to where the Founders of the Republic put them…(namely at the “demographic Center of the Country”).. today being  the “Executive” to “Wabash Tower” 401 North Wabash Avenue, Chicago, Illinois…
Wabash Tower
more precisely “Chicago DC” currently ca. 8 square Miles of the “Loop” & “Magnificent Mile”…Wards, 2, 32, 42, 43 & 44”, maintained as a “Retail Sanctuary” under the Auspices of  a 2,000 -strong Contingent of the Illinois National Guard, residing on the Floors above “36” at Wabash Tower.
  9. The “Legislative Branch”, as with ancient Rome (which did not need a “House of Representatives”), would be the 100-man”Senate” located in the abandoned “Ridgely Library Reading Room” on the Campus of the “University of Washington in St. Louis, Missouri”…
Holmes Lounge & Cafe
consisting of the nation’s 50 Lieutenant Governors & 50 Presidents of the States Sheriffs’ Associations…all duly-elected & all paid-for by the States .
  10. The “Supreme Court”, besides being no-longer affordable, whose Decisions on Amendments “I” & “II”…& not Least of All “Roe v. Wade” are more likely to provoke a “coast-to-coast Civil War” than resolve 1, would no-longer be needed as every State already has a “Supreme Court”. 
 11.   “Washington DC”, having no longer served its Purpose since November 1963, would be returned to its original Name, “Georgetown, Maryland”…its  Citizen Population, at long Last, given “full voting Rights”.
  12.   The Spanish-speaking Island-Nation of “Puerto Rico” shall be given its Independence. 
  13.   The Chicago Public Schools, being little more than “day-time Juvenile Detention”  maintained, however, at such an exorbitant Cost that Illinois Homeowners have been forced to flee the State, shall be defunded.
  14.   “St. Andrew”, Brother of St. Peter, shall be the “Patron Saint of the Copper-State Democratic Party USA”…the “Andreana”, a Christian Adaptation of the “Stars & Stripes”, & an “artistic Tour de Force”, would be a Party Flag that comes without the Baggage of the”post-1963 Era”.
    “In Hoc Signo Vinces”
    Accomplishing this, to begin with, allowing Gravity to do its Work, would reduce the Cost of the Federal Government by a good 98%…with the added Bonus of being able to Default on the $34 Trillion “National Debt”, which strikes me ( in my Simplicity), as an “amusing Notion of a defunct, privately-owned, Federal Reserve Bank”…with Nothing to stop it, simply, from printing-up a Bank Note denominated at $34,, paying itself, & considering the National Debt “paid in full”.
    Key to Everything, at the Moment, is the Shortening of the “Field-to-Fork Distances” from the current 1,500 Miles, to “in-state Distances”, which, with the USDA, effectively, a “wholly-owned Subsidiary of the Department of Transportation”, has made “Coast-to-Coast Famine” into an unwanted Accelerant to “Coast-to-Coast, Civil War”.
     The “Provisional US Administration in Charge of the Recentering of the Republic” in the Wake of the Collapse of “USA-Washington DC”,  would call on…
“President & acting Secretary of Defense”, Col. Ret. Douglas Macgregor,…
 whose authoritative & stately Cadences on near-nightly Appearances Online, recall the “Fireside Chats” of Franklin D. Roosevelt…often ably assisted by Judge Andrew Napolitano, & may be, by Way of National Leadership, All the American Nation, currently, has going for it…
“Vice President”, Mike Adams
“Secretary of State” Tucker Carlson 
“Attorney General” Judge Andrew Napolitano
“Surgeon General”, Dr Ana Mihalcea
“Secretary of Education”, Candace Owens
& “Secretary of Agriculture”, David Yuhas
   The Septet, simply,  would do a “Vice President John Tyler”…take their “Oaths of Office” & face fellow Americans with the Alternative.
   Anyone who thinks that a US Department of Agriculture with a Staff of 200, located in Ascension Parish, Louisiana…
cannot outperform 1 with a Staff of 106,000 based in St. George’s County, Maryland… along with the “Department of Education” with a Staff of 100…would be well to tune into both the hour-long, nightly “National A&M Report” broadcast by the “USDA”, under Yours Truly…& the “National Common-Core Report”, broadcast by the “Department of Education” under Secretary, Candace Owens…during which Time Secretary Owens might be seen to demonstrate, to all young Gals across the Country, how, off-grid, to “barbecue a Rack of Pork Spareribs”.
David Yuhas


Copper-State Democratic Party USA

Boulder, Colorado