Alternative Midterms

National Alternative Midterms Ballot

Illinois Specific Initiatives Ballot 


The National, Fifty-State, Midterm, Write-in Ballot… to be posted before November 8 to… 

 “Rasmussen Reports” 625 Cookman Avenue, Suite 1, Asbury Park, NJ, 07712
1.  In the Interest of learning a Thing or 2 from Russia’s, Nicholas I, who built the magnificent Kremlin Palace in Moscow in 1850, but who left it to the Bolsheviks in 1918 to occupy it…in the Interest of learning a Thing or 2 from Abraham Lincoln, who could have avoided the Civil War, simply by relocating America’s Executive Capital to “St. Louis, Missouri”…if between January 2023 & January 2025, a Force Majeure should recenter the Washington DC-based Executive Branch of the Federal Government from Washington DC to Chicago, Illinois, whose “2nd City”, designed by Daniel Burnham, specifically, as the “Paris of the Prairie” to be the future Capital of the United States…rather than leave this Task to the Globalists, shall Provisions be made to relocate the cabinet-level Offices to Floors 16 to 36 in “Wabash Tower” 401 North Wabash Avenue…the President’s Residence to “Roslyn House” on “547 Roslyn Drive” in suburban Kenilworth…with the new “Embassy Row” being the spectacular, “Wilmette-Glencoe Corridor”?  
2.  In the Event of this Force Majeure, shall the interim, 2023-2025 Federal Administration based in Chicago, Illinois, consist of…

Alex Jones, as “President of the United States”

Dr. Robert Malone, as “Vice President/ HHS Secretary” 
Robert F. Kennedy Jr., as “Secretary of State”
Col. Douglas Macgregor, as “Secretary of Defense”
Thomas Renz, as “Attorney General”
Jim Willie, as “Secretary of the Treasury”
Kris Kobach, as “Home-Office Secretary”, (replacing the old Title, “Department of Homeland Security for the Mexican Cartels”
Dr. Christiane Northrup, as “Surgeon General”
Shiva Ayyadurai, as “Secretary of Commerce”
Candace Owens, as “Secretary of Education”
Alan Savory, “Secretary of the Environment’
David Yuhas, as “Secretary of Agriculture”
Mike Adams as “White House Press Secretary”
?   Yes___No___
3 Shall all 200,000 US Troops currently stationed in 70 Countries be brought Home?  Yes___ No___ 
4 Shall the Island Nation of Puerto Rico be granted Independence?  Yes___ No___ 
5 Shall Washington DC be renamed “Georgetown, Maryland” , thus enfranchising the city’s service-sector Population?  Yes___ No___ 
6 Shall the US-Mexican Border, like the Israeli-Lebanese Border, be sealed?  Yes___No___ 
7 Shall the Ownership of all US Farmland & Ranchland be limited to individual Operators, Municipalities, Counties & States?   Yes___ No___
8 Shall the 1 Million square Miles of US Federal Land be turned over to the States?  Yes___ No___
9 Shall the USDA Forest Service be turned over to the States?  Yes___ No___ 
10 Shall the “Department of the Interior”, & its “Bureau of Land Management” be turned over to the States? 
Yes___ No___ 
11 Shall all 50 States be expected to become 80% self-sufficient in Groceries?  Yes___ No___ 
12 Shall the USDA turn over all Meat Inspection & Farm Programs to the 50, State-Departments of Agriculture? 
Yes___ No___ 
13 Shall all Livestock raised for Slaughter in a State be slaughtered in that State?   Yes___ No___ 
14 Shall all US Foreign Aid be abolished?  Yes___ No___ 
15 Shall there be a 10-year Moratorium on Immigration?  Yes___ No___ 
16 Shall GMOs be banned?  Yes___ No___ 
17 Shall Glyphosate / Roundup be banned?  Yes___ No___ 
18 Shall Fracking be banned?  Yes___ No___ 
19 Shall States have the Right to ban same-Sex Marriage?  Yes___ No___ 
20 Shall States have the right to ban Gay Pride Parades?  Yes___ No___ 
21 Shall convicted Child Molesters not necessarily be granted “Protected Custody” in Prison?  Yes___ No___ 
22 Shall all Carousels, Bumper-Cars, Tilt-a-Whirls & Roller-Coasters at all County Fairgrounds be replaced by a niche-Abattoir, Smoke-House, Commercial Kitchen, Greenhouse-Nursery, Machinery-Barn for Rentals, & a commercial Dumpster for cooking BioChar…thus becoming the “food-processing Center for the County”…& all managed by the nearest Community Colleges of the State where the Fairgrounds would be considered the “College’s Campus”? 
Yes___ No___ 
23 Shall the FBI be cashiered?  Yes___ No___ 
24 Shall the CIA be cashiered?  Yes___ No___ 
25 Shall all electronic Voting Machines be banned…replaced by the 20″ x 20″ x 20″ Uline Ballot Box?   Yes___ No___ 
26 Shall all legal Documents be in English only?  Yes___ No___ 
27 Shall there be a nation-wide Ban on the Production of Food for Animals or Humans made from Insects?  Yes___ No___ 
28 Shall a State have the Right to ban Abortion Clinics?  Yes___ No___ 
29 Shall a State have the Right to ban the Advertising of Pharmaceuticals?  Yes___ No___ 
30 For the “US Senate from Pennsylvania”   CSD, Andew Torba___R, Mehmet Oz___BSD, John Fetterman___
Illinois-Specific Initiatives 
1  Shall the recently-discontinued State Flag of Mississippi, be adopted by the State of Illinois as the “Walter & Elvis”?
2 Shall the Motto of Illinois “State Sovereignty National Union” replaced by “Chicago to Cairo, Galena to Golconda”, 
(being a verbal Depiction of the “St. Andrew’s Cross” seen on the Canton of the “Walter & Elvis”?   Yes___ No___ 
3 Shall Illinois adopt a 2-tier Prison System…80% “Baseline” & 20% “Frontline”…the Latter being the most-promising 8,000 Inmates in the System…to be housed in the 4 southernmost Prisons of the State…Menard, Pinckneyville, Shawnee & Vienna… whose Role would be to operate the 20 square Miles of Farmland & Ranchland in the 16 southernmost Counties in the State, belonging to 16 well-to-do Suburbs of Chicago…to be known as “Alexandriya” (“Alex” for Short) a Reference to the “Nile Delta” being the Breadbasket of Rome back in imperial Times…designed to make Chicagoland, having almost no Farmland or Ranchland of its own, self-sufficient in Groceries & Wine? 
Yes___ No___ 
4 Shall “Chicago Barehand Softball” be the official Sport of the Frontline Prison System?  Yes___ No___ 
5 Shall the handsome & well-built, vacated “Tamms Supermax Prison” be converted into a glamorous money-spinning, “Tamms Supermax Hotel”…being a Campsite which for $100, offers the Visitor a small Room for the Night & souvenir Mug Shot?   Yes___ No___ 
6 Shall the Motto of Chicago “Urbs in Horto” / “City in a Garden” be replaced by “Urbs Hortusque” / “City With a Garden” the “Garden” being a Reference to the 20 square Miles of Farmland & Ranchland in “Alexandriya”? 
7 Shall the Former State Fairgrounds in southernmost Perry County, “DuQuoin” be established as the “Cook County Fairgrounds”…besides being the Scene of the “Cook County Fair” during the last Days of August, it would also host, during this Time, the “National Organic Producers Trade Show”?   Yes___ No___ 
8 Shall the vacated “Illinois Star Centre Mall”, built for $60 Million, & now on Offer for at close-out Prices, be the Headquarters of the Chicagoland Operation, administered by the Cook County Board of Trustees…a Building that might include a Walgreens, Ace Hardware, Sports Bar & Polyclinic?   Yes___ No___ 
9 Shall the “Chicago Public School System” be replaced by 77 traditional-neighborhood, private-school Systems, where the young Scholars can walk to School & the Parents can pay their children’s Tutors in the Hand? 
Yes___ No___ 
10 Shall the original Motto of Illinois “Inland Empire” replace “Land of Lincoln” on Illinois License Plates? 
Yes___ No___ 
11  Shall the Grant Park Statue of Christopher Columbus, Namesake of the Columbian Exposition of 1892-3 be restored to its former Pride of Place?   Yes___ No___ 
12 Honoring Astronomer, Clyde Tombaugh, a Native of Streator Illinois…shall “Pluto Day”, February 18, be observed as a “School Holiday” in Illinois   Yes___ No___ 
13 Honoring the French Heritage of Illinois, shall “King St, Louis IX” of France, be declared the “Illinois, Patron-Saint of Barbecued Pork Spareribs”? 
Yes___ No___ 
14  Shall every High School in Illinois be expected to dedicate 1 Month of senior-level English to the Trilogy & 4-part, cinematic Rendition of “The Hunger Games”, by Suzanne Collins?   Yes___No___ 
15  Shall every Illinois High School be expected to have its own 1950s, 2-tone, HotRod, developed & operated by a Team of 4 Senior Boys?  Yes___ No___ 
16  Shall every Municipality in Illinois be expected to field a Crew of 200 “Citizen Planters” dedicated to make their Community self-sufficient in Groceries?  Yes___ No___ 
17 Shall the State of Illinois subsidize the “Illinois Grape Growers & Vintners Alliance” for the Purpose of attracting accredited Vintners to the State in the Interest of making the Prairie State self-sufficient in Table Wine? 
Yes___ No___
18  For “Governor of Illinois” CSD. Sheriff Paul Petty-Sheriff Tom Dart___R. Darren Bailey___BSD. Gov. J.B. Pritzker___
19 For “US Senate” CSD. Sheriff David Greenwood___R. Kathy Salvi___BSD. Sen. Tammy Duckworth___
20  For US House, District 5, CSD. John Catanzara Jr. ___R. Tom Hanson___BSD. Mike Quigley___
Wabash Tower Chicago