A “Republic of Brandenburg-Potsdam”, an “East of the Elbe-Prussia”, flying its historic  “Red & White Flag”…
existing under the Articles of Non-Alignment of the “Austrian Staatsvertrag of 1955”, we shall argue here, is all it would take to preempt Washington DC from turning the Territory of a United Germany into a Theater of nuclear Warfare under the Pretext of deterring a Russian Invasion of NATO Lands.
   While this is Something Russia claims it has not the slightest Idea of doing…there is a simple Way Russia can prove it…namely by sponsoring a “State Treaty”, not unlike the State Treaty it signed for Austria in 1955, written, to a considerable Extent, by an Individual who appointed Yours truly to be his Successor on such Matters, namely my late, dear Friend, the former Chancellor of Austria, Dr. Bruno Kreisky…
    This would be a State Treaty, bringing into Existence the “Republic of Brandenburg-Potsdam” comprising the Territory of the former, so-called“German Democratic Republic”, this Time including West Berlin.
     By sponsoring the Creation of a “2nd Austria”, however, a “Republic of Brandenburg-Potsdam”, which, under international Law, sponsored by Russia, that would not allow Russia even to move a single Tank onto this sponsored State, would be putting the Ball in the Court of  BRD Chancellor, Olaf Scholz, who would have to argue that, in the Event of an officially-recognized, neutral, “Republic of Brandenburg-Potsdam”, what conceivable Reason would there be for the continued Existence of NATO, let alone having Germans build Bomb Shelters need to survive a Nuclear War on German Territory.
      With the “Alternative for Germany” on the Verge of being expelled from the Bundestag, having Little to lose, here is the Protocol for AfD to turn  the Tables…
     “Germany-Berlin”, an aesthetic Failure, whose Efforts to center Itself, since 1871, have left no Room for the Existence of the thousand-year-old Nation of Poland, by reversing the “Anschluss of 1991”, creating, thereby,  the “Republic of Brandenburg-Potsdam”, consisting of the 5 Laender of Federal Germany East-of-the Elbe, Europe, on its Own, would become stabilized….no longer needing any Help from outside Sources.
     Three of these 5 Laender, however, in the Interest of historical Authenticity, have Names that need changing.
     These 5 Lander will be…
“Mecklenburg” or, if you will, “Mecklenburg-Sachsen”…as “Mecklenburg” is a “Saxon” Name, & “Mecklenburg-Vorpommern” smacks too Much of “die unvergessene Heimat”.
 “Brandenburg”…no Problem
“Magdeburg”…”Sachsen-Anhalt” sounds too-much like a “Beer Hall in Mecklenburg” for Saxons on their Way to colonize England  
“Thueringen”…is just fine
&  “Dresdenerland”…is the Home of “Parade-Ground Saxons”, not “Ethnic Saxons”.
     With That out of the Way we turn to the Constitution…1 consisting of 3 Parts, described, in the 2 following  previous Pages of my Website…
     The “Replacement Bundestag”, engineered by the AfD, without Fanfare, would be established in Potsdam, consisting of 88  duly-elected Members chosen from the aforementioned 5 Landtags…plus 1 from Berlin, namely, the curiously-named, but most-impressive Speaker in both German & English, “Hugh Bronson”…
who would be its President…
(There are 88 Seats in the Potsdam Landtag…
designed to become the “Prussian Bundestag”
     Eighteen  would be from Brandenburg…18 from Magdeburg…33 from “Dresdenerland”…14 from Thueringen & 4 from “Mecklenburg” & 1, its “President”, from “Berlin”…All from the “Alternative for Germany”…giving Meaning to the Word “Alternative”…specifically, an “Alternative” to Germany becoming a nuclear Apocalypse.
     (“Am I politic…am I subtle?…am I a “Machiavel?”…Shakespeare….”Merry Wives of Windsor”)
      On the 1st Monday of every Month, at Noon, with the “Red & White Flag of Brandenburg” flying above the Potsdam Landtag, the future “Prussian Bundestag” would come to Order.
   Along with the projected State would be a “projected Economy”…this 1 being the same Economy of the German Cities described, in admiring Terms, by Nicolo Machiavelli in 1512….being the “Preamble” of the aforementioned Prussian Constitution.
     This would have every Municipality considerable enough to have at least 1 Highschool of its own, having its own “Municipal Grocery-Plantation”.
     The Land for these “Municipal Grocery Plantations” would be acquired in 1 of 2 Ways…
     The “1st” is by Way if a “Merger of Equals” with a local Farmer, whereby his Land, with the Exception of a “Hectare”, that would include his House & immediate Surroundings, which he would keep, would accrue to the Township…in Return for the Farmer becoming a salaried Employee of the Township, as the “Property Manager” of his former Property.
      The “2nd” is by Way of the Township expropriating, without Compensation, all Cropland, Grazingland & Timberland owned by any Entity not based in the “Republic of Brandenburg”… for the newly-founded Republic is not to be taken for a “Colony”…& the Republic should express its “Regret, to the Investor, for any “Misunderstanding on this Matter”
     Aspects of a revived “Prussian Agriculture” regarded as “Marquee” or “Signature” shall be the following  5 Breeds  of Livestock…
“Hucul Horses / Ponies” (typically from Poland, Slovakia, Hungary & Ukraine)
Mostly-Red, always-horned, “Ayrshire Cattle” (typically from Finland)
“Tamworth Swine”
“Blackbelly Sheep”
& “Bresse Chickens”  (typically from France”)
Modular Shelters made from “cross-laminated Timber” or “CLT”
“A Table for 10″   ( a candle-lit, buffet, Jeffersonian Dinner-Party”)
  A “National 8th-Grade Challenge”   (for the ca. 14-Year-Olds…this Time with the “German 1st & the English Last”)
Brandenburgische Berufsschulen for all ca, 16 year-old Girls, & also Boys aspiring to be Chefs, in “wood-fired Cuisine” might be inspired at the barbecuing Mecca in Gorizia, Italy…                                                  
     All Chefs in the Republic with a Gift to become Teachers of Teenagers shall be called upon to make a Visit to Goriza & be prepared to teach what can be learned outdoors & off-grid.
     My Website, 1st & Foremost, is for my fellow Americans…this “Prussian Spin-off”….”Republik Brandenburg-Potsdam” together with  the “Republik Oesterreich”…being a “3rd”. “centered”, German-speaking State that is needed to stabilize Europe.
     It is the great Misfortune of the Citizens of today’s Federal Germany that in their current Chancellor, “Olaf Scholz”, they do not have Someone as “Germany-friendly or even as “Germany-savvy” as the “President of Russia”, V.V. Putin.
     Not only has Scholtz been complicit in the Destruction of the Nord Stream Pipeline… but in calling Germans to dig family Bomb Shelters in Anticipation of a nuclear Attack by Russia…Something that Never would never happen, except if “provoked by Germany,” the Number done on the Heads Germany’s younger Generation would be incalculable…the Implication being that even if they survive the immediate Concussions they are unlikely, ever, to live to Adulthood.
     Finally, though this may sound like a “Charity” it’s not…
     This would be a City of 40,000, built from Scratch, not far from Lake Schwerin in Mecklenburg, whose founding Population would consist of 20,000 unmarried “under 25”, covid unjected, Ukrainian Females… & an equal Number of unmarried, German Wessi Males, whose Mission would be to breed up the aforementioned Marquee Breeds of Livestock.
      As Luck would have it, my late Brother-in-Law, Jacques Giraud, a 1-time Chairman-of-the-Board of “Club Med”, put me in the Picture of how back in the late 1950s, from absolute Scratch, with 100 Meters of Mediterranean Beachfront & French, Army Surplus, Tents, Tables & Chairs, Pots & Pans…plus a Clientele that actually enjoyed doing their own Cooking & Washing-up, 1 might create  a “world-class Operation”.
     Listening to Jacques take me on his Trip down “Memory Lane”, I could not help thinking to myself…”I could do that!”
David Yuhas  
Copper-State Democratic Party USA  
Boulder Colorado