Restored Democratic Party, USA

Boulder, Colorado

The “Party Hieroglyphic”, above, features…

“The Five Party Muses”…

“Thomas of Virginia”…”American Visionaries”“Andrew of Tennessee”…”Territorial Defense”, “Silver Money” & “St. Andrew’s Cross”“Franklin of New York”…”Oratory” & “National Revival”“John of Massachusetts”…”Heroism in Wars Hot & Cold”“Nefertari of Egypt”…”Horned Cattle”, “Viticulture” & “Beautiful Companions”…(“Nefertari” means “Beautiful Companion”)

     Resurrected from a Dumpster in Tupelo, Mississippi, the most-beautiful of our Country’s “State Flags”…Red, White & Blue…whose broad Stripes & bright Stars make it also the most-beautiful of American Flags is the official Flag of the Copper-State Democratic Party…called the “Andreana” after the “Cross of St. Andrew” in the Flag’s Canton.

     A small Number of Planks makeup the Party’s Platform…

     Returning the American Republic to the Design of the Founders…a “Non-aligned, Confederation with centrally-located Capital”…not unlike that of Switzerland, an otherwise dirt-poor Country,  which, Thanks to America’s Founders, finds the average Swiss with $50,000 in the Bank..

     Introducing “Famine Resistance” to American Agriculture by shortening the the Distance from the average American’s “Field to Fork from 1,500 Miles ( which is suicidal),  to “In-State Distances”…Something that can easily be done by making Each of the 50 States 80% self-sufficient in Groceries.

     A special Project within the recentered Republic shall make the 30 southernmost Counties of my native Illinois along with the 30 southernmost Counties of Missouri a 2nd Home for America’s “spike-protein-free Proponents of Organic Agriculture”… known as “O&Ps”…(“Organic & Purebloods”), especially Those from the Metropolitan Counties having little or no Farmland of their own, to  establish Homesteads on “Milled Acres” leased from local Municipalities which have been allotted to these Municipalities by “O&P”Sheriffs who have transferred the Titles of all “absentee-owned /  out-of state owned” Cropland, Grazing Land & Timberlands to these in-county Municipalities.

     Riding out coast-to-cost Famine in a 60-county, “Horn of Plenty” is not going to be possible without Firearms…which in this Case will mean, snub-nosed, .22 Revolvers, always worn concealed, in Summer, under a “Breton-Smock” & in Winter under a zippered Jacket.

   As with Kruger Park, South Africa, all municipal Grocery Plantations AND Grazing & Timberland shall come under “Park Martial Law”…the Nightwatch bearing no Resemblance to the Mall Cops on our southern Border.

      The County Fairgrounds in all 60 Counties shall be converted to food-processing Centers…with the “4 Staubfaengers”…Merry-go-Rounds”, “Bumper Cars”. Tilt-a Whirls” & “Roller Coasters”, replaced by “Niche Abattoirs”, “Smoke Houses”, “Mason-Jar Canneries”, “Equipment Barns” & “Commercial Dumpsters” for cooking “BioChar”.

    The “County Emporium” like the “Hob” in “The Hunger Games” would be the “Retail & Community Center” for “Citizen Planters”

    Just as the Amish have their sartorial “Look”…”O&Ps” ( the “para-military Amish”), would eschew the “Silk Necktie” (emblematic of America’s rotten-to-the core Political Class), in Favor of the stylish “Bolo”…always worn with the color-Button undone.

    All “O&P Women & Girls , moreover, shall be expected to have mastered the Social Grace of “wood-fired Cuisine”, not only  with cast-iron Stoves & Ovens but with the 5,000 year-old-design Stove-Oven known as the “Tandoor”.  

Good Luck!

David Yuhas, Impresario

Copper-State Democratic Party USA

Boulder, Colorado